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Marriage? To you?! Yeah, not happenin' buddy. That'd get me thrown in prison, I'm sure. (If not for under-aged marriage, then at least for murder.)

Mostly banne hammer.

Content creation (technical)

Funny story: I randomly visited the "main" site, and it actually loaded, rather than giving me a generic "server too full" message! I couldn't seem to get into the administrator back-end, but, I was able to retrieve the images and text of the (now largely irrelevant) step-by-step process that detailed how to set up a ZIP file so that the files extract to the right directories. I will add that to this to this page if there is a sense it might still be useful.

Another awkward thing about the "main" site is that the "Comments" section there is completely blocked off: it produces a 404 "page not found" error. Though, it's probably also true that since the other site is just so damn spotty with how often it's even available, this place has become pretty much the de facto "main" site for the game.

As for this place, I will continue to support it as much as possible. This mainly includes keeping the ID-list up-to-date, taking/denying requests in regards to that, and keeping the official custom content download updated. I kinda feel Garage's support programs should be put into the OP here (plus his instructions in to how to get them to work/run), but, I'll absolutely admit to not actually messing with them!

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I'm surprised that there hasn't been too many jokes about rallying under the True Tenkai Star, and the 108 Users of Destiny.

[RMVX ACE] Wondering how to make a game playable without RTP

What I've done more recently for VX Ace games is run Tsukihime's resource-checker (with a few edits) and create a self-extracting executable that has the necessary RTP files with it.

*Edit: Yes, a self-extracting executable would be produced via the Compress Data option.

Your Newly Added Staff and Moderator Team!

Awwwwww yeeeeaaaaah!

Er, I mean, Darigaaz, I didn't expect to be Mod-ified!

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