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Let's work on your game descriptions!

My take on that description would be something like...

In the isolated town of Karonna, there was a young boy named Faint. Born as a half-Elf, half-Fairy, his compassionate nature lead him to dream of serving the people of Karonna. With the assistance of his friends, Rue and Kailah, he forms his own guild.

With monsters attacking Karonna continuously, Faint's new guild is put to the test. Can they prove their worth to the mayor, and overcome this challenge? What other challenges could await them?

...that. Though, I note that such a description is only 445 characters.

[RMVX ACE] How do i extend and scroll down Armors

I feel like there is missing context here. What are you trying to extend, and scroll down with? The item window when the "Armor" category is selected in-game? The size of the window in the database? The number of armors that exist in the game?

Can you guys List of RPG Maker Games that you guys beat

I'm going through my various playlists on this point, but, there may have been others I'm forgetting or stuff I made myself, and won't count.

  • Full Games

Last Minute Gift
Remnants of Isolation
Luxaren Allure
Dreaming Mary
Romancing Walker
MANOS: The Hands of Fate
Horde Of UnDeath
The Astonishing Captain Skull
Not a Chance of a Ghost
Last Word
The Heart Pumps Clay
Born Under the Rain
Our Desolate Planet

  • Demos/Incomplete games

Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening
Prayer of the Faithless
Wyrm Warriors
Sorceress Quest
Memories Neverlasting
StarFront: Factions
Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse
Ghost Shards - Stonesinger

Content creation (technical)

With a bit more delving, I can confirm that the "YAK" package (Yuki Winters and Konoko Winters from your screenshot) contains pre-made graphics from the link Garage mentions. More specifically, the ones labeled "Character 25", "Character 27", "Character 28", and "Character 29". The "Ijona on'nanoko" pack (Shogowa Yuki and Sato Chihiro from your screenshot) also contains pre-made graphics from that post. More specifically, the ones labeled "Character 25", "Character 26", "Character 27", and "Character 28".

However, to answer the question of intent, those graphics were presented to potential authors to use as they see fit. As such, one could argue that this scenario that we are seeing here is intentional. However, I suppose it could also be argued that those graphics could have been intended as a temporary measure for testing/development purposes until more appropriate graphics could be made/found.

Content creation (technical)

That ZIP file should have been set up so that if a user targets the base Heartache directory, all the files should be extracted where they should be. That, in itself, may need to be double-checked before the file gets updated in June. However, if all the files that were contained in that file were extracted into the base directory instead...

...Well, the logic in my head is that the game wouldn't even read them there. It should read content from the Music, Profiles, Story and Tachie sub-directories.

In any event, I double-checked the ODDC blog. As it happens, there are at least two characters that share graphics. However, I don't know if it's simply the case that you're continuously encountering those two characters (which may be largely unlikely with all content enabled, but, awkwardly possible), or if something else is going on. Thus, I would like to know who you are encountering that shares graphics, and compare with what I've got on my end.

As for locations not showing up, a thought in my mind is that there could have been an error in where the graphics were placed. I'm aware of certain content where the directory of custom backdrops should be, as an example, "Heartache 101\Tachie\SOSC", or "Heartache 101\Tachie\74", or what-have-you. Another thought is the possibility that you somehow locked yourself out of seeing the events that have those locations. Unless you unlocked the story-viewer, and still can't see them that way? Hrm.

Finished content

Oh so legendary? Oh I don't know that! THAT up my points for her!

I will refer you to the entry on this very page for that.

Author: Marrend
Referring post: ancient history
Content types included: story, profile, tachie, music

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Swapping in between FF10 and Parasite Eve emulation-wise, and still going strong with Persona 5 on PS4.

Persona 5

Infiltrating Sae's Palace. I practically did half of it in one go. Too bad I didn't know about the cognitive barrier, otherwise, I probably would have included that event in that run as well. I've still got either fifteen or sixteen days to go, so, I'm not really worried about it.

Final Fantasy 10
I'm about to witness Operation Me'hen. A heroic sacrifice, maybe, but, an ultimately pointless one. Of course, this is exactly why Yevon allows it, but, perhaps this isn't the place to discuss that.

Parasite Eve
I don't know how many times I've played this game, but, I've never climbed the Chrysler Building. The play I'm doing now tries to fix that, but, to be honest, I don't think I would make it very far without cheat codes. As of this writing, I've made up to floor 50.

Finished content

I think Clean Mode did not even exist when Masako was written? I know I made her during the game's early beta stages!

Favorite conspiracy theories in final fantasy games

All I recall about that FF10-2 thing is one line spoken of by Shinra in FF10-2 regarding the Farplane, and it was generally alluding to Mako energy of FF7. I think I also recall reading something about how the Al Bhed ironically becoming the Cetra? Sorry, I don't recall too many details.

Not so much a conspiracy theory, but, I suppose the Ivalice of FFT and the Ivalice of FF12 could be the same place. Though, technically speaking, FFT is a truth the church had hidden for who-knows-how-many-years that has "just now" come to light.