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i guess im back sorta

I remember you as the guy whose username is derived from the term "Cartoon Network".

I vaguely remember that post! Welcome back!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Selling off the Grain is probably a good assumption! Though, I kinda think we can figure out what our cargo looks like after I visit Starship's Unlimited and check out their inventory.

*Edit: I figure we can at least restock on Stingers for the Viper. Unless we're trading the Viper for something else? We might have the money for it. Though, the thought has occurred to me of the possibility that both Rylah and Katya will join our little group, and need their own ship. Though, Katya might have her own, but, I don't know that.

A new member around here.

I can't say I'm a fan of horror games either. However, that's not to say that you cannot find a place here, as we have our own fair share of them! Maybe it just seems this way sometimes?

Anyway, welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Were the bounties that were paid out on a per person basis? I might not have caught that. WELP!

*Edit: I definitely recall seeing that our first bounty was 50, and the second must have been 100. If that was per-person, the first bounty earned us a total of 200 credits, and the other would earn us a total of 400 credits for a grand total of 600 credits. Plus the 9,500 from the Grain for a total of 10,100 credits. Though, at least 700 credits would probably go to the Iron, as stated before, and we'd be left with 9,400 credits to mess with our ships.

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Didn't think about that. I guess it depends how much this game mirrors Wing Commander - Privateer, and it's ilk. With those games, there is usually no difference in cost when you're trying to buy a good from a planet/base versus selling it. For example, we should be able to re-buy that Grain at 38 credits per unit if we really wanted to (we don't).

Let's work on your game descriptions!

@Kevincalanor: My suggestion would be something like...

There are times when regular agents aren't sufficient for a job. They are either chained by protocol, paperwork, or other bureaucratic barrier. For such times, there are the Cleaners: a group of men and women not bound by the rules, or can work around them to a client's benefit.

About the game:
The game is geared to getting players straight into the action as fast as possible, and is an unusual mix of shooter and platforming elements. Features include...

- 3 playable characters with three different difficulty settings
- 3 levels
- Unlock weapons to customize your loadout

...this. Though, the blat about "Standard Mode" versus "Arcade Mode" kinda sounds like it could be part of the difficulty settings, buuuuuuut I could be wrong!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Hrm. Looking at both commodity exchanges, the only items both Ceres and Milar share on their listings is Purified Water, Grain, and Whiskey. Of those items, it's possible we can make a small profit on Whiskey: it sells here for 25 per unit while it sells there for 30 per unit. I'm not sure how much prices can vary, though!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Okay, unless I'm mistaken, we've got 250 credits to our name, and the 250 units of Grain we transported will get us 9,500 more. So, 9,750 in total.

We've a mission to deliver 100 units of Iron Plates to Ceres from Milar. Since we're at Milar, I assume we could pick up 100 units of Iron for 7 credits a pop to fulfill that, but, piano can correct me on this point. We've also got a mission to deliver 100 units of Purified Water to Deimos, and I don't see anything about where it needs to come from. I note the price for Purified Water was 8 credits per unit at Ceres, so, it might be more appropriate to take the Iron to Ceres first, then pick up the Purified Water there to take to Deimos.

With that plan, this leaves us with 9,050 for buying/selling upgrades, re-stocking missiles, buying/selling ships, or what-have-you.