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How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

As far as I know, the "Users who like <game> also like..." list is generated from what playlists it's on. Which might not be the best system in the first place. Maybe games that share tags? How feasible/useful is that?

What are you thinking about right now?

@Kevincalanor: *tips hat*

*Edit: I'm wondering if it's just me, or if Liberty and unity's avatar randomization rolls an empty set (or just a bad link) every so often?

McBacon Jam #4

Absolutely interested! I want to aim for a complete game this time! Er, sorry 'bout that, Champs of the Bocca and Might be Magic!

Saying that, I hope it's not anytime soon. My schedule is going to get very busy very soon, and should stay that way 'till May June.

*Edit: Cap, don't fret about Might be Magic. It's one of those situations where we went on to new or different things.

*Edit2: Darigaaz, are people teaming up already!?

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Hrm. Let's get in range of both BUC-4 and BUC-2.

#Move: diagonal up-right, right, right; Face: diagonal down-right


I appreciate Red_Nova for his feedback, and skills in regards to gammak and bot-bashing.


Thanks for the support! It means more than you think.

Anyway, I do have a little bit of news. I've been going through the game a bit here, and I'm kinda thinking I can be a bit more lenient with handing out money. Experience hand-outs can probably stay as-is. I've also cut the animations portion of the database to what I was actually using, and allow Tsukihime's resource-checker to be more effective when the time comes to release this in full.

I should be about ready to test-battle the second mission. The victory condition is to defeat all enemies before 10 turns elapse. There's a thought to an alternate story-path if players fail this condition. However, it's also true that the ten-turn limit is an off-the-top-of-my head number. That's part of why I want to test this battle: to see if I should make it longer or shorter. Of course, I am largely assuming certain equipment is carried, so we'll see how it works out!

*Edit: I can clear the map in about 7 turns. So, I'm thinking 8 turns minimum might be where this map wants to be. However, there's no indication of how many turns remain, so, displaying a message as a reminder is in order. Right now, I've got it set up so that it displays every two turns, but, I might limit it to having it start to display on turn 6, and each turn after that.

Of course, I wanted to make sure this loss condition works, and testing that was interesting. I set the turn limit to something stupid-short (so, like, 4) for testing. The counter I set up definitely displayed 0, and I think I got two turns after that.


Whoa, whoa, Yellow Magic? What's there not to appreciate!

*Edit: Is this a reprise/revival of this thread? I can live with that.