Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
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Matsumori Days
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What are you thinking about right now?

Edit: I think I know what's wrong. The font change needs to be in "Main", and the opacity fix is an edit on Scene_MenuBase.

You're absolutely right about Scene_MenuBase. My bad! Though, as far as I could tell, the font-change that I had worked as-is?

*Edit: Xoe is back!? CooI.

*Edit2, @alterego: To the best of my knowledge, this should work.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

They may not have to worry that he won't turn against them, thanks to the seal ring. However, I figure some will probably retain some manner of... prejudice? Can we call it that?

Moving on???

Initial ideation of a 6-person party main menu screen. I kinda figured I'd have to toss the faces, since they take up quite a bit of screen-space. I'm just now noticing how there isn't much wiggle-room in regards to space between actors, and I have yet to check/see where/how status effects appear.

This game can technically use this, so I'm not at the "WEEEEELLLLLPP!" point, yet.

What are you thinking about right now?

@alterego: So... this? I think?

*Edit: So much for the copy of the Smooooch EVO script-file, though!

Let's work on your game descriptions!

I would suggest linking to your team's facebook page when you mention the website. Otherwise, the sentence...

With this equilibrium broken, it is said anyone can survive, or die suddenly.

...seems a bit awkward to me. I'm kinda thinking...

With this equilibrium broken, one is as likely to survive and thrive as it is to die suddenly, and without warning.

...this might be better as far as how the sentence flows.


And, yeah, I don't know if the name is right, but the smoooch battle system captured me and I decided to use it (。・ω・。)

To the best of my knowledge, which is basically this thread, the script is called "Smooooch EVO". However, various function calls within the script refer to a spelling with three "o"s. The script call that one actually uses has four, though, so...

What are you thinking about right now?

what's undertale
A miserable pile of secrets.

But enough talk! Have at you!

What? Somebody was bound to do it.


Meep meep!

Funnily enough, I have had one person ask me via PM to fix up their game description, rather than go through the thread. I don't recall when this was (the PM has long been purged from by inbox), but, yeah, it's happened!

Meep meep!

If your game was denied due to a poor game description, there was probably a link to this thread to get help. Maybe a helpful instruction telling you to post the actual description there, as opposed to a link to the gamepage.

As to the question of who to contact to clarify the reasons for the denial, I'd say PM Liberty.

*Edit: Of course, being the "Guardian Angel of the Description Thread", I would point you in that direction. If you get help from InfectionFiles, that's fine too!

When you find fan art of your game ;w;

If I found fan-art, like, at all, it doesn't even matter what game it's supposed to be from, I my initial reaction would essentially be...

...then turn into...