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Matsumori Days
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Characters that appear here are recruited. Not-recruited characters provide an empty slot... which may trigger the completionist in all of us. Dead chars are represented by a coffin. Up/Down arrows indicates the equipment has a better/worse bonus that what you've got equipped, depending on the context (STR compariosn for weapons, DEF comparison for armor, as usual), "=" symbol means no change (or already equipped).

*Edit: Aaaaanddd, already an update, as I keep forgetting to remove equipment on at least one character to show the down arrow icon. Bleh.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Liberty may have contacted me about using Wyrm Warriors's shop-display for actors...

...but that's not going to stop me from trying my hand at doing something similar. Quick-and-dumb initial attempt for the shop-display:

It's a bit slow, at the moment, but, that might be because I'm redrawing all the actors for every single item, rather than drawing them once, and just having the indicators get redrawn?

I'm a bit concerned of visibility of the indicators on my attempt. Blast, I should have gotten a screenshot where they are all included, rather than just the "no change" indicator! Can't think of everything! :P

*Edit: Image updated to display all indicators! Also, it should be noted that a character that has either not been recruited yet, or has died in-game, would create a "hole" in this display.

*Edit2: Re-re-updated to be linked with the official game-image.

Wyrm Warriors Review

I feel the game feel apart sometime around when the community was asked to make maps. When the reigns of the project moved to unity, I think there was renewed interest for a while. I don't know how many maps were submitted during that time, but, she pushed out the demo that you played. Eventually, she had to just step down from the project, and it's been on hiatus since.

I kinda feel the same thing happened in regards to Liberty's Apon the Brow of Tomorrow, Clear, though that's probably a sadder story, as there were two games before it! Still, there was this expression of interest, but the number of maps that were submitted were minimal, at best.

When is RMN's birthday exactly, anyway?

The sub-thought in my head is to start with WIP (who built/made the site), and go from there. His join-date is February 4th of 2007, though, if I'm reading things right, the first post ever was on June 1st of 2007?


I don't have any screenshots, but, I figure I've about four hours left of dev-time for the 10-hour deal. I'm kinda disinclined to also do a ten-day game?

*Edit: Aaaaaannnnnnd DONE! With, maybe, three hours to spare? Hrm. There might be at least one thing I can think of off the top of my head to tweak?

Whatever. I've uploaded the craptastrophe to the event-page :P


...Did you not post those links in the poll-thread, Liberty?


Well, the underlying system... mostly works. It's bad, don't get me wrong, but it works.


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