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Matsumori Days
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These are better suited to the game's blog, where people who would be downloading the game are more likely to read them.

Or a comment on the gamepage.

Content creation (artistic)

Much of the custom content that I am aware of uses the build-in cast in some way. Even if we don't consider that building upon previously made content, we can absolutely point to Garage's "multiending" as content that builds upon another person's content.

So, I think the answer is ultimately something to the effect of "it's fine, but please keep the 'new' content separate from the original content."

*Edit: I remember when triad2/Noone42 asked me for a Masako and/or Shoko cameo. Was that for Yoko? How long ago was that, even?

Darigaaz, I am feel old.


Right. Done. L-late's better than never, r-right?

*nervous laughter*


Hrm. Maybe I should include unity as an "other" of some kind on this gamepage? The characters, and their face-graphics, are hers, after all.

[PAID] [RPGMV] Education Fantasy Game

Probably the closest thing I've done to an action-based system is the Wand of Blasting from this game. Which is... probably not what the OP is looking for in that regard. I swear there was a way to open external executables (maybe even web-pages?) in RPG Maker VX Ace, but, I don't recall the precise method at the moment.

*Edit: Er, I guess this isn't the kind of comment you were looking for. I'm nowhere near ready to commit to any kind of game-making project at the moment. Paid or otherwise. For what little it's worth, good luck with the game!

Secret Santa 2017 {SIGN UP}

I hope Marrend doesn't mind my harsh review of his tactics game. I had been actually planning on playing that for a while now. So getting his name was an easy choice for what to choose.

Eh, it's fine. You made some very valid points in that review.

Alchemic Fire Emblem

I've made at least one game in RPG Maker VX Ace (maybe two?) where I removed the standard "Attack" command. Instead, there was an "Action" skill-set, and skills that appeared there came from the character's equipment. I don't know about how to program those outcomes off the top of my head, but, the "alchemy system" you're talking about might be along those lines.

Secret Santa 2017 {SIGN UP}

I don't think the list of who got who is up? However...

- I will be posting who had whom in this thread on the 26th so don't go spilling the beans before then! is certainly after the stated date of when said list would be posted. I largely assume Liberty is busy with other matters, or possibly just plain forgot (Hi, CLOSAT!).