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The game uses regular sized text, but, I'm guessing Kloe added that text on-screen later by hand (or other method). She probably did not know that she could have set description text!

*Edit: Like so.

Luxaren Allure

The one Shout-Out I recall coming across was sometime during the Hotenshin sequence. I may not recall the exact content of the reference, but, I'm sure it was weird and unfortunate.

When your game's been out-buzzing Pom for more than a day. .-.

It held the #3 slot for quite some time. It's cooled off a bit, though.

When your game's been out-buzzing Pom for more than a day. .-.

Hey, Might be Magic could possibly have also out-buzzed Pom by more than a day! High-five!

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Need help with using script in conditional branch

The image in question:

Anyway, my thought is that the function "Mouse.area?(0, 0, 17, 13)" would return true if the mouse cursor is at the coordinates of (0, 0)? I could be mis-reading things.

*Edit: Is the dimensions of the rectangle expressed in pixels, or in tiles? There is a huge difference here, though, I can understand the natural assumption of being expressed in tiles.

Psychostasis is now in Spanish!

Unexpected, to be sure! Still, congratulations, Red_Nova!

BluMiu's Art Dump

@MadJak, regarding eye color: Not necessarily. If I understand the lore right, Prominette was married into the House of Dianisia. More specifically, Draken. It may simply be the case that Amunda takes after her mother (ie: Prominette) in respect to her eye color.

RPG Maker: No time? No talent? No problem!

Geeze, I don't want to know how many hours I've sunk into VX Ace! I've been using it since the Nugget Crash Course, so, my accumulated time in it would probably be insane.

Might be Magic: Stolen Love

Attempting to update the CSS. Personally, the text color seemed a bit dark.

*Edit: Though, let's give a big thanks to Kloe for the initial CSSing! YAAAAAY!

So, how's this color working for everybody? More readable?

*Edit2: This is also, literally, the first time I've messed with CSS.

After some years, I am back

Unban Magi. Unban Stragelove.

I thought the name "Felipe_9595" sounded familiar! I was still very much a newbie back then, though.

Welcome back!