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Post a really nice compliment for the person above you

Whoops! Almost let this drop off the radar again!

You write some interesting stuff, Zak! I sometimes think you might be better off making your own game with the story you've shared with me, but, I will support it as Heartache content as much as possible.

Okiku, Star Apprentice

Using nothing but magical artifacts wasn't a consideration for this game, to be sure.

There's absolutely ways that I could set "S" or "D" to activate a different artifact/tool.

Did Champs of the Bocca do this, or something like it?

I cannot remember!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Played a session of Mass Effect after an almost two-month hiatus. I completed the Feros mission in this session, and I'm pretty sure I still have Noveria to do. I'm not sure if I planned to have Liara in the Feros mission, though. Absolutely bringing her to Noveria.

What are you thinking about right now?

...There's still ban-evasion happening?

Welp, I messed up that audition and missed Libstream... Not the best day, orz

*Happy campers* are the best! They are *happy*!

Oh, wait. Wrong Orz.


I think there's two different endings? Sorry, it's been a while!

Why do you make RM games?

I don't care to make my own music, or graphics, so, having pre-made resources of those types definitely helps even if I tend to end up using music from commercially made games anyway. The same could be said of Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures, but, I'm pretty sure that engine is locked into using D&D 2nd Edition rules.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Doing more fiddling with Heroes 3. Apparently, my five-year-old UGE modules (Darigaaz, has it been this long!?) weren't quite correct, and needed a few fixes.

To be fair, it's usually a pain to UGE Heroes 3. The save-data never stays in one place (thankfully, there's Mdlgen for that) and there's shenanigans involving Winzip to get a file that can be UGEd in the first place. There's a similar process using Winzip involved with Visual Boy Advanced saved states and ePSXe saved states, but, at least that data stays in one place!