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Humble offerings from the "Bludgeon of Inspiration"

It's still in the works, but, the Table of Contents has been updated with a link to my Let's Play of Suikoden!


Regions are as follows:

1 = Imperial District
  • Dutchy of Espea
2 = Elfar
3 = Bruize
4 = Croweye
  • Principality of Vapleissau
5 = Fraiwana
6 = Cagil
7 = Orgen
  • Barony of Sucror
8 = Yeshea
9 = Eskya
10 = Proegro

Marrend plays Suikoden!

There may be some short stories in my creative writing thread that relate to a Suikoden tribute that I may be thinking about resurrecting. It could probably use a better name than "SuikoProject", though!

Marrend plays Suikoden!

Viktor ditches me when I reach Lanankamp, leaving me to make a few rounds around town. There's new armor to buy, and a blacksmith, but still no Runes for purchase. While I have run across a Rune Shop at Gregminster and here, they don't actually sell Runes there. All they do is equip/remove Runes. Which is still an important service, mind, but, the only Rune I can even mess with is the Fire Rune on Cleo. I could really, really use a Holy Rune. Maybe I should just up and hack one already? Hrm...

Anyway, it appears the innkeeper at Lanakamp is a friend of Viktor, and give us his best, and biggest, room. We wait for Viktor for several hours, but, he doesn't seem to be coming by. Cleo's willing to give him a few more moments before abandoning him, and heading north for Teo. Germio asks again why Pahn did what he did, but, Cleo prefers not to answer.

Just then, we hear some noise at the front. The Imperial Guard is here, and they are looking for "fugitives". Well, there's too many of them for us to fight, and it appears that window is jammed shut. There is no way to escape this room. Unless, of course, a woman comes out of an underground passage that's hidden by the clock. She mentions that we must be the "new friends" Viktor spoke of, an asks us to follow her further in.

So, not only was Viktor with the rebel army, but, he's taken us to meet their leader. Great. Juuuuuuuust great. Viktor thinks we'd be a great asset to their team, and wants us to join them in their cause. Germio is dead-set against it. Cleo doesn't seem to mind as much, but still wonders what Teo might think. As for myself, well, I know I don't want to be anywhere near Windy, if I can help it. I promised Ted not to let her have the Soul Eater, after all. I have to keep in mind that Ted's been running from her for 300 years, too. Being constantly on the run is not the kind of life I wanted to live, but, that might end up being the hand I've been dealt.

At any rate, I head back towards the stairwell, and find a guy keeled over, asking to see Lady Odessa. He pleads with her to help Varkas and Sydonia, who's been strung up to die. They might be bandits, but to be put to death? That's just too much! Feeling responsible for this mess, we volunteer to help. We may not intend to betray the Empire, but, Grady is not so easily forgiven. Back to Rockland, then!

They won't let us through the front door of Grady's place, naturally. We'll need to find another way in. Viktor has an idea, and scoots off. A moment later, a fire breaks out. Viktor claims it wasn't him, but, I dunno. Either way, we can explore this place a bit, pick up some treasure, beat up on what security is still here (it's all on-map encounters), and free some bandits. We met with Grady on the way out, and high-tails it outta there after Varkas and Sydonia make their threats. As he does, he yells back that he'll tell Commander Kraze about us, thus solidifying our status as "rebels".

We part ways with Varkas and Sydonia at the entrance to Rockland, then travel back to Lanankamp. We meet up with Odessa to tell her of our success. Before we even do that, she asks us a huge favor. She wants us to deliver the plans for "Fire Spears" to their lab in Mt. Tigerwolf. Germio will have none of this nonsense, and starts dragging me away. While we might not know how many men like Grady, Kraze, or Kannan there are in the Empire, but, I simply can't look away either. There's also the matter of bearing Soul Eater, and that Windy must have figured out that Ted doesn't have it anymore by now.

With all this in mind, I agree to her request, despite Germio's pleading. Flik doesn't think it's a good idea to trust us newbies, but, Odessa is willing to come along. Flik insists on coming as well, but, Odessa denies him, requesting that he stay behind as leader in her stead. It'll be Viktor's job to protect her. Flik reluctantly agrees. I make sure Odessa is up to snuff with her equipment and feed her stat-stones before I consider myself ready to go to Mt. Tigerwolf.

Marrend plays Suikoden!

What was I doing again? Oh, yeah, Rockland.

We visit Grady's place and are told of bandits on Mt. Seifu. They've been pillaging the nearby villages, and Rockland is no different in this regards. We end up agreeing to take care of them for him, being the courageous Imperial Guard that we are. Or some-such.

Well, I dunno 'bout bandits, but, I do find me a Queen Ant, and her cohorts. My rounds against this boss consists of Tir, Cleo, and Ted taking out the minions, while Pahn and Germio use Talisman Attack on the Queen Ant. The trick to this fight is that the Queen will summon new minions every round, so, the only people that would be able to target her with normal attacks would be Ted and Cleo. Using Cleo's Fire Rune would ultimately do nothing, since she just spawns more minions. I suppose Pahn's Boar Rune could do it to, though, I think that unbalances him? I keep forgetting about that Rune.

Anyway, the fight goes for maybe three rounds before it's aborted. My party's not feeling particularly confident about living through a retreat, much less getting past this mess. Ted seems to have an idea, though, and asks us to step back.

Suffice it to say, nobody has any clue what the heck Ted did. I mean, Pahn was in wonder when Luc used his Wind Rune to teleport the party back on Magician's Island! Ted is evasive, and says he prefers to answer later, when we get back to Gregminster. For now, we should focus on getting those bandits. Kanaan mutters something about Commander Kraze, and that maybe this was the thing he was talking about. Hrm. I don't like this.

Despite what the previous cut-scene may have suggested, my party is very much fit to fight. Regardless, I use the save point a few screens ahead. A bit beyond that are Varkas and Sydonia, the leaders of the bandits. We take care of them in due time, and the game fast-forwards to us being at the base of the mountain.

We report to Grady of our capture of the bandits, and he puts them into jail. He also gives us a bounty of 10,000 bits, which Kanaan takes. I don't know if that amount covers their back taxes, or not, but, I suppose it's a moot point. Besides, I've a funny feeling that money is going to be pocketed by Kraze (or Kanaan) anyway. Either way, back to Gregminster!

Kanaan goes ahead and reports to Kraze for us, no doubt claiming the credit for all of our hard work. He's also bringing Ted with him, probably about that Rune he invoked.

We spend some time at home. Germio's meal is delicious as always, but, Ted's running a bit late. What's taking so long? I start downstairs, and find his broken body on the floor. What the hell?

We get him to Cleo's room, and treat him as best we can until he comes around. Kannan took him to see Windy, the court Magician. Apparently, the two know each other, and have known each other for at least 300 years. Three. Hundred. Years. That's not a normal life-span! Ted got away by invoking the Rune again, which he called "Soul Eater" in the cut-scene, but, it did a number on him. After relaying his story, he passes out again.

So, are the Imperial Guard after him? Pahn seems to think so, and believes we should turn him over. He dosn't want to make any trouble for Teo while he's gone. Germio heartily disagrees. Cleo thinks we should let Ted stabilize before we make any hard decisions. At this point, I'm more or less locked in this room until I talk to Pahn, who goes off to get some medicine for Ted. A bit after he leaves, Ted comes to again, and we ask about that "Soul Eater" he talked about before. In case you didn't know before-hand, it's one of the 27 True Runes. He calls it a "cursed Rune", and is the source of this trouble with Windy.

As to why Windy is after the Rune, Ted doesn't really know. However, he's been dodging her for the past 300 years, and never thought he'd find her here. He doubts his ability to keep running from her, especially when she's so close, and the wound he has. He pleads with me to guard the Rune, even though it will bring me much suffering. It's a show choice, but, this is very much a "but thou must!" situation.

After Ted transfers the Rune (how does he do that!?), there's a noise at the front door. Looks like Pahn has returned, but, he didn't bring back medicine! He did, however, bring Kraze, Kannan, and some Imperial Guards with him! They want Ted. They (and Windy) must think Ted still has Soul Eater. Cleo and Germio are ready to fight, but, Ted gives himself up. He's using himself as a decoy so we can get away! There's a back door in the kitchen that we use to escape the manor. On the Gregminster map, there's a guy at the front gate that we run hastily away from if we talk to him, and going to the palace is the exact opposite direction of where we need to go. So, we visit the inn, and the innkeeper gives us refuge.

We can take a bit of a breather here. Germio can't believe what just happened. Cleo is of a more clearer mind, firmly believing that we need to go north and get into contact with Teo. That means leaving Gregminster, which, well, seems to have it's own issues. The Imperial Guard are after us, and, to top it off, we seem to have been branded as rebels?

As I try to leave the inn, I bump into some guards. Literally. Things get a little hairy, but, we don't get into a fight. A guy called Viktor comes along, and reasons that nobody the Imperial Guard would be searching for would be so stupid as to still be in Gregminster. The guards waiver a bit, but, ultimately let us go. Their loyalty to the Empire isn't that high, apparently. In any event, we thank Viktor, but find out he used us as a cover to get out of paying for his bill! Great people, yeah?

However, we still have no way out of Gregminster. We come across Viktor again, who seems to have a plan. He's willing to help us, and in exchange, he wants us to met somebody. Hrm. Well, our options aren't exactly open at the moment, so, I agree. He bribes the guard with Germio's money (nice pick-pocketing, Viktor!), and we're on our merry way to Lenankamp, to the south. Not that Cleo's idea of going north is bad, but, we did promise Viktor that we go with him.

What to do if your Game Submission is denied/pending

I would recommend mentioning that the game is a fan-game of such-and-such in the description, regardless of how well-known the original game is.

What's buzzing, yo?

is it okay to make a fan game

Absolutely! There's a plethora of fan games on this site both new and old!

Marrend plays Suikoden!

The introduction movie...

...never really inspired me to play this game. Though, I think I may have played Suikoden 2 before I played this game back in the day? We're talkin' early 2000's here, and my memory regarding this is more than fuzzy.

At any rate, New Game! Our protagonist will be called Tir. There is no debate about this. After the name-entry, we get dropped into a room, and have control of Tir. I mean, there isn't much to do here, outside of talking to Teo, Tir's father. Unless you're the kind of crazy that hacks inventory to feed Tir stat-stones. Which I am. Darigaaz, it's not even a minute in, and I'm doing this? I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Anyway, after I'm done, I talk to Teo. Shortly thereafter, a maid comes by and escorts us to see the Scarlet Moon Emperor. Teo is a high-ranking general in the Empire, and he's asked to go to the border of the City-States of Jowstone (the setting for the next game, by the way) and settle whatever troubling matters are there. He's presented with the sword, Prakk, which Teo accepts with honor. He stands aside, and I move forward. He asks me if I'm willing to help the Empire while my father is away. I agree, and am placed under Kraze, which I introduce myself to. He straight-out says that I'll receive no special treatment for being a general's son, and to report to him first thing tomorrow.

We then head home, and catch a small glimpse of the Gregminster music...

...before arriving. We have a small chat with Gerimo before he rushes off to the kitchen, remembering that he was making stew. Teo leaves, and I have a small chat with Cleo and Pahn before going upstairs to meet Ted. Guy wants to hear all about my trip to the palace, and is most especially interested in Windy, the court magician. At the end of the conversation, Ted wants to share a secret, but, we are called for dinner by Gerimo. Eh, we can talk later.

At dinner, Teo relays that he'll be leaving north, and that he's putting me in charge of the house. Regardless, he wants the support of Germio, Cleo, and Pahn, to look after him, and protect him. From Ted, he wishes we continue to be good friends.

The next day, Gerimo wakes me up. It doesn't seem to be on purpose, but, it's still my first day on the job. It wouldn't do well to be late, would it? Downstairs, Pahn and Cleo join me. Ted's still fast asleep, though, only until we try to leave the building. With a near-full party, and free-ish roaming of Gregminster, I head to the inn to save.

After a healthy serving of stat-stones to my other party members, it's back to the palace! Kraze yells at me a bit for being late, but, gives me the mission of going to Magician's Island to visit the seer, Leknaat. Her job is to look to the stars. Our job is to find out what she's seen, and report back. There's no boat that goes there, but, transportation has been arraigned, thanks to the Dragon Knights. We go by air! We are also reminded that Leknaat is the younger sister to court magician Windy, and we should show proper respect.

Let's nip this in the bud now. The Leknaat they are talking about? It's the self-same Leknaat that's been appearing in all the other games. I think she appears more in this game, and in the sequel, than any of the PS2 games (barring 5, perhaps?), but, we'll see later on how true that is.

Anyway, our ride/escort is a familiar face. At least, as far as the order I've been playing these games in. It's Futch and Bright Black!

Those two really hit it off great, yeah? Anyway, we ride Black, and a cut-scene later, we arrive on the island. Iiiiiiit's dungeon time!

The path is pretty straight-forward here. It doesn't take me long to come across Luc, who summons a golem. Our first boss fight isn't that hard. Then again, we have no Runes to utilize, so, we're stuck with normal attacks, and the Tailisman Unite attack shared by Pahn and Gerimo. The tower not far ahead doesn't seem to have any encounters in it, so, we reach the top, and Leknaat, in no time.

After Ted gives me a nudge, she apologizes for calling me "cute", and asks us to come with her for the Astral Conclusions. Before handing them over, she spouts a... familiar blat. One about how I am important to destiny, and that fate is not unchangeable. She asks her pupil to take us back to the shore without any tricks. He agrees, and uses his Wind Rune to teleport us to where Black and Futch are waiting. Though, he was up to a bit of mischief in regards to Ted. Guy gets no respect, I tell 'ya.

Back at the palace, we deliver the Astral Conclusions to Kraze. He's already got our next assignment ready, and we are to go without delay. Well, I don't know about the "without delay" part, but, our next mission is in Rockland. Apparently, the townsfolk refuse to pay their taxes, and are quite overdue. We are to meet with a man called Grady there, and find out what's going on.

I don't get into any encounters along the way, and I give a good look-see at what's available in town (Hi, Marco! Recruit you later!), but, I ultimately decide to talk to Grady another day.

Arbiters From Another World

Huh. Didn't even notice that. Happy playing regardless!

Might be time to brush off some original [i]Suikoden[/i].

That... didn't require much talking into. Wha-blam!