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Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

To the best of my knowledge, there's no male characters that are published (outside the aforementioned Takuya), or even in the works.

Though, if it's any consolation, there is this screenshot of Heartache featuring Hanamura Yosuke, from Shin Magami Tensei Persona 4. However, I don't know if the files involved were ever published.

What are you thinking about right now?

It's not bgcghxmbbgj] unless you septuple post it and your computer dies in the process.

Don't tempt fate!

Working as an artist on both Eye of Uzola and Chronology of the Last Era! A third project might be looming in the horizon for me as well, I feel so productive and motivated! Thanks Uni and Felds! <3~

Damn, I still need to play Eye of Uzola.

Old school RMers: what are some communities that you used to belong to that have ceased to exist?

Before RMN, I was a member on CodeTwink for about five years running. The forums still exist, but, they are mostly irrelevant now. The site is, mostly, a repository of old CodeBreaker codes. Though, the site owner did have some hand in making a Game Genie for PS3 at some point. Never messed with that, though.

Part of the reason I left is because the forums were reset every so often. I weathered at least one such reset, since I don't remember it taking terribly long before the forums came back up, and were active. However, when I finally left the place, the forums were down for... over a year? Maybe two? I don't even remember. It was probably around the time when the PS3 and XBox were the major consoles. There was not support the site could give to players of those consoles since there wasn't a cheat device like there was for PS1/PS2/whatever-else-CodeBreaker-was-released-for.

*Edit: I still remember making this huge post that was the inventory codes, and the associated notes, for Suikoden 5. I was essentially re-posting a post from before the forums were wiped, and I could not remember who the original author of the codes was. However, I probably helped a mess of people with that post.

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

I feel like it might be beneficial in some cases for a merc like me to not be chipped. If the likelihood is as high as piano says, though, I probably am.

Anyway, I want to go to The Scuttled Hull and look into rumors regarding what cargo we can make a profit on from here to Aldus Prime. Then, once I think I have a good lead, conduct business at Palius Traders Unlimited.

Speaking of repairs, what ships need them, and how much would they cost?

Content creation (artistic)

That story should not impact Masako's route at all, if memory serves me right. Can your characters call <player> out for dating her simultaneously with one of them? Sure.

Though, I get the odd impression that Masako is dream-kissing in that one story.

Escape from Ritova's Mansion Review

Yeah, the Okiku face-sets were derived/edited from Pink Elephant's material. Though, I did make one Heartache custom character with that model.

Pink Elephants! Pink Elephants! Pink Elephants on parade!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

I'm more than confused about Ozardel's question.

*Edit: "I agree about finishing our job with Katya, but... chipped? What are you even talking about?"


I forgot I was going to be busy on Saturday. So, have the demo today instead! As before, it will need the run-time package for VX Ace to run. Which one should be able to obtain here. Let me know what you think!

[CAZ] Caz Appreciation Topic

But can you go Cazry?