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Holy Shit! Holy Shit! I only have the encripted version of my own game

Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to that question.

*Edit: My instinct tells me "no", however. From what you're saying, and the various threads about MV, it sounds like there's an option to export the game under a "Deployment" folder, which actually only provides the EXE, and still needs the other game-files?

I'm mostly looking at this post in regards to this information, so, I could be corrected on this point!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

That seems a reasonable plan!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Hrm. Well, I see no reason to not continue firing/evading as necessary.

I'm bored, can we insult RMN's Sexy Demographics

Marrend Plays XXX Fantasy RPG
Macbeth here, ready for Suikoden 3
Game 'Publisher' Plays Suikoden 3
Star Fall: A forum Game 'Publisher'
Star Fall: ready for the job

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unity is Unisoft.

*Edit: Darigazz, Kloe, that's beautiful.

Marrend Plays Suikoden 3!

Go directly to Geddoe's Chapter 3. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 potch.

Our objective is to go to Vinay Del Zexay. Thankfully, I don't have to hoof it all the way from Claeria. The game takes me as far as Brass Castle, which means I don't have to fight that treasure boss on the Mountain Pass! Woot!

My notes say that there's no characters to recruit in this chapter, but, I still want to stop by Lake Castle first. I do what rounds I can here, and shove off.

Part of my reason of doing this is setting up a character recruit for later. I need to put an "S" statue in a room in Lake Castle for this character to appear, and I've still got some unidentified items from the treasure boss back in Geddoe's Chapter 1. At this time, I can think of two places that even have appraisers: Duck Village and Vinay Del Zexay. Geddoe does not have access to Duck Village, so, I guess we're going to Vinay Del Zexay to appraise, aaaaand, probably get some story-advancement.

Our plot-point is at the inn, so, it sounds like I'm free to do what rounds I can here before I go there. Sure enough, the statue I had was a Hex Doll S. Sweet!

Anyway, I go to the inn. There's a little scene there with Joker, Ace, and Jacques, then the games cuts to upstairs with Geddoe to let us know that we're going to go to North Cavern next. It then switches to Queen and Alia wandering around Rune Sage's shop. The have a little run-in with Borus, and Alia attacks him. He manages to subdue Alia, and when she tells him who she is, he realizes the situation. He's not happy about that day they burnt down Kayara Village either, and lets the two go. All Alia can do is call Borus a butcher as he leaves, and Queen silently sympathies.

It's pretty damn touching, too.

Anyway, next morning, Geddoe has relayed that we're going to North Cavern to the rest of the team to meet another contact. We leave the city, almost leaving Ace behind. Almost.

We meet Duke's gang somewhere in the middle of the cave. Apparently, there was an order for us to return to Caleria that Ace tossed, and they're here to make sure we follow that order. There's some exchange between Duke and Ace, but, Duke isn't going to back down unless he duels Geddoe. Fine, have it your way.

A bit further in, we meet our contact.

Well, things just got awkward! Of course, Alia has a few words for Salome, and he does his best to apologize. The conversation between them is a lead-in to the fact that Chris was spotted at the Great Hollow, and her presence at the armistice. Salome believes that the enemy, whoever it actually is, has some manner of magic to create illusions. Jacques thinks back to the fight against Chris, and how he didn't hear any footsteps.

However, Salome makes an argument. With the presence of a bishop in the lead of Harmonian armies making a full invasion of Grasslands is expected. They're going to be a lot more brutal this time, as there's no unifying force like there was fifty years ago, and it would change Grasslands as we know it. There's also the Zexen Council, some members of which seek to have a pact with Harmonia to divide Grasslands between each other. What he wants us to do is go to Lake Castle. Apparently, the master there has started to rebel against the Zexens, and Salome wants us to help with that. Not help the Zexens, mind you, help the rebels.

Now, we've seen both Percival and Borus mention a rebellion where sending the knights would be considered overkill. So, this isn't supposed to be a "big thing" for them. If this "tiny" rebellion manages to fend off the Zexen attacks, their leadership should change. Or so Salome seems to think. We seem okay enough with this plan, though, Ace wants us to go back to Vinay Del Zexay for supplies. Eh, I can see me using the save=point just outside the city, but, don't feel that's necessary. Unless this is the game telling me to go there before going to Lake Castle?

Two asides here. One, Salome mentions getting info from a man called "Wyatt". Now, maybe it's just me, but, my head jumps to the possibility of this Wyatt being Chris' father. As for the other aside, does anybody know the name of the lake that Lake Castle is near? I mean, it's not Toran Castle on Lake Toran (ie: Suikoden), nor Ceres Castle on Ceres Lake (ie: Suikoden 5), but, it might be nice to direct people to the castle that way, even though nobody ever says anything like that in this game. However, I guess I do have a name for the castle, in case an answer is not forthcoming when the time comes for me to name the castle.

Anyway, on to Lake Castle! There's a bit of a dizzy when we enter Lake Castle, with Ceclie outright refusing to allow Leo and Percival to take Thomas away. Other castle occupants come in a bit later to back her up, and Leo and Percival go back to Vinay Del Zexen empty-handed. Going into the castle proper will probably trigger a cut-scene (or two), but, the place I need to put this statue is in that direction. I guess there's a few things I can still here before all that, though.

Huh. Looks like I can enter the main building without any additional fuss. Well, there's an event in the library, and that seems to trigger another event when I return to the main hall. Okay, let's do this!

That night, Joker has a talk with Geddoe regarding the record that the libarian was talking about. Apparently, Geddoe and Jimba were there, during the time Lake Castle became common land, and signed the treaty. Geddoe represented Grasslands with Jimba representing the Zexen Federation. He also mentions that Regor was also there for the treaty in a very roundabout way. Though, I suppose I can also look at it as deciding to share with Joker the reason why he knows so much, and how he's lived this long.

Hey, everybody! It's a True Plot Rune!

Next day, and we're ready to do our thing. We visit the front entrance to observe the situation. Thomas and his gang fall back into the manor house, which leaves us with a unit of Zexens to fight. It's a classic pincer manuver: Ace and Joker come forward as a distraction while the others attack from the side. To bad that makes zero difference to the fight itself.

We follow Thomas, and fall back to the manor house. We get into another fight before we get to the manor house. However, rather than going through the front door, we use a secret passage. Alia observes that the place looks like it's full of secret passages, and hopes that nobody else is using the one we intend to use! Given that the next scene is inside the manor with Thomas and his entourage, I take it that there were no issues. Queen tosses another smoke grenade (or like object), and we move in to attack! After the smoke clears, Ceclie wonders what the heck just happened, but it's Thomas that points out that there's more people to fight.

With that, a Councilor comes in with some bodygaurds, and asks Thomas to give up, or be charged with treason. However, the Zexens withdraw. Leo comes by, and says that an invasion of Grasslands is not permitted without Council approval. Percival has a few words to the Councilman as well.

Lake Castle has been saved. As he watches the citizens celebrate, Geddoe has a flahsback of talking to Wyatt (who looks incredibly like Jimba, by the way). When he comes out of it, Queen is asking what our next move is. Ace has a mission, but, Geddoe flat-out tells them that they are going after the Flame Champion, and knows a method by which he could be found. On the overworld map, the path the the Flame Champion Hideaway is open. Well, I guess we're going! I take a break at both the Great Hollow and the newly-opened Duck Village along the way.

Darigaaz, I came across at least three the "special encounters" on this trip. However, I manage to get to the cave. Ace wonders if the Flame Champion is really in a place like this, and Joker comments that it's better than being out in the open. The party makes it's way to a strange-looking circle in the ground, and Geddoe proclaims that this is it. He moves into the circle, and is teleported away!

Now alone, Geddoe proceedes forward. At the end the tunnel, there leads a door. Beyond which lies the inner sanctum, where Hugo, Chris, and Sana await. Sana and Geddoe exchange a few words, and the chapter ends.

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Hey, what about Konanami!?

*gets shot*

Interview about Huntress!

Weird. I can follow the link that redirects to LordBlueRouge's interview that's in (on?) your tumblr. However, with the link here, I get a "Missing redirect parameters" error.

I'm not terribly knowledgeable about such things, though!

ePSXe settings??

ALSO, codebreaker freaking works exquisitely in PSX. I could never get it to work on epsxe! Play lots of games with cheats huehuehue.

PEC is love. PEC is life. PEC is not Makerscore, though.

Looking for a Programmer for a CoC-like XXX Fantasy RPG

Is this your first game? That's the general impression I'm getting from the thread you're linking to.

*Edit: Also, what programming language are you using? Are you using an RPG Maker engine, which is why you're visiting this site? If you are using an RPG Maker engine, which one are you using? You mention VX Ace in the other thread, but, I think MV might be more in line with the concept of "browser-based game".

Though, as an aside, the screenshot in your other thread was, I"m pretty sure, made with MV.