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Content creation (artistic)

I think the problem with my post was that the CODE-section was just a tad bit too large for HIDE to like it.

No, it's probably more about how the hide-tag functions (or fails to function) with other tags.

I mean, look how tables look under a hide-tag!

  • List-tags aren't particularly liked by the hide-tag either.

Content creation (artistic)


It's a little awkward, but doing a hide-tag inside a quote-tag may have worked. Or just a straight-up hide-tag.

Also, the characters you mentioned have been changed to "in progress".

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)(signups continuing...)

If by "persuade" you mean "bribe", I would like to remind you that we have 100 credits to our name. Also, I've a funny feeling that attempting such a thing would more likely land us in jail, or be attacked, more than allowing us through any faster.

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)(signups continuing...)

@Piano These gates, I take it they only serve as a means of a shortcut bewteen planets, we can still fly to Malir without using a warpgate right?

Well, let's put it this way. Not using jump-gates would mean traveling through normal space. So, I imagine it would mean the journey would take a matter of decades, if not centuries. However, by using jump-gates, the journey takes a matter of hours instead.

*Edit: I suppose that there is ultimately no reason for us to not accept everything on this board, and deal with things as they come. I'm still very much wary of this mission for intact Wah'ri Talon hulls, though.

[RMMV] Event-Specific Music Issue

I thought I could use parallel events and switches on the other maps to achieve this, but the BGM restarts each time you enter a map. Any tips?

Yeah, that makes sense. If a map has pre-defined music, and you're using the Set BGM (or whatever) event-command, then that would reset the music when you enter a map.

The idea that's coming to me is to store where the track is currently at in a variable, and doing a function call to start BGM playback at that point after the map transfer event-command. I'm almost certain something like this is possible in VX Ace, but, as for MV, I have no idea!

*Edit: I don't know how much of a hiccup could occur, but, it's still within the realm of possibility with that suggestion. The system is still cuing the map's original BGM before it plays the track you want to play, even if you can pick it up exactly where it left off. To eliminate the hiccup entirely, the only thing I can think of is to make duplicate maps that do not have pre-defined BGMs, and use switches to determine which set of maps players get transferred to?

What are you thinking about right now?

As I understand it, even the fayth that the party visits are a part of Yu Yevon's summoning of Dream Zanarkand. Hell, there's enough scenes with Bahamut's fayth and Tidus for me to believe that Tidus' entire existence is part of whatever role Bahamut's fayth had in retaining the dream.

This is mostly a wild theory on my part, though. It does not explain how either Jecht or Tidus could exist in Spira in the first place. Unless they have similar properties as unsent while in Spira?

*Edit: At the end of FF10, pyreflies come out of Tidus. His memory is being "sent", as it were. How they appear from him is very similar to how the various unsent of the game can seem to create pyrefiles at will. The correlation between the two could be just another wild theory, though.

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)(signups continuing...)

If the jump-gates between Ceres and Malir are being guarded, that does seem like an opportunity to encounter Wah'ri. It could also be the Kindred some unknown faction that's making trouble in the quadrant. Even if we do come across Wah'ri Talons, what would our strategy be in acquiring a hull intact? Besides, we barely came out of the last encounter with them with our lives! I mean, I'm aware it was a surprise attack, but still, you'll have to excuse me if I'm not exactly go-ho with the idea of going up against them so soon.

*Edit: Though, running across the Wah'ri is probably an eventuality. I just don't think we're prepared to do anything other than generally defending our lives, or running the hell away.

What are you thinking about right now?

Took some doing, but, I think this link might work for what MadJak is talking about.

[Game Over!] Despairword Mafia

Just remember, no matter how bad you do, you can't be worse than me.
Odd, just remember, no matter how bad you do, you can't be worse than me.

Geeze! At least have a little faith in yourselves!

Stream of consiousness - Missions and programs

I've been thinking about the Misao prediction thread and the Anti-Procrastination Event. If I get myself together like I did during the Anti-Procrastination event, I would have another complete game available for the Misaos this year. Not that I'm expecting any nominations, much less win anything, but, hey, there's a non-zero chance!

There is some question about what I would do after this game is done. There is this worry that I have that I have nothing left to give. Or, at least, no further ideas to make games from. There was a half-thought of doing Uchioniko in MV, if that counts? There was also the idea of mixing VN elements with RPG gameplay that was... kinda the basis for Might be Magic.