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Okiku, Star Apprentice

Awww, geeze! Sorry to hear that!

Out of curiosity, where were you? I imagine going directly to the volcano at the start of the game is gonna get really ugly really fast!

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

As far as I know, we get bounty-money for destroying pirates. Disabling them might not count for that, but, I don't actually know if that's true.

But, yes, do what you feel Chloe Pew-Pew would do in this circumstance.

*Edit: If it's even relevant, #Move: right, up-right; Face: left. I don't know if attacking from behind is beneficial at all, but, what the hey.


I'm mostly happy with Mission 2's events now. I'll give it one more run-through at some point just to be sure, though.

Mission 3. Hey, it might be stream-of-consciousness time!

So, our intrepid heroes just escaped from the Lintis system, and have ended up somewhere in the Rylah system. Which is totally a name I'm pulling from one of the characters in Star Fall ;)

Anyhoo, either the Kamiyama is going to get ambushed, or I allow a little bit of down-time. In the first case, the event processing would be very much like Mission 2: the story lends itself to a sense of urgency, and there is no "down time" implied (even if it's implemented). In the second case, the sense of urgency isn't there, and the mission would become available after talking to Captain Izo.

This next mission, they are up against the Hrist. So far, the bosses of this game have built with one of the standard classes in mind. So, the Silmeria was build with the engineer class in mind, and the Lenneth was built with the scout class in mind. Which means the Hrist is going to be built with the trooper class in mind. Which means it will have a focus on dealing as much damage as inhumanly possible.

So, yes, the Hrist will probably have the highest damage output, and require the most damage to take down, among the enemies players have fought thus far. I figure it will also use Defense Break every now and again to make it's attacks even deadlier.

Part of my reasons for making the battle against Hrist so damn deadly is to make the "Redeploy" skill/program an actually viable skill to use/purchase when it becomes available after Mission 2. Though, if the battle is intended to be so bad that a resurrection-like effect is a better idea than to restore damage, I feel like I should give players some kind of warning? I dunno.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

The move I'm thinking about is something along the lines of this survey. I dunno about using Google Forms, but, it would essentially be a list of all the available characters (so far) and ask people to fill in their vote for top five, or whatever.

The list of available characters would probably be pulled from the OCCD listing, plus the original cast.

*Edit: Though, if I had the wherewithal, something like that might make a cute blog.

Riho: Take that, sis! I'm winning!
Shioko: Well, shoot. I guess I'm going to have to step up my game.
Riho: W-what do you mean by that!?
Tsubasa: Don't forget, everyone! A vote for Tsubasa is a vote for justice!

I dunno. I've done some crazy things in my life, but, that might be a little much. Especially since I don't know the characters that well!


You know, even if RMN: Make My Score took a year, that's still a lot better off than other community-centered game-ideas! I still recall the fervor surrounding Fast Times at RMN High, and poor Wyrm Warriors!

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

Given how many characters there are, a top three (five?) picks might be cool. Though, I'm not sure how to implement that, outside of comments!



I've done a little testing with the reinforcement idea, because I wasn't 100% sure how they would work with how I've had them set up. Normally, a certain unit calls for reinforcements. Usually, this is a boss-unit, and there's a script in place to have said reinforcements appear anywhere within a two-square radius of that unit's location.

However, what if that unit wasn't on the battlefield anymore? I've gotten around this issue before by making the victory condition "beat the boss". However, Mission 2 is a different set of circumstances. While there is still a boss in this fight to make trouble, defeating it is not this mission's win-condition.

From what I've observed, the units that appear still spawn within a 2-tile radius from the target unit's position. Which is interesting to note. While I might like the units to spawn based on an active unit, I don't really want to mess with re-configuring my hack code at this time.

*Edit: Though, I'm happy to note that spawning two units appears to work like I thought it would. It's literally just another call to the spawn-script!

yay, no more student loans \o/


Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Uh, did we leave odd/Kasady on Milar, then?