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What are you thinking about right now?

I've received an interesting PM from a user by the name of rpgstudios:

I love your game and love the Style,

What we would do is launch your game on steam, and market your game for maximum exposure, We would only take 10% of sales and steam take 30-40 which is really harsh,

I currently have this game on steam which is one of mine called Warriors of Vilvatikta

What I can do if you wanted to market with us is Add your game to our website

and publish your game via our marketing department, "backtobasicsgaming" who handles all our marketing

And if thins go really well we could do a collaboration on a game :D

and be part of our team if you wanted.

look forward to hearing from you

Jonathan Morgan - Head of game development

Now, aside from the fact that they are using the singular "game", and that they are not specifying which game they are showing interest in (my partial assumption is Might be Magic), I wouldn't feel comfortable putting anything of mine on Steam. I mean, my stuff tends to use ripped resources (for the most part, it's music), and that just feels all kinds of icky to me. Though, the thing that's really giving me pause is this "backtobasicsgaming" thing. Like, I swear I heard that name before on RMN, and not exactly in a positive light!

McBacon Jam 3

Might be Magic: Stolen Love

Funnily enough, the suggestion I pitched to the team was "an RPG with visual novel elements," taking inspiration from my experiences with Heartache 101 and Memories Neverlasting than the Might and Magic series. Suffice it to say, things have changed quite a bit since that initial pitch!

So. Anybody else want the title-music to Heroes 2 in their head?

*Edit: On the New and Notable section too! WOOOT! I think that's a first for me?

Let's work on your game descriptions!

@redwall10: Thanks. I'll try to remember that!

@kory: Jus' tryin' to help.

*Edit: Though, if one must be perfectly honest, I was considering posting...

Gotta work even harder!

...that in response to you, kory.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Would this happen to be a re-telling of the Biblical story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt to Israel? The point about the "Light Star" (God?) giving them a "covenant" (Ark of the Covenant?) and the part about the Light telling them of the things they should do kinda sounds like a reference to the Ten Commandments to me.

This is merely supposition and/or speculation on my part, though. If it is such a reference, it might serve you well to have a short little personal aside saying the game is based on that, or is inspired by it.

Anyway, all that aside, and I may tend toward my supposition/speculation on this point, but, I would suggest something like...

In the days of old, there lived a people known as the Red Bandana. They lived in Shine Town in peace for ages. Then, a group of ambitious men came with dreams of conquest. One by one, the Red Bandana were taken to prison, if not outright killed.

The Red Bandana called out to the Light Star, "Why is this happening to us?" The Light Star heard their plea, and gave them the opportunity to escape. They wandered the wilderness for days on end, until they reached a mountain. They sent you up that mountain in hopes that you would speak with the Light Star. You succeed, making a covenant with the Star, and receiving a set of commands for your people.

Yet, the Light Star spoke to no one else. When you came down from the mountain after four days of being away, would it come to any surprise that you saw your kinsfolk already disobeying the commands set fourth by the Light Star? Clearly, it is up to you to save your people!


What are you thinking about right now?

If Kloe's commentary is any indication, my McBacon team's gamepage is in the queue! GET HYPED!

Though, as a side-effect, this puts the title theme of Heroes 2 in my head again.

Structure Mafia [Night 3]

I keep thinking of HoM&M structure factors (Point of reference: a variable, or set of variables, that keeps track of what buildings are built in towns/castles) whenever I see a post from this thread.

About a half dozen small bugs and one not-so-small bug isn't a bad launch at all. I think???

That sounds really good to me, actually!

Damn it, I am NOT a useless pile of trash! I make games! Even if only a handful of a handful of people know about them, or play them, so long as I bring at least a little happiness into this world.

Geeze, if I could save a thread/status, this would be one to save!

*Edit: Have mar hugs, you beautiful RMNers/RMNettes/RMNannas!

Content creation (technical)

That seems like a really useful, if totally unintentional, bug.