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Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Initial Tablet of Destiny is a go!

Kill me now.

Statisticians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Infection, you post a lot. Almost like an infection.

I wager doing this is the only way to beat Liberty for posts in a given month as well. That's what it's really about.


Yay, an Update (A serious one this time)

Red_Nova's not quite dead!

Kidding aside, man, this should be a blast to play!

Statisticians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I do not know of this "gammak" of which you speak.

Looking for help with scripting overworld enemies to attack overworld towns

If you're using anything in the RPG Maker series, the thought in my head is that you could set up those events as a parallel process. So, like, there would be some kind of Move Command followed by getting the event's location, then comparing the x/y values to the location of where the town-tile is located, then doing an appropriate event if it "touches" town. Though, how well this solution actually works might depend on how many enemies/events there are on the field.

Saying that, I have a game where a NPC object interacts with other NPC objects that you might think about looking into. I'm pretty sure I didn't encrypt that game!

Which one are you? Those who beleive in signs or miracles or those that beleive in luck?

I believe in Chance Encounter and Near-Death Experience.

More seriously, though, I dunno. I guess a bit of both?

Hello RMN!

Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!

No clue what's next on my gammak plate!

However, I do have my "Suiko_Shop" script, along with my "Suiko_Exp" script that are going nowhere. Maybe use them, throw in the teleport script from Okiku, and...

...Well, maybe not a full-blown Suikoden fan-game. That's going over waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head. Maybe just a small-ish tribute.

Armored Dragon Corps

Gave this a bit of a whirl. I did not experience the same issue as Irog is having, so I cannot comment on that. Otherwise, this was a fun little game, though, a bit difficult to control sometimes. Platforming took some getting used to, and the boss fight at the end of the second mission was definitely on the hectic side!

Still, I had fun with what's here! Ya did good, peeps.

Nakaishi Wars

Aaaaaaannnnnnd, the no-RTP download has been updated, and a self-contained download has been added! Though, maybe there could be more things added, I think I just want to move on.