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Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm thinking of going back to Oracle of Askigaga and the puzzle-room for the Temple of the Spirit. Also, I'm thinking of including a credit-roll at the end of the game. Mostly, I'm thinking this because the assumption is that nobody will read the packed-in manual, and read the credits that way.

Huh? When am I going to get back to Nakaishi Wars? What's that?

*Edit: This is also a great time to ask myself if I'm going to bother implementing anything in regards to Masudu's Musings. If not, I should probably ditch it.

Content creation (technical)

how can I remove one of my own posts?

Normal users cannot remove their own posts. Moderators probably can remove posts, however, I do not know under what circumstances it occurs in. Double-posting is generally not allowed. The "Welp, Welp!" forum is the the most lenient place in regards to this rule. See: this multipost. However, in the case of accidental double-posting, from what I've observed, it's usually on the user's end to put in, or otherwise edit post content, with some kind of "Oops!" as a nod to the rule about double-posting.

*Edit: In other words...

You're probably fine.

That moment when you search for how to do something and find that you've already made a topic and had the question answered for you in the past XD;;;

Guys, you're getting old.

Funny you should mention that...

Don't worry about it, so do I and everyone else.

I'll try to keep that in mind.

*forgets in five minutes hence*

Humble offerings from the "Bludgeon of Inspiration"

I can only remember fragments of the dream I had last night. I'll write it here, as I feel safer writing it here as nobody visits this thread. I'll still hide-tag it, though.

It started in a fairly regular house. I was living there with a pair of sisters, and "the adults" were away for a long weekend.

Anyway, it was the last day we could be together, and the younger sister was encouraging me to have sex with the older one. Of course, I had zero confidence in myself, or how okay she would be with the idea, and did nothing.

I was prepping for a shower, and the mother came home. The younger sister greeting her with a, "Hi, Mrs. <insert family name that was not either of our family names>!" She greeted us both, and the house suddenly became swamped with people.

I was suddenly an older brother that shared his room with, like, five other guys. There was no privacy. Literally. I mean, the "room" only had three sides, the other side was open to the outside world. There was no barrier between the bathroom that was in the room and the outside either, save a towel that was hung. The bathroom, itself, was also filthy and dirty; the shower that I wanted to use had literal crap swimming around in some water.

The next thing I recall is a bunch of thug-likes wanting to make some trouble. My "family" needed "big bro" to take care of 'em. Which I pretty much did, and prety much woke up after all that. Though, I did get the particular sensation that the older sister from before was looking on in a more-than-approving manner.

How do you get rid of the run command in battle

I don't know about removing the "Escape" option via the database. You can absolutely set the "Escape" term to be an empty string, but the "Escape" option still exists.

There's this function...

class Window_PartyCommand < Window_Command
  def make_command_list
    add_command(Vocab::fight,  :fight)
    add_command(Vocab::escape, :escape, BattleManager.can_escape?)

...that you could use to possibly remove the "Escape" command. Though, at that point, you might be better off without the "Party Command" window at all. Which might be possible...

class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base
  def create_all_windows
end by commenting out the "create_party_command_window" line? Not 100% certain of this, or what it could do to a game!

Content creation (technical)

That one Emiko CONDITION was, literally, the worst CONDITION to figure out. I don't remember reading the part about parenthesis, though. Might have helped things out a bit.

Though, funnily enough, I think that story still works? I have no idea! Like, the only play-tests I've done with her was when the "22 DONE" portion of the CONDITION was true!

That moment when you search for how to do something and find that you've already made a topic and had the question answered for you in the past XD;;;

I've had moments where I know I've done something in the past, but, cannot recall which game it was where I did it! The best part is that I'm sure this happened to me relatively recently, but, what was I even working on? Oracle of Askigaga? This script? What was I looking up, even?

*third worst memory*

*Edit: All I remember is double-checking Okiku and Konae for whatever reference I was looking for.

Wow, my game is on Buzzing Games. Can't believe it. Is there any glitch?

I won't know if the system is glitched, per say, but, the attention might have something to do with a certain trailer being front-paged in the "RMN TV" section.

What are you thinking about right now?

Sometimes, I wonder if it was a smart idea to volunteer my services to redwall10 to re-do the dialog for his latest game, Dragon Cult. What if the game suffers the same fate as his others? What certainty do I have that the project will stick, and that my efforts will not be in vain? Am I just being gullible?

*is a worry-wart to a fault*

What are you thinking about right now?

Apparently, Ratty has not seen Princess Bride.