I am the lead man in Obsorber's Productions. You'll see me working on a variety of projects which generally includes graphic novels, novels and games. I have also written 3 lyrics for songs which were composed from my poetry.

Obsorber's Productions is an organisation founded and lead by yours truly often through the Pseudo Name 'Vercificus' for the means of promoting published works of art and fiction.



obsorber Account, contact the Developer Immediately

Where is the DEV or Developer of this site. The one who actually owns the website, its hosting and most likely the founder of its establishment. I want to talk to him directly about my account details which I want to access then remove from your records and system. But the first thing is first, I need to access the account to close whatever connection there are on the site. You need to get the Developer to contact me directly.(Also whoever keeps editing my comments, I am onto you)

If you don't, I am going to have to make this a legal matter as I can't find any way to contact the person who owns this site and am not aware who is in charge. All I have heard since I have been making personal requests is a group of people just talking and making immature references that have nothing to do with anything. I wanted to speak to the Developer, next thing I know I am flooded with childish people who have nothing to do with my request. There are information protocols every website has to follow and your site is not doing it. All you do when an issue is raised is claim the issue has been resolved without resolving anything and then try and make a conversation about it with people who have nothing to do with it. Who is in charge of this site?

My Account

50 Ms. It's funny because I don't think that has anything to do with the legality of the issue. Do you realise how childish you sound.

My Account

This is getting ridiculous. Get the DEV to do an investigation or I will contact law enforcement on the site. I have sent reasonable emails. I have received no messages from the site or confirmation from the accounts email. Like I said, if the details have been changed, a proper investigation has to be carried out by the person who runs the site. If they refuse to contact me soon, legal action will be taken very soon.

My Account

Still waiting to receive an email to my account for the obsorber account. I have instructed it be sent to my personal email for the account and I have waited for an usually long amount of time that it is now starting to get ridiculous.

obsorber, old account

I actually provided more than enough information and well you can contact my email currently. I have access to it still but need to change the details of it from this site.

obsorber, old account

Ok I browsed and was looking for the right section to post this. I need to access my old account and change its details to my new email before removal. This is because of hacking. I have already contacted an Admin. I need my details so I can remove the account properly after I have changed my email addresses on it. This is important and a legal pressing issue, please contact me as soon as possible.

Alone in the Dark

As a horror developer myself. I decided to give this a try. I will upload a review. Just got to polish it off very soon and will send it. Looked at screenies, had a little play and its good stuff!

Phantom Legacy (Redux)

I remember playing this game way back then. It was a work of art and it truly pushed me to further realise the detail needed in a game to captivate the player to truly enjoy it.

Hey Nightblade, what was the name of one of spells in the game 'Windum' or 'Windem'?

Was truly a brilliant name for a spell, I wanted to know the exact name you called it.


What you can do is make me as jacked as you! Then I will defeat all my foes!

Lol anyway. This game look sweet though. Quality of the environments are a must!

Blade of Acrimony: Wish of the West - Razum Skill