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Fear the Sprongle!
Young Bortholomew staggers dreamily through the land in search of a certain Sprongle



Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003!

An experience most would treasure!


Really like yo style!

Twisted Fairy Tales

Dang, outplayed by time! Will unleash some fish at a later date!

Twisted Fairy Tales

This looks glorious! A dream come true!

The Sword and the Fish

Only the best game ever!!

RMN's (New) Favourite RM Games Of All Time Thread (2016 Edition)

This was incredibly tough to choose:

1. The Sword and the Fish
2. Dhux's Scar
3. Ib
4. Three The Hard Way
5. Star Stealing Prince
6. Mogeko Castle
7. OFF
8. Lost Legacy
9. Wilfred, the Hero
10. Legendary Legend

Others (Very very honourable):
- Story of Innocence
- Space Funeral
- Molasses Meow
- Hero's Realm
- Exit Fate
- The Last Word
- The Witches House
- Mad Father
- Mystery Clyro
- Oneshot
- The list goes on...

Arum, the RM Universe

This is such a cool idea!

Fear the Sprongle! Review

Thanks so much for the good review Kylaila!

It is indeed a very odd game.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed it and found it charming (In a weird way!)
Also so cool that you liked the music!

On the games failings I 100% agree, It really needs some work.
We didn't find out about the contest till quite far into the contest so we were forced to pull many an all-nighter. Still it was loads of fun to make!

Yup, so many loose threads! I think we were over ambitious considering the small amount of time we had. Originally there was supposed to be a system in place where you had a limited amount of time you could be exposed to the suspicious mist for before you became shriveled and old. This time would be automatically replenished upon returning to 'Mimsy' and even extended by using gold.

We also hoped to make the battle system more in depth with skills, items etc, but again time kicked our ass!

On the topic of the ending, its not very fair on the player and I can imagine that you would feel deprived of a proper conclusion. We had to make a premature ending in order to make the deadline even though we had more story to cover.

Many thanks for the feedback it is very much appreciated! And maybe one day we shall finish the game properly.

But first its time for IGMC 2015 Wahahahaharg!

The trading side-quest was meant to reward you with an item that removed the time limit imposed by the suspicious mist (not that we ever implemented that feature haha!)

Valor Emblem

Excellent! Tis what I like to hear!
Good toil old slice!

Valor Emblem

Really looking forward to the emblem!
Hope ye continue!
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