I've been using RPG Maker for 20+ years and am always working on new projects.

I create my own art and music for the games. I hope you enjoy the weird games I create and would love to hear your feedback on my game pages!
The Disrupted Monarchs
Everything is wrong



The Disrupted Monarchs

1.4 Update:

-Fixed an issue where you get a game over later if a certain member died during a boss.

-Fixed more typos.

That first issue was goofy. I can't believe I didn't catch it earlier, but it should be good now. :D

The Disrupted Monarchs

1.3 Update:

This one was a big one because after realizing that the game was too hard for the average player, I went and rebalanced the game completely making it much easier. So if you downloaded my game before and thought it was too hard, I highly recommend trying again with version 1.3. The game is much more fair now, has better healing options and the enemies aren't as relentless. Hopefully after this more people can enjoy this and I won't have to rebalance again lol. I don't think the game is TOO easy now, just more fair. There are still challenging moments throughout the entire game.

I hope you guys enjoy! and you can always use the older 1.2 if you still crave an evil challenge.

The Disrupted Monarchs

1.2 Update:

Highly recommend downloading the new 1.2 as it adds the RUN option to the main part of battle menu, which makes it much easier to find. I also fixed more typos and a weird battle pop up graphic glitch. It's funny how I find all of this stuff AFTER testing forever and releasing haha.

Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded

Hey, I just wanted to leave a little message saying how much I loved this game. I just beat it and had such a great time. The art style and enemies were top notch, colorful and extremely creative. The music fit every location with a somewhat disturbing? vibe. One major thing I took from this experience was how much I loved talking to EVERY npc when in a lot of games that gets tiresome. Not here, though. I laughed hard at so many rooms filled with goofy characters going crazy.

I checked every bookshelf hoping for a joke and was never disappointed. I fought every battle which never drug on, and always had an amusing attack name. No dungeon overstayed it's welcome and had good balance. My only complaint is I wanted more lol. I got hooked around the second chapter and couldn't put it down. I know I sound like I'm being overly nice, but I had a great time. I suck at reviews that's why I'm posting this little thing here. Anyway, I can't wait for your future stuff. Keep up the great work.

*is forever scared of opening trash cans now because of chickens*

The Disrupted Monarchs

Small Update:

Had to make a version 1.1 because I can't spell and I also found a weird SFX glitch which makes the shadow creature have an annoying loud RTP sfx. It's all fixed now, so feel free to update your download to 1.1 any time.

The game is complete and ready to download!


Congrats! Excited to try this out!

Thanks! I hope you like it.

The game is complete and ready to download!

Congrats! And hype!
I hope I'll get around to playing Monarchs soon.

Thanks! Your comments a while back during development gave me confidence that people might actually like this crazy game.

Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded

This has been on my must play list since I loved the old demo ages ago. I'm desperately trying to finish my own game, so the wait of playing this is killing me.

*deletes my game progress just so I can play this*

Over a year

I want the OST on youtube with highly detailed pictures relating to the song. Do it, ok?

Unfamiliar Roads Review

Thank you for the very detailed review. I can pretty much explain that a lot of your issues were due to me having a very short dev time. This was an entry for the IGMC 2018, so I had to make the game in under one month. I'm actually satisfied with what I could do in that short time haha.

I'm very glad you played this and put effort into this review. I always wonder if I'll actually come back to this concept one day with unlimited dev time. I have a lot of ideas to expand this strange game and feel like I could add so much more.
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