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Balancing development, forum contributions, and marketing?

Okay, so this is something I've been thinking a lot about lately, and I think it's different enough from the occasional "how do I market my game?" topic that it warrants its own discussion.

I don't post here much (aside from updates on my own game) but it's not for any reason other than that I don't feel like I have enough time to get fully invested. I look at stat reports and am blown away at the number of post counts, review submissions, etc., that some amazing members of the community are able to submit. RMN is a fantastic resource and support forum for aspiring developers, and I would love to give back by being really active here. But whenever I get particularly inspired to do so, I realize there are so many other things holding me back.

Firstly, a full-time job. That's to be expected though -- it's only the lucky few indie developers who can count on this as anything more than a hobby. But when you add in time spent actually developing and trying to get something playable out there, the hours left in the day are already starting to dwindle. And then once your game actually IS released, you have to market it yourself. Reaching out to press, posting the link on forums, basically finding as big an audience as possible... That's hard work! Having worked in communications myself, I can safely say that part of the process is a full-time job in itself.

Obviously this community (and the handful of other RM-centric forums) is meant for developers. Your widest audience is probably not here. And knowing that, I find myself spending less and less time contributing to this community -- which I'd really like to do! -- and more and more time sending emails, posting on reddit, Googling for blogs and sites that might be interested, etc. After doing that for a while, it's tough to come here and add anything close to an insightful comment/review. And even if I carve out a little time to do so, there's always the guilt that oh yeah, I'm supposed to be working my game, and oh yeah, friends/family/pets/other interests have to fit in there somehow too.

I don't think this is a problem specific to me, so I thought I'd throw it out there... Maybe some of the more active members of RMN could offer some tips?

How do you balance participating in this community (or any community) with actually working on your game? Do you see posting in these forums as a type of marketing for your projects, or are they entirely separate things? If you're actively working to publicize a game, should you just not stress out about developer-focused communities like this one?

Thanks for reading... I really appreciate everyone's thoughts on the matter! And sorry if this post came across as self-pity or something, I'd really just love to know how you folks balance your workload.

Prophecy : The Demon Kingdom

Welcome to the project thread for Prophecy : The Demon Kingdom! Thanks for taking the time to read about my project ;)

I've been unraveling Prophecy's story for years now in my head, and so while this is my first RPG Maker project, the game itself is sound in terms of plot and planning. Any feedback (including criticism) anyone can give is much appreciated; I can only hope everyone enjoys playing the game as much as I enjoy working on it every day. Roughly four hours of gameplay - the complete "Chapter One" - was originally released on December 28, 2008.

:: Plot ::

The story, roughly set in medieval times in the mythical kingdom of Rhylore, opens with a young peasant named Juno Crescent doing what he does best: getting into trouble with his roguish friend Motley. Together they live in a quiet backwater farming town called Stonemill, located in an obscure corner of the realm and separated from the bustling mainland by the great Rhylorean seas.

Stonemill is run by an oppressive tyrant, who has pushed and taxed the peasants of the small village to the point of rebellion. Juno's older brother Jack is the leader of the Black Roses, a small but formidable group of freedom fighters to which most of Stonemill's youth belong. The plot opens just as the tension begins to boil, erupting into a bloody struggle between the Black Roses and Lord Daradrik's corrupt soldiers.

Juno is soon forced to leave his home and venture out into the wild Rhylorean landscape. He and a growing number of companions discover lurking evil as well as ancient beauty in the enchanted world around them. When they stumble across dark secrets and corruption hidden deep within the noble workings of the realm, Juno's journey becomes one of moral questioning and self-discovery, of friendship and fortitude. And what begins as a simple quest transforms into an epic war between heavenly forces, with the very fate of the kingdom at stake.

:: Characters ::

A humble nineteen-year-old peasant from the backwater hamlet of Stonemill, Juno's soft eyes and messy brown hair do little to set him apart from the average farmer. Along with his brother Jack and best friend Motley, he has spent his entire life sweating and straining in the village crop fields under the unforgiving Rhylorean sun. However, once fate and prophecy rip him from his mundane life and hurl him into a timeless adventure, Juno's bold, heroic nature begins to shine through.

Juno's older brother Jack has always offered a shining example of friendship, loyalty, and fortitude for the younger Crescent to look up to. His crimson hair is a genetic tribute to their deceased mother, and his dark eyes burn with the fiery passion of a born warrior. Jack founded the hardy Black Rose resistance to protect his fellow peasants from the crushing taxes and tyranny of Lord Daradrik, and when tension begins to escalate, he bravely takes his place on the front lines defending the innocent.

Along with her brother Motley, Bri lost both her parents at a young age, and was raised as a beloved daughter in the Crescent family. Although holding a meager eighteen years under her belt, she performs nearly all of the matronly duties at the Crescent Homestead. She maintains a faithful and friendly attitude despite the enormous amount of responsibility piled atop her slender shoulders; her soft blond hair, sparkling eyes, and lively smile do a great deal to make life in Stonemill livable.

Bri's brother and Juno's mischievous best friend, Motley provides the oppressed population of Stonemill with a bit of much-needed lightheartedness. His spiky green hair and broad smile contrast greatly with the majority of his fellow villagers, and he stubbornly remains a source of jokes and playful banter throughout the most dire of situations. Unknown to Juno and Bri, Motley is a respected member of the Black Rose resistance, and opposes Lord Daradrik's tyranny with all his heart.

Klotho is a friendly minstrel from the Rhylorean mainland who seems to harbor more wisdom than he regularly lets on. Known simply as "Bard" in many places throughout the realm, he maintains an eloquent dialect and a mysterious aura that suggests an almost ethereal nature, and his one pale blue eye appears to gaze beyond the boundaries of normal sight. Despite all his enigmatic quirks, however, the Bard remains a fountain of companionable support and pleasantry.

:: Screenshots ::

An engaging storyline features dark fantasy and lore.

Colorful and mystical settings provide a visually appealing backdrop for the plot.

Several subplots and side-quests offer depth to NPCs and party members.

A sideview battle system implements tons of powerful skills.

:: Download ::

Released on June 20, 2009, this final version of "Chapter One" contains over four hours of solid gameplay, in addition to a 30-minute teaser demo of the upcoming second chapter :

(RTP data is NOT included)

:: Features ::

- Over four hours of immersive gameplay in Chapter One, including action-packed battles, gripping cutscenes, realistic character development, and engaging side-quests.
- Two interwoven battle systems that offer both fast-paced thrills and thoughtful strategizing.
- Several customized event systems (such as the original "Mixology" feature) that allow for various in-game activities.
- Tons of scripts from the good people in the VX community such as Kylock's Light Effects, KGC's Overdrive and Skill Slots, modern algebra's Quest Journal, DerVVulfman's Battlebacks, woratana's Multiple Fogs, and many, many more.
- Alternate cutscenes and dialogue based on players' choices.
- An entire high-quality soundtrack (though not custom) from esteemed composer MaestroRage.

:: Credits ::

All credits are contained within the game itself (in traditional fashion), as well as in a plain text file in the download folder. PM me if you find any sort of crediting problem and I will happily resolve it for you. Believe me, the last thing I want if for anyone's hard work to go uncredited!

:: Support ::

Show your support for this project by displaying my userbar in your signature! Any help spreading the word around, or taking the time to join the official Prophecy forums, is appreciated :D


Please let me know what you think!! I hope you enjoy the game!!
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