Source of this MIDI? [Battle BGM used in Hanzo Kimura Project]

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You are free to use it when used in your own work etc.
It is appreciated if you can express such as the name of this site in the work.

I took a look myself, and this sounds like he meant it's good for any kind of work as long as you give credit.

Source of this MIDI? [Battle BGM used in Hanzo Kimura Project]

Thanks for the help, everyone. Good thing I asked about this.

In my opinion, it's fine to compose original music that is inspired by other composers' works as long as you don't plagiarize them.

Yeah, I'm of the same mindset. Some of my favourite video game BGM's were very inspired by already existing works.

Source of this MIDI? [Battle BGM used in Hanzo Kimura Project]

Source of this MIDI? [Battle BGM used in Hanzo Kimura Project]

BGM - Battle - Default01

Years ago, I heard this BGM/MIDI in a Hanzo Kimura project trailer. I liked the music and somehow came across the MIDI for it around the time I'd heard it in the trailer. But I actually can't even find the trailer now. I think his channel no longer exists.

I recently emailed Hanzo and he said the MIDI was originally from a website that had a bunch of free resources for RPG type projects. He said he couldn't find the site when I asked him for the source, and given that he was called out for plagiarizing/stealing art assets, I wanted to double check this is actually the case that it's a free resource. Given it's a MIDI I do believe that it is a free resource, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm having someone create a soundtrack for my project and we bounced the idea around of having one of the songs in the game be a recreation/remix of an existing song made for RPG Maker (editor or resource.) I really like this composition, it's fantastic for a MIDI.


Node looks like that kid from SMTIV Apocalypse
Congratulations, you are literally the first person to notice that. Your observation is spot on, this was somewhat intentional on my part.

Sin Tax - Battle Game Play [June 20th 2018]

This is pretty cool. I really like the battle cuts and how it transitions into the battles. One point though - when the big guy hits close to the centre and then missed the attack, it's a bit obnoxious to have to essentially play a timer minigame only to have your attack miss. Maybe you should make it a sure hit instead? Just a thought, since the player already has to do more than menu choices in order to attack.

But yeah, otherwise it looks neato~

Good suggestion/point, I'll implement a 100% hit rate for the user of a timed attack. This way, enemies can still evade, but the player will never miss as long as they time it.


I had the same issue but I was able to load the previous version I had downloaded a while back. If I had to give an overall score to the little bit I've seen now, I would sayyyyyyyyyy
6. I'll explain as best I can.

The cinematics are top notch. I've actually never seen anything like it and it's exactly the kind of stuff I've always to play around with. You did a really good job on that. A few times it seemed off, like the way a picture moved or transitioned to the next one, but I couldn't give specific examples. Overall, it was great. I find myself wondering how exactly you did it and if those capabilities are in VX Ace. Is it just built in picture commands? There was that scene where he walks out on the balcony, I know that's not default picture commands heh If you don't mind, would you explain it all to me? Just basics. Here or PM. Would appreciate it.

One thing I do remember is the way you have characters move and be highlighted during talking scenes. In particular when the 2 main characters are talking in their apartment. It seems awkward the way her graphic ends up hiding behind his when he talks. They are right next to each other and there is only 2 of them. It seems unnecessary to do that in the first place, but maybe put more distance between them so she doesn't become so obscured. That idea worked well in the doctor scene, but here...ehhh...

The graphics are ok. I don't love the art style(the hand drawn stuff), but it's fresh and custom so kudos on that. The tiles and sprites, not my favorite. But I'm stuck in the past on that old NES/SNES style so I won't say much else. It's personal preference. One thing that that bothers me is the scale of everything. The hero sprites are tiny. That kitten he was rescuing was twice his size. In the apartment they could put some blankets and pillows down and have plenty of room to sleep on the TV, once tilted down from the viewing position. Why are they so small?

The Windows style menu stuff is great. Is that all show pictures? It seemed so smooth. That hustler poster haha Hilarious. Those kinds of things made me enjoy the game so far, but I'm afraid there isn't much else.

Granted, I only played a VERY short time, but there were plenty of things that I disliked.

The writing is kind of...clunky and blunt. Some of these people say weird things and they all seem to have the same personality. Smart alec-y and upbeat. The cat is a fat piece of shit thing fell flat for me. The only specific example of the writing I can think of is when he has the accident. The whole scene dialogue was a little too much caps and punctuation to be taken seriously, but when the guy first realizes that someone was in there he tells his friend to 'take a look for yourself'. The other guy doesn't say anything after that, instead that same guy says 'what are you standing around for, get help'. He told the guy to stand there and look first, not get help, now he's yelling at him to hurry up and get help. Stuff like that makes it hard for me to believe these are real people saying real things, so I take the game less serious and even if it's meant to be lighthearted and jokey, I dunno it just fails to resonate with me on that level either. So it ends up being that I don't like the dialogue from any angle.

The pace of the storytelling seems a bit odd, too. I don't know if I can really explain that. It jumped from the accident scene, to him waking up and explaining his history, to life with his gf, a little too quick? Maybe. Without enough finesse? I don't know why but I'm not getting sucked into the story. It's just random things happening.

When the character talks about serious things, I can't take him seriously, and I'm not really laughing/enjoying the dialogue that seems to want to be clever and funny. That's what I mean when I say it's blunt. It gets the story across and moves things along, but it's not elegant or emotion-evoking. IMO. I don't have any advice on improving it, as I'm not a great writer myself. I guess..try and make it more believable? Even if the goal is to be funny? Whatever that means hah

Also, some of these names and words you're coming up with are atrocious haha RNjesus? Am I pronouncing that right? RNG plus higher power, I assume? That's quite a stretch. The BIOSpital was good haha but Dr...I don't even know, is such a silly name. The main character is Lady something, I simply dislike some of your choices(but they are yours to make). Some of the computer related words and puns are too labored.

I got up to the battle tutorial. It's a lot of information to dump on the player at once. Most of it is common RPG stuff, but it's a bit of an overload. I would always suggest the kind of tutorial that is interactive and slowly introduces the player to the mechanics by doing. Not all reading up front, then you're on your own. Hopefully this isn't the only time it's mentioned. Some kind of reference to it would be helpful, something in the apartment maybe. You could trim it down to the immediate basics, like rows, without spending so much time on the costs involved with changing rows. Leave out the elemental stuff, since of it actually applies yet. When it finally is part of the game, then give an explanation on it. Like the player learns an ability that inflicts status effect, that would be the time to explain that. But that's not too important either way.

The battles themselves, standard stuff I suppose. Which is a downer for me. The camera work is interesting. Is that a MV feature? Or some script? On the world map some objects jitter a bit as the camera slowly moves around. And in battle at one point it went to zoom in, and got stuck zoomed in. It wouldn't zoom back out even after several turns. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature. Are the battle sprites goofy on purpose? They have googly eyes and seem to be joke sprites, no offense.

The mapping was ok, but a little bland in most places. The apartment looked good though. The tiles are huuuuuge and the tiny little characters look silly wandering around in them.

I stopped after that battle tutorial. I could see myself trying the new download, and going a little further, and I have to admit that the only reason is the cinematics. If they weren't there, I probably would have quit before getting this far. I'm more...picky about the games I play mostly because I've been around for like 10 years. My interest in games in general is down, but when it comes to amateur games I need something really high quality to keep my interest. Which your game has in the cinematics(without them I might give the game a 3 or 4), plus I'm enjoying the computer themed stuff, overall haha It's hit and miss, but it's a refreshing setting. Not the typical crystal, dragons and demons stuff most games have.

Thanks for your response/constructive critique. Much appreciated!

I did PM you about your questions regarding the cut-scene stuff but I'll briefly explain here: MV has a function for moving pictures, and I'm using a plugin that allows for picture motion effects (such as easing). The cut-scenes that don't look like they were made in RPG Maker were made in Toon Boom Harmony and converted to WEBM. Unless someone has made a script for VX Ace to move pictures from point to point, I would highly advise against trying to do something like this in ACE. It will be a big pain in your ass. MV is much superior in this one respect.

The demo is far from finished, which is why a lot of the hand drawn stuff is either rough looking or lacking shading/etc. Since I'm developing this by myself, I'm putting together quick versions of tile-sets which will later look unified with the game's style when I get to the polishing stage. The tile-set for the home apartment is more like what in game tile-sets will look like when polished. Some sprites haven't actually been 'made' yet, Node's cat is currently a tone shifted cat from the default MV character set. On a sort of related note: you pointed out sprites jittering on the map as the camera moves. Unfortunately this exact same thing happens with pixel movement scripts in VX ACE (I also believe this happens with 'Smooth Camera' scripts in both engines.)

Your criticism of the writing is something I have to admit is the case myself. I don't really consider myself to be a writer (or a 'good' one at that, at least not yet) so I'm learning this as I go. I do think the writing gets better further in the demo in comparison but this is because I got more into the swing of things. I've even improved with my skills in MV compared to when I first started the project. I'll definitely be giving the earlier cut-scene dialogue more polish. And I'll keep what you've said in mind as I write scenes going forward.

I get what you're saying, I think. The dialogue should sound like real people having a conversation or banter. Whether they are yelling at each-other or laughing it up. This is something that can also be somewhat difficult for me as I'm on the Autism spectrum. While I'm generally comfortable in most social situations my own sense of humour tends to be considered a bit weird or eccentric. From what I understand, what you're getting at here is a sort of fundamental understanding of how people jive. I think you've put that the best way you could. The only real thing I can do is practice that.

The battle sprites don't look like that for real. It only looks that way for the tutorial battle. Once you get into an actual battle the characters, backgrounds and enemies look the way they should. It was a gag specifically for the tutorial. I removed the dialogue about skill types because it actually does come up later and as you said, it didn't need to be said the first time.

As far as the actual battles go, there aren't a lot of skills that appear in the demo yet but after the initial areas the enemies will start to be more aggressive to the player through the enemy A.I. I'm going to make some fun action sequences for non-common special skills and such. Since I'm not a programmer, I'm working with what I can get my hands on. So the battle system for my game won't be unique in that sense, I'm just going to make the experience fun.

The camera staying zoomed in was me forgetting to add the camera resetting commands to the action sequence of whatever skill was used when this happened for you. The action sequences have been an iterative process and I usually forget a thing or two when updating all of them as I refine things and make it more visually interesting.

Could you give me a couple of examples of games or movies or whatever that have writing you really liked? Something you think might further get the idea across to me.


Whenever I try to run this game, I get this error:

Failed to load: img/animations/POP_BEGIN.png

My apologies. Thanks for pointing this out!

Apparently, the editor is excluding files that are actually being used in the project when I tell MV to 'exclude unused files' during export. That file it couldn't find is used in almost every single skill casting animation in the game.

I'm updating the file as I post this, it should work now although it'll be larger in file size.


Schot Eckstein looks like a straight up Simpson's character lol

Cool looking game!

If word gets out I stole the secret formula to the Simpsons character designs they might sue me.

(Thanks brah!)


Lovely idea. I had an idea to make a game taking place inside a computer, but you were supposed to play as pixel.
Characters being humanoids is an interesting take.

Pixels? That's an interesting take on what the characters would be. If you've never seen the animated series Reboot before (I highly recommend it) a lot of the characters were humanoids but they were called "Sprites."

The story world of Sin Tax doesn't actually take place inside of a computer. It's a computer themed world with tech terminology where it fits (i.e money is "cache", "in for a penny, in for a pound" becomes "in for a bit, in for a byte", etc.)
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