Alpha-Terra Conspiracy: Empire of Stars

Yes that is not supposed to happen, I've had it happen 1 time. Yes the game goes much further than that point. that is about the 5-10% mark.

Alpha-Terra Conspiracy: Empire of Stars

So I've been playing the latest version for... not very long honestly, I'm going away for a week, but I would like to say that you've improved the dialouge and a few other things quite a bit! Seeing as this version basically is the bare essentials of the story, it's hard to comment on anything else, especially since I haven't played long enough.
What is the last part you saw in the game? I just want to ensure that you are actually at the end, and not running into some crappy bug that I forgot about.

Big Update

I agree. Working on it as much as possible!


This is a 2d strip-club in my game. I have never actually been to a real strip-club though.

Futuristic Tiles

Free Rpgmaker 2003 stuff

Yeah, but those are ripped, people are looking for stuff made from scratch.
It's hybrid. Some of it is ripped, some of it is original. I made what I had to to make the tileset that I wanted. Resources don't have to be 100% independent from eachother. Sometimes art builds off other art.

Gamemaking For It's Own Sake/Creative Expression

I think making games for the sake of games is awesome. We have the ability to make games that can't exist in the mainstream because were not just trying to appeal to as many people as possible.

There are experimental types of games that haven't been created yet. This site and many others like it is where we have the opportunity to share what we've created.

It's really cool that we don't need a multibillion dollar company to make a game for us. We have a tool that lets us make our own games. Ideally I would like to see open source concepts applied to gaming. Some group projects would be awesome!


I like the story, the map's interesting.

I'm glad, the story is mostly what I'm focusing on at this point.


I wanted to make the aliens actually live in an alien way. This chipset was an amalgamation of a bunch of other chipsets.


Man this battleship is sexy.
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