I am into just about every genre of game really. My brother and I grew up dabbling in RM2k3 on occasion to the point where hearing the RTP soundtrack brings a wave of nostalgia, so I'm most familiar with that engine as far as RPGMaker goes.

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Legend of Alkior: The Impending Storm
Tension between two kingdoms rises as the seal on the renegade archmage, Xargath, inevitably fades and must be promptly restored.
Legend of Alkior: The Im...
Tension between two kingdoms rises as the seal on the renegade archmage, Xargath, inevitably fades and must be promptly restored.



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I would like that the skills that i set as tactics not appear in the submenu of skills in battle. Is that possible?

Yeah, there is actually a real simple solution for that: change the skill subset of the skill on the skill's skill page to Tactics. ;)

[RM2K3] Easy way to show small dialogue boxes in DBS?

Thanks guys, I will be bookmarking this page for future reference.

@NegativeMan, rofl

[RM2K3] Easy way to show small dialogue boxes in DBS?

It's been a very long time since I used 2k3, but could you make a skill using your message as the name, and then force an enemy to use that skill via event?

Yeah, that could work I think for what I want to do, signal enemy attack patterns and such. Bugmenot's idea is cool, but I got a pointer error or something because of it and if I use that hack then I would need a way to alter the message box's size during runtime because I sometimes use the full dialogue box.

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EDIT: I tested the latest update to RPS[+] and it didn't actually seem to solve the absorption issue.
Let me guess: regular attack with a weapon, the attribute in question is of type physical/weapon? I missed that one. (if it's not this, don't bother downloading version something something B)
download RPS[+]

Both skills and regular attacks still seem to have this absorption issue even with this most recent update.

[RM2K3] Easy way to show small dialogue boxes in DBS?

I would just like to know if anyone else experienced with RM2k3 knows of a way to show smaller dialogue/message windows during battle that aren't the bigger 4-lined message boxes (the same kind that the default start-of-battle message can appear in) without having to show pictures or something way more complicated than it's probably worth for my game.

I want to know if I am possibly missing an option in RM2k3 that should be obvious or something like that that I just never realized.


Help with Shared Experience RPG maker 2003

I just recently added this to my own game.

Track the XP of everyone in your party before and after battle. Calculate the differences once the battle ends. At least one person will have a nonzero difference. Add that amount to all those who are dead and currently in the party, and add that amount to everyone who is not currently in the party but curretnly "available" to join the party (i.e. they are in your traveling group or w/e as far as plot goes but were not selected for battle).

You can use a variable to track at what point the player is in the storyline and who is appropriate to add the extra XP to.

As for the implementation, add a monster group event to every monster group with the trigger "Turns Elapsed = 0". Call a common event here to set variables for the start-of-battle-XP and to turn on a switch S to run a "Post_Battle_Events" common event. Post_Battle_events should be set to AutoStart with switch S as it's trigger. In this common event, track your end of battle XP and add extra XP accordingly.

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Bulma, it sounds like your issue is less related to damage calculation and more related to your sleep spell being overpowered. Maybe limit the number of party members that can be put to sleep at once?

Oh, and I edited my last post.

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Though the word "Immune" will pop up if the (normally absorbed) damage is calculated as being zero (due to too high of a DEF value).

This is fine because a target that can absorb something is still Immune but to an extreme degree.

And the DamageCapper QuickPatch does not work with absorbtion being 0. If you don't remove that QuickPatch, it will do the minimum damage instead of healing 0 HP.

I was actually using -9999 for DmgCapper(min), so that shouldn't be an issue.

I am using -9999 for the DmgCapper(min) and 1 for the %12 Damage attribute minimum.

EDIT: I tested the latest update to RPS+ and it didn't actually seem to solve the absorption issue.

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Yeah, I think this works better than before, but there is one scenario that I think has been overlooked: a target with high defenses receives an attack from a damage type that it would normally absorb/heal from (take negative damage from). Because of the defender's high defense, the damage gets calculated to zero, but then the %12 Damage Cap would overwrite that for 1 (or whatever value was chosen), and then the target takes 1 point of damage when the target should only ever heal from this type of attack.

However, in most other cases, the zero damage should be overwritten by the minimum amount.

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This may been the problem. I was using it to make monsters deal a minimum of 1 damage. They had no weapons, so skills don't work.

Light skill was holy and %12.
"Attack" skill was blunt and %3, %4, %5, %12.

I'm using an enemy skill with %1, %5, and %12. It still does 1 damage even if the power isn't high enough BUT it does get completely blocked by full immunity to its element and it will be absorbed as well if the target's resistance is high enough. However, there is a weird interface issue where instead of healing a positive amount, sometimes (seemingly at random) you will take negative damage, which is effectively a heal but it looks like damage because it's in the damage font color with a negative sign.

The part that I crossed out was tested with a skill that would normally do >0 amount of damage. If the skill would have done 0 damage, with the %12 attribute, it would deal 1 damage on a target that would usually absorb the attack, instead of healing 0. However, this same kind of skill will successfully read "Immune" if the target is exactly immune to the skill element type.