I am into just about every genre of game really. My brother and I grew up dabbling in RM2k3 on occasion to the point where hearing the RTP soundtrack brings a wave of nostalgia, so I'm most familiar with that engine as far as RPGMaker goes.

Check out my game I'm working on!

Legend of Alkior: The Impending Storm
Tension between two kingdoms rises as the seal on the renegade archmage, Xargath, inevitably fades and must be promptly restored.
Legend of Alkior: The Im...
Tension between two kingdoms rises as the seal on the renegade archmage, Xargath, inevitably fades and must be promptly restored.



[Paid/Unpaid] Game Writing Jobs; [Free] Game Writing Course

How much longer will that free game writing course be available? I might want to check it out myself.

Will write for a game!

Hey, I was thinking of finding help with the dialogue in my game actually to help free up time for other aspects of my game (e.g. mapping, enemy design, puzzle design), but I am also hesitant about how some things may not end up in my voice, or meet my "vision" (but maybe that's just pride, etc. :/).

I'll drop a link to my gamepage here of which I actually just updated the profile description (oo what a coincidence! :D). If you like what you see, then I will have to share an updated plot/story/character outline with you (but I will actually need to make the updates first and I will be busy early this week) and then perhaps we can go from there.



Oh, and I didn't want to forget to thank you for your offer to begin with! :)

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

wile waiting for bugmenot return (easter is coming up, so who knows :P ) here's some other suggestion for PSP+

%#(whatever number is avaliable lol)
- skills only -
skill with this attribute is affected by the lowered hit% of status such as "blind".

that could be useful to those kind of skills that still rely on phisical attack (ex: swordskills) - i know i already pointed this one out but i figured i'll put it here again for better visibility lol

%#(whatever number is avaliable lol)
- skills only - u
skill with this attribute can be cast even if a status locks it (ex: silence status)

i think that's pretty much what shoobinator was asking for :)

%#(whatever number is avaliable lol)
- skills only -
skill with this attribute has a % chance of adding a status to the target

we all know that you can add to a weapon a certain % chance of adding a status, while skills do have a customized hit %, but if you want to have skills that damage the enemy and cause status, for example - you cannot have, say, 100 skill hit% and 25% causing status; this could be a good fix i believe.

You can already do the one thing here involving Blind by using his SkillAccuracyFix quick patch. I have already got this to work. And while new ideas are nice, I am actually deep in the middle of a project right now where I need a replica of a standard attack for enemies created as a skill so that damage attributes can be applied accurately. Otherwise there will be some inconsistencies with the battle system.

Although I have now realized a condition that forces a target to attack (one of the regular options for RM2k3 conditions) may be one more issue, along with silence, to make the perfect standard attack skill replica. This is because it forces the Attack command to be used (actually will need to double check this) so a skill that mimics a regular attack would not be used.

Perhaps there is a way to scrap this and just straight up add attribute types to all enemy standard attacks, maybe via a quick patch that references damage attributes by index value or something.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Here's one with a better "Miss!" detection:

download RPS[+]

"Miss!" won't be displayed if a Skill does not try to change any parameters of its target. "Miss!" will be displayed if a change of Conditions or Attribute resistances was tried and failed.

Only Skill's success rate will be considered if Skill_ID >= 2

Or use a Skill_ID range in which evasion calculation is allowed:
If the desired Skill_IDs are higher than %127 (there just wasn't enough room to fit 32bit values into the earlier versions... something about wasting space)

Would it be possible to add ONE more thing to the RPS+ patch? I need an attribute tag (or some other way) that allows skills to ignore all Silence effects (i.e. skill is unallowed if ATK or INT influence is high enough). This was the one thing that I did not consider when trying to make an enemy skill that worked like a "true regular attack" (you had helped me fix damage multipliers for rows and evasion issues already). It would not make sense for standard enemy attacks to be silenced.

Alternatively, could a solution work for this silence issue by using a method similar to the SkillAccuracyFix quick patch?

Thank you once again for all the help!


Very nice use of copy-pasta! :D

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Fixed a bug with self-destructing enemies when using the RPS[+] patch:
download RPS[+]

it has that cool feature to write your own damage formula.

I planned to do just that, but that RPS-thingie is slowly turning into a patchwork / mess.

I'd like to know if there's ever gonna be a proper callback, before adding something that imitates it.
From my experience, people tend to not like pure numbers / won't be improving onto those kind of plugins.

What kind of bug did this update fix exactly? I want to try to reproduce the bug before and after installing this newer version of RPS+. Thanks!

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

What is different about the different difficulty levels? For example, would easy mode have less enemies and obstacles, or is it simply a change in how much damage taken/received?

Robot Masters

Level "Gimmicks" should be called Level Mechanics or Level Themes.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

I would like that the skills that i set as tactics not appear in the submenu of skills in battle. Is that possible?
Yeah, there is actually a real simple solution for that: change the skill subset of the skill on the skill's skill page to Tactics. ;)
I do that, but if i chose skill command appears the skills of the tactics command too.

Thx for answer!

Make sure in the "Battle Layout" tab of the database that you set "Tactics" to the archetype "Skill Subset". If the archetype is "Skill", it will show all skills that character knows.