Yeah you can do some voices if you want. I'm planning to give the most bosses in the game voices. So any help is welcome.

How the progress btw?

Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

Man you really need to balance your game better. The first boss is too hard and the worst thing is that you cannnot train for it nor you can find or buy items. There should be always ways to train or to return to buy new items. And even then the boss is too hard for a first boss.

Also some of the lower skills do as much damage as a skill that costs twice as many stanima.

Even though the rest of your game looks interesting, your current balance don't want me to play further. I really suggest you take a note on this.

Btw why are there save points if you can save everywhere :P ?


Oh I have another small complaint, I know this a RPG maker 2003 standard issue, but you seem to have the skill working with the system, you think you can try to make the in-battle not so retardingly happy? It just makes the mood of the battle feel awkward or replace them with different sprites.

Thank you for the post. If you like the story already, wait until you get further in the game it's get more interesting later on. I would love to hear your experiences too in your playtrough.

About the tips you gave to me, I'm going to look if those can realized

I would love to have my game on the consoles of course I'm always dreaming of that. However the chances that might happen are pretty slim I guess.

Btw are u playing version 2.1?

Anyway. keep us updated! And everyone else -> best wishes!.

Tears of Reality complete demo

I don't think the author is active here anymore.

Well then I'm going to look if the game posted somewhere else.

Final Tear 1

OK I'm very close to finishing this game and here are my thoughts and suggestions next time you polish this game. I understand you want people to join your forum for this, but I'm kinda avoiding registering for forums because of security reasons, but anyway:

Grammar and misspellings in this game is OVER 9000! In a more serious note, this really needs cleaning up more than anything. I understand you are from the Netherlands, and I'm guessing you translated this game perhaps?

Game play is roughly good, sometimes it get's extremely hard without proper training, which I think is actually good for a RPG.

Now here's one point I really stress you change concerning story and plot:
I felt the whole story was one big joke after another, it felt more like a parody of a RPG because your characters state the obvious and say off the wall things which in the end I could not take this story seriously anymore and I wondered why I still pressed on playing this game. Whether this was your intention or not, I'm really afraid to play your Final Tear 3 when I get the chance.

Believe me I'm really getting tired of that RPG maker cliche every time I find a game and it turns itself into a parody and I really don't want to play another one if a story can't take itself seriously. Humor is fine here and there, but not completely off the wall which makes the overall story completely bad.

I really believe this particular story can be good if you cleaned it up and especially the majority of the script that contain misspellings and grammar errors and maybe bit of plot re-writing(I have no suggestions for that since this is your story).

Really overall I believe this game to be below average, I'm sorry, but I have to be realistic to what I saw in this game.

That's ok, remember that the game is made 10 years ago. ;) With little to no expierence, therefore cannot be compared to part 3 ;)

Final Tear 1

Somewhere in January 2011 a patch will come out that solves some small bugs. I will post more information when the time is there.


Another question in version 2.0 is there running in the towns ?
i remember you mentioned something about being able to run in towns at least and walk in dungeons in patch 1.10 but you skipped the patch and made a more improved version 2.0
or will that be in patch 2.1 if there is any more problems left in the game .

No that wont' happen in 2.0 or 2.1. The system creates a lot of bugs so it needs a lot more time to do so. Be patience it will come eventually.

Patch 2.1 is out.

Because orb magic is still dominating I made a new patch and fixed some small things as well. In this patch Alyssa, Selene and Lance get a great boost in their attack power and weapons. This is mainly a balance patch so that it is more attractive to use other skills in the game in conjunction with orb magic.

Patch 2.1

• Removed the black dude from palmer inn
• Removed some graphics errors
• The bug that you cannot leave the throne room during the exendian enterprise is solved.
• Nerfed orb magic late game slightly (with the exception of tier 1 and 2 and 9 and 10 magic)
• Reduced MP of most spells to compensate.
• MP cost of focus increased from 18 â€"> 20 MP
• MP cost of force reduced from 8 â€"> 7 MP
• MP cost of concentrate increased from 72 â€"> 88 MP
• Attack of Selene and Alyssa buffed very much, attack of lance buffed a bit. (this counts for the whole game)
• Buffed all of Selene's and Alyssa weapons on attack damage
• Gave Dies some extra furniture
• Fixed some conversations

w Review

This review seems planted. I've gone at least a few hours into this game and have no praise under my belt. (Oh, no.Except for the main town's theme. Interesting tune)

I'd review now if it were ethical to do so without completing it.
At the same time, I can't believe anybody would play this to completion the way it is.

Maybe it's 90 hours because of the high amount of grinding, halved walkspeed, and needlessly large maps.

As you could have seen in the review the game starts slow, this is all intentional. The big things happen some further in the game.


A new install pack has been uploaded. Which is version 2.0 if you download this version you have the newest version.


i tried that thing i mentioned above but it still wont work now im on v1.0, and it says that '' FinalTear3/ Map.1467.Imu: Unknown Version ''

ok going to check that out now.


I think that the installer only overwrites the files that it has included, since the normal 1.9 contains more files than 1.0, those are not overwritten and therefore those files conflict with 1.9b as you could see in the error message.

It works fine with me if I delete the final tear 3 folder, try to install them both in a different dirrectiory or copy the save games delete the whole folder and install it again in a empty folder that should fix your problem.

Maybe I make a new installer after this version called version 2.0 not sure about that though. It's a whirl now which version work on which and which not which makes it hard for me but also hard for the player as well.