Yo I just want to let you guys know that patch 1.9 will be released this weekend. And 1 other great change has been implemented. Now there is a change when you attack that you do a critical hit! This doubles the dealt damage on the monster. 8-)


This is going to change in 1.9

Patch 1.9 (works on 1.0, 1.8/b and hard bosses patch)

• Character orb selection menu speed doubled.
• Orb menu spell appearance doubled
• Doubled cursor speed in the orb menu
• Add the aura dismiss command at some bosses.
• The last boss crystals appear faster now.
• Changed the animation of aura dismiss.
• Orb menu can now be exited by pressing the escape button.
• The orb change menu can now be exited by pressing the escape button.
• Added enemy damage animation with eruption.
• Added more animation with inferno.
• Grizzly wing has now more animation.
• Removed the bug that fire does no extra damage on the yeti boss.

There is a boss near the end of Exendia that is a bit too hard, you need to train too much to defeat him and that makes the rest of the game too easy. So that's why that boss is nerfed a bit.

• Reduced the speed of the sentinels
• Reduced the magic power of the sentinels
• Reduced health points of the sentinels with 75,000
• Reduced the speed of the main boss
• Reduced magic and attack power of the main boss
• Removed the bug that orb magic is no credited correctly at the temples and removed all orb magic bugs there.
• Slightly decreased orb exp pay-out in the mid section of the levels.
• Removed the bug that Lance get's invisible after the warrior league
• Reduced the encounters in illusion forest.
• Reduces slightly the exp pay-out of the bosses in the last castle.
• Orb magic less steep mid game more steep late game in terms of exp you get.
• Fixed a bug that sometimes after you beat the game your orb magic does only 25% damage
• Beginner is no selectable anymore after the sky castle.
• Removed the bug that when you leave the Ice glacier that you can teleport on it on the worldmap


Why not just increase the running speed in areas with no monster encounters like towns, castles, etc?

That's really where a faster moving speed is needed anyway.

And it actually makes sense that in dangerous monster-infested areas, the party would move slower and more cautiously, while when in safe areas the party would move much quicker and less cautiously.

Good point, maybe I add in a choice whether you want to walk or run in towns. But you can't in dungeon or on the worldmap.


Well I'm happy to inform you, guys that some of the problems posted here are resolved in 1.9, in 1.9 the menu's are a lot faster, this includes the character spinning wheel and the orb equip menu and the orb level menu. Also you can exit these menus with the esc button now.

The running speed stays the same for now, I don't think its a good idea to change that unless people want to have a double encounter rate, and I cannot change that either because then I need to change the EXP wp/sp and all the other stuff and that is not going to happen.

The text speed was already sped in 1.8. I dunno if you playing that version but the texts are a lot faster there.

There are a lot more changes but those come a bit later.

Expect a detailed list soon with all changes.

Final Tear 1

Yeah I already heard this from someone else, there is nothing wrong with the installer what so ever. I don't know why that virus scanner reports that, but you can just ignore the warning.
I guess the term "you get what you pay for" (for this particular antivirus, that means nothing) applies here, too!

Lol, a lot of people, and I increase the context on "a lot". Are not even paying for their antivirus at all.


Is patch 1.9 being released anytime next week ?
thanks for reading

Nope..... I'm implementing some of the changes that are requested here as well as some bugs. I decided to wait a bit before releasing 1.9. There are no severe bugs or balance issues in the game so 1.9 can wait.


For those of you who don't seem to understand what super_stunner is saying, let me try to make it easier for you (I might fail though, so cut me some slack)
He's saying that he has posted this game on so many different forums and websites that it would be completely inefficient and time wasting to check them all constantly. Instead, he simply asks that you will go to the Final Tear 3 forums so he can look at all the comments/bugs/random posts in one spot and respond to them all instead of wasting his time going to every single forum he posts the game on.

Yep, and its not only looking, remember that I need to give feedback to all those boards as well.



Is there a good reason other than what I suspect that you've got a dropper.gen trojan embedded in your exe file?

Well I asure you there is not virus in it. I heard that a certain virus scanner (forgot its name) reports that there is a virus in it. But this is not true.

But you're not helping us; we're helping you! And no-one's "stuck", they're bored to tears!

Honestly, you're never going to get better as a developer if you keep assuming everything is the player's fault. I watched the entire intro, up to the point where you get control, and I could sum it up in one sentence! You say it took 15 minutes, which is ridiculous for an opening cutscene anyway, but it felt way longer and could have been a really cool scene otherwise! (They were blowing up a planet! Done right that could be epic, but it fell flat instead) You have this really passive way of being defensive and it's really not helping anyone.

You didn't understand my post, if you want my help you need to post it on my forums. I don't have the time to look at all forums or boards where I post this game. Even if I had the time it would be not be a very handy way to work.

My forums are made not for nothing, it is a central place where players can post their experiences bugs and other stuff. I also post the progress there and there is a mod who can answer questions as well. So again it is very simple if you want help post it there.

Because you made such a long post with some good request, I will look what I can do with your request in the new patch! But next time please post it on the final tear 3 forums.

Final Tear 1

Avira AntiVir reports the installer as a malware Trojan (low risk). But, it won't let me run it without deactivating the malware guard.

Is this a false positive? Can you scan the installer yourself, Super_stunner, with a free antivirus such as my Avir AntiVir, and tell me what you think?

EDIT: Just installed and had no problems, re-activated the guard and let Avira do its thing.

Yeah I already heard this from someone else, there is nothing wrong with the installer what so ever. I don't know why that virus scanner reports that, but you can just ignore the warning.