Time Arena
A short RPG game made for a contest.



Shinwa Special: Revenge Review

Also, the demo ends after just the first torture sequence? I was under this odd impression that you could do, like, two or three. Huh.
Yes, you can do some more torture sequences, although I don't know how many because after some torturing I ran in a bug and the game froze.

Dead Host Review

That's why it's a demo. Wow, Can't wait to review one of your shitty games.

If it will get better, I'll change the score, or at least take it out, but as the game is now it isn't, in my opinion, worth a better score.

Time Arena Review

Glad you enjoyed it, I kind of rushed translating this game.
And, uh, it was translated from Italian in English.

Nagademo Review Drive: "Just June Jollies"!

I'll review Dead Host.


Here is my entry:
Time Arena
It's just a translation, but it's finished.

Episode 5 Beta - Next Week

Can I be a tester?

Looking Back: The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

Is Ryuukishi no me II completed?

Surreality: Fabrication Of Time

Well I kind of liked Esoterica, so I'm looking forward to this!

Final Fantasy Discovery

Well, as far as I can see, this looks pretty good. Nice menus and rips.

Slew of Oldies

Could you upload Boticade? With all the screens you've sent, I'm getting quite interested by it.
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