WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dilly dally shilly shally



Megaman X: Past Rising (title pending)

*lights cigar*

listen chump. i'll break it down for ya, since you seem to be new to the whole "game" scene. i love how dr wily's son shows up on a fucking steam train in the future, haha. maaan, you need to base some kind of imagination on your game bro.

the writing is incredibly awful, even it's simple because it's a megaman game. this is so bad, man.

ps: the timeline is off the charts bro, it's really dumb, welp x is fighting robots that came out in the 50's thats cool.

i feel so bad i think i might have to lend you one of my "many" misaos in order for you to touch the limelight once in your pathetic life. heh.


dude, azn and i just got done playing your game and it's FUCKING BONKERS TOWN. i really-really want to do a deep interview with you as soon as possible bro, please.

my aim is: twinfoxtails
if you use irc i am in #G&D on the server. seriously man, we need to do this interview!