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dilly dally shilly shally



Looking Back: Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven

rue is cool. i'm a big fan of his game. i heard he's writing a book or something now. god speed old friend...............

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

don't worry you'll be up there soon enough. infact, you could very well be the king.
so how's your battle system coming? i heard it's one of the things funding will help make. clicking events is a costly process

i am going to commit fraud instead. it's a lot easier than making stuff. hopefully people will support this act.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

don't worry you'll be up there soon enough. infact, you could very well be the king.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

i remember neo showing a screenshot of the battle code once and it was literally 300 pages of events. it was pretty bonkers.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

well, i think neo is still working on his game. like, it's still a work in progress so i would not consider it vaporware. fact is people still enjoyed when he posted content on the gw screenshot threads.

i didn't like badluck much but i always respected his work. he is a good designer. he makes enjoyable stuff. he put the work into it, and is a reliable creator. i don't know much about the dude last i heard he wanted to make a shmup.

people give inoran a lot of shit. i remember brandon abley blasting him once for having like, no game. it was pretty hilarious. i don't blame him though. to be fair when i first saw the trailer he did it was pretty inspiring. i mean, even if the game didn't exist the amount of work invested in the trailer is enough for me.

i think it's weird how stuff becomes vaporware simply because effort is inserted into the formula. vaporware, sure, but guys like that set the standard for a lot of people to base quality off of. myself included.

i'd like to think people are a lot wiser to know whats fake or not (yeah right)

Looking Back: Iron Gaia Series

a lot of people give the guy shit, including myself in rm history, but i have always told people i respected the direction he has attempted to take in his very earlier games, because i remember those actually standing out. problem is, a lot of people base how people act and carry on that bias to their games.

i don't think the plagiarism in his games help his case(this is what i have heard)

honestly, i don't even look at anything he produces through vx/ace??? because there's literally nothing that makes them stand out.

but yeah, i've liked the iron gaia series in concept.

Looking Back: Gens 2

do you have any insight about gens? like, i really enjoy these look back "articles" i guess because they stand out and get 1 to 0 posts, much like any blog/article on the site, but, yeah it would be kind of cool to like, explain your own personal experience with the game

idk dude, it is very robotic like, "x game is about a soldier being a bad heh" instead of like "yeah i remember x game, my impressions, inspirations, etc"

it's cool what you do but, just might be more interesting to read because like, the thing about rm writers is 99% the overview story blarbs are all bad.
<@Raquel_Applegate> yeah dude, like i remember gens was pretty buzzed for absolutely no reason. like the game was just fun. i think the dude was named christo-something and he was this white guy with just, this cave man frow.
<@Raquel_Applegate> idk it was one of the few sci fi games that felt like it was a sci fi experience, like it's kind of hard to do certain things like, it reminded me of king of games or w/e producing these reall y abstract screenshots. it had a great fan following. i got to admit was a p big fan myself. b est use of l saber eva.


ookamikasumi sounds like a real babe.

How to make a main menu.

right shifr click

An Open Letter to Any Gaming Journalist

From what I've picked up from this he just wanted to drop "Hey, download Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis because I think it's good!"

I'm annoyed because there is no celebration at all of genuinely good amateur games from gaming journalists. It's only real embarrassments like “Super Columbine Massacre”, “Marvel Brothel”, “Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden”, and so on, that ever seem to make headlines with you people. They're genuinely bad games that offer absolutely nothing but sensationalism. Yet they are, by far, they are the most “popular” amateur games.

These games are successful in their own right, even if you don't agree. You sound like a little whiner, because your favorite game is not making big splashes. This is probably due to the game being unappealing or badly promoted. Regardless of what you think, they're still superior to whatever you have in your game profile. Like I said, it's easy for you to sit there and attack these games, when you yourself have obviously created garbage.

I don't like Marvel Brothel personally, but, it does do a lot of things most games don't, it's creative in how it's executed. Games like that earn respect and appreciation on some level.

Keep blaming "Journalists" because certain games are popular or well known. Please, feel free to slide back into your toolbox.
When people think of amateur gaming now, they think of those games. And, really, it's thanks to you, gaming journalists.

Pretty sure this is not accurate. I also doubt you have anything to back up this claim. If it is accurate, good for them I guess they earned it. UMADBRO???

I used to defend gaming journalists who have gotten fired

I do not think speaking to customers about games while on the Burger King cashiers station counts.
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