WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
dilly dally shilly shally



let's take a moment to remember the hundreds of fallen backers that were scammed by ghost/rainfall(vaporware) 1 year ago. never forget .

It's not my birthday!!

happy birthday, bro.

want to update gamepage. haven't since wip owned site. help from css nerds appreciated..

i've won misaos btw.(pm me if you want to halp/answer several infant questions)

So how long does it normally take you guys to sprite a rpg maker character?

higher resolution characters take a long time. lower resolution (practical) designs take about an hour.

RTP at such large resolution seems like such a terrible learning curve. but people love them so what can you do.

in the process of major blog image/content purge(lot's of outdated content)

well, the original direction was putting it on an engine "not" in the rm family, but seeing ace and hearing very good things about it, the project might be transferred to that.

like, it really comes down to crucial factors, like the ability to code in 8 directional movement, rotation, and layers.

i'm still debating to release the prototype demo to people on rm2k3 or wait till the ace transfer so people can experience all of the features in the prototype, like fixed battle system, better platforming elements etc.

so, hopefully soon, in the near future. i'm bad with dates, so it's good to just keep following.

Can't wait untill the post Kickstarter era kicks in, there'll be a hell of a lot of NPCs called Dave!

well, that is a good rant, and i agree, but i would like to hear in terms of things you would like to see as perks that are note worthy.

if people do like t-shirts, that is a viable option. as a person would that sway you to contribute? it would be really helpful to understand. do you think it should be a requirement for a developer to be in front of a camera and talk about things or simply show the "goods"?

like, it's pretty obvious from research that it's like the percentage is really less about the game(which really makes me sad) and more about the swag and who you know.

Can't wait untill the post Kickstarter era kicks in, there'll be a hell of a lot of NPCs called Dave!

i would like to actually hear your input on relevant perks to give fans and contributors.

Still wondering how to do those let's plays.

a good lets play will give true insight into what they're playing, instead of making really annoying voices at everything they see. like, it's funny because it will make a good game seem bad, and a bad game seem worse when you hear someone just, who is really bad with voices constantly doing that.

it's like compensating for lack of insight.
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