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Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

I work on the project very casually. everything i made x years ago need to be overhauled for modern visuals. I am more focused on helping create assets/art for other games right now.

Maybe I'll post an update here with the new assets...but why


I finished the demo and I felt like it was very immersive. I think the tone is very good. I like how the game starts off very subtle. Like, the entire world is dead, and thats pretty interesting.

The entire game is very expertly crafted. There are a bunch of really small touches that immerse you into the game. People do notice, and I'm glad you took the time to add all of it.

I think the only criticism I have is I didn't find the secondary character that interesting. If you merged the two and the main hero just bounces his thoughts off the robot it would feel more interesting, just my opinion.

the mechanics and custom systems are all well done.

I'm surprised more people aren't discussing this game. I think you did a great job, man.

Eldritch Law

The last bastion of good RM games. God bless child of light.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

ya, def agree. priority has changed 4 now and focusing on super s.e.x.r.e.t game project with local internet helldump "nightblade" creator of the demon legacy series.

twitter is best place to see updates for rainbow nightmare when i have time for it. (i am adult virgin so i have no time)


Shadows of Adam

dude. its bee n so fkn long since i actually "followed" a project on rmn that i can not find the tab to do so!

the swamp image is bonkers! thank you. i needed that.

A Blurred Line (Remake)

Should really make something that is your own. The cool indoor tile perspective you have going on has lots of personality and promise. Leave ABL as it is.

it's rmn.

dookie has at least made original stuff before this. not sure where the lazy comments are coming from considering this entire website is built off using lifted resources, fangames, or rtp.

fun way to improve my pixel art

that's an interesting perspective, dude. if it helps more power to you, buddy. this would have been shaking the heavens in 04.

RPG 20XX Engine

can you transfer your 2k3 game to this? i remember talk of that being a thing a long time ago.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

no, not at all. like i said in my blog, i'm taking careful consideration to the feedback that people give me in order to alter the game so people get a better experience in the future.

rmn is the perfect tool to get unbiased feedback.

i am being 100% serious.

Rainbow Nightmare: Libra

Demo was intense! I could barely keep my eyes open!

yeah. i've taken steps in the next build to drop a lot of text and give people more to explore. rmn is a good website to establish what errors the game suffers without being biased.