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RPG 20XX Engine

When events are added into this, I'd like to know something. Would it be possible for me to use 20XX to host a manga on, and sell it as a manga reader?

I'm working on creating a manga, and using something like this, I can actually limit a great deal, the time it'd take to pirate it. Can I get permission to do so, or is it not okay and illegal in some way?

Blackmoon Prophecy II

You should one day just create a totally original game that you could sell, and try to open people's eyes to what Final Fantasy uses to be in the RPG genre, but as stated, something original. All original names, characters, sound, music, graphics.

I'd buy it.

Which this is fairly original as it is, but using the name Final Fantasy and some other fairly obvious names, and the like, I just think one day you should work to make one you could sell. You and whoever else worked with you to do this, are really great game creators and I'd support you.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I personally still think there needs to be something to limit the number of fights you get into. Perhaps it stays how it is, but you can obtain an item later on (that you can equip) that limits them or stops them. Like how Mog on FF6 had an item to stop random encounters near the end of the game.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I got a tweak to my idea, then. What if you could choose to recruit 1 shop to go into the airship (if you ever decide to make the airship more than just an airship), then? Say you choose one from Bacchus Garrison, and they go and make the shop in the airship, but eventually they leave the airship to go back to the HQ, to restock?

When in the airship they have limited supplies, and you can only recruit one shop at a time to go with you. This way you'll always have to go back to Bacchus Garrison to get the shop owner back, and/ or to replace him/her with another one. When in the HQ they don't run out of items.

Anyway what do you think of my other idea? The one about the encounter bar?

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Well then I place emphasis on the idea to opt out of random encounters rather than raising steps needed. The bar idea, where you can pay gold right as soon as the bar fills up, and it'll reset the bar, and no fights starting.

It could help balance grinding a bit more, where having people not do it as much, but then having them do it when they run out of gold to spend on opting out. Plus it adds a slight bit more originality to a "Final Fantasy" type of game, even if the idea has been used in a few other games.

Though when and if you do an airship, I do have one other suggestion. Same concept as being able to put shops and furniture in that one place. Being able to place things inside of it. Being able to alter the interior of it. Being able to alter who is in it. Shops, so forth.

It just seems like the moment someone would obtain one in a real life scenario, they would drop out of using that manor/castle/whatever, and start placing shops inside of their airship.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I mean demo update. As in like if there were plans for another, updated, longer demo. I didn't notice I spelled demon instead of demo.

Also I mean monsters. Bosses themselves are okay for starting off, but could use a bit more...tweaking. Such as a little less robotic in how they perform their abilities against you. You basically can plan everything out after a few turns.

Monsters themselves need to be tougher, but you need to limit how many times you can get into a random encounter. It's fairly annoying when you get in one, win, and walk a few steps to get into another one. To balance it out, I suggest making them tougher so it makes up for the time saved via tweaking random encounter speeds.

Also is it okay if I suggest a sort of opt out for random encounters? A sort of encounter bar you can see on the screen that fills up, and once it's filled up, you get into a fight, and if you time it right, you can waste gold to choose not to get into that random fight?

Lastly, my other suggestion is hidden bosses of sorts for each map that has encounters, but very rare to actually run into.

Sort of like a king type based on the enemies you fight. Say you fight a lot of spiders (like in the grotto), you can walk around for a chance to fight a rare monster, mini boss type of creature. Not something that's like these hidden super bosses (I assume you'll have those, too) but something special to make people want to walk around into each map to get into a random encounter. Like a really buff version of the current map's toughest monsters, but bigger in graphics and detail, which when defeated could earn a shit ton of gold or experience.

While you're busy, and you basically already know what you want in, I just want to toss my ideas in.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Any word on if you know when you'll be able to release like a demon update to the previous demo, or a schedule for the full release?

This game might as well be an official Final Fantasy game. Hell I suggest once it's fully created and spread around via downloads, you send the full game to Square and see if they like it.

Also, by linear on here, do you mean people won't be able to go back to places or go around the world, or do you mean just when starting off so that balancing won't be an issue when they finally do get around to traveling?

Secondly, I beat the demo rather quickly. Perhaps an hour of gameplay over all, a bit more?

Monsters were fairly easy once you understood the limits and summons, and I tried my best to collect all of the cards but am lacking only 2 and cannot find them anywhere in the city.

Forever's End

So what's up with the whole "ill" stuff?

Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (XP)

Yeah, I sounded rude. Sorry about that.