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Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Also here's some of the map that I patched together in paint since it's too big to show off one in-tact screenshot.

SORRY for the double post, I'm tired.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I could use someone to help test out my maps for me here in the near future. Anyone up for it?

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Hell one of the bosses I have next, which is the next boss battle later on after the one above, is called Omega-J. A mecha-robot type that has 3 stages. Attack, boost, and overheat.

With attack, it's just as it's said. It's the only time it attacks the players. Boost uses "junction" changes, which is magic that will randomly boost something he uses when in the attack stage, and randomly chooses how much it'll cast it and how much it varies between each junction changing type, but the only constant is it heals while in that stage.

While in the overheated stage, it's over all hp is filled but is lowered drastically. For instance when in the attack stage it's 500,000, when in the junction stage, 1,000,000 (since it can't attack) and when in the overheated stage, it'll have 100,000 hp and damage does NOT carry over, but the damage done to each stays the same when it returns to those states.

In the overheated stage all magic is reflected and they can only do straight up physical attacks and physical attack-based skills. I like this battle the most thus far due to the stages.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Yes, it's an ATB.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

There are ways but it's with a slower build up. And the way that I have it set-up, plot wise, is that after both get revived a few times, the main character speaks about knowing who they are and how their power is derived from a Soul Connect, which connects 2 or more people's souls together so if one is to get hurt they can't die unless all inflicted with it die at the same time.

He goes on to explain that it isn't the only weakness such an ability has, and that as long as they wait it out long enough for the power to fade, they can win. Which is 10 minutes, but once soul connect fades, their stats increase by half. If they kill them off at the same time, it'll take longer.

And thirdly each time you kill one and it revives, it automatically takes 500 damage off of you. This is to "persuade" people into not spamming attack so often.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

How does one of my ideas sound for the game? One of my boss battles has it where there are 2 enemies and if you kill one it instantly comes back to life and vice versa. It's a Soul Connect. Their life is tied into each other's and you have to kill them at the same time, or wait out the timer for it to wear off, but they get much stronger and faster if this happens.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

Not sure how I'm going to exactly do the fusing system.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I am also trying to work out a good limit break-esque system, but I may make it where it doesn't built up in battle, but instead you buy these "items" that if you have enough in your inventory, it allows you to use the special moves. It'd just be easier on my part to do it this way rather than the work involved to make it fill up in battle.

Hell then this way with those people who farm gold, can farm those items and do a lot of their special moves.

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I will work on the size. I'm most likely going to cut some of it out in the finished product. Though the major kingdoms, etc, will most likely be of a "decent size".

One of the kingdoms is fairly huge because they used their technological advancements to cut up a giant portion of land and sent it out to sea, making it almost impossible to find and the only way to get into it is to use these teleportation devices. That may be one reason I will plan to cut some out because of the time it'll take to locate this area.

Anyway I see where most people are getting at though I still plan to have some decent size for a sense of travel.

And I KNOW! We we call it the Glory Hole :p Glory for what they are doing, Hole for the craters XD

Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

This site needs it in my opinion, where if you double post it'll act like a new post regardless, but fuse both posts together, just separating the old and new posts via line like other sites do.

Anyway back to my one point. On a lot of FF games, the world may seem huge at first, but once you have a vehicle, things just become way to easy to find, and way too fast to get from point A to point EVERYWHERE. I want it so the game also focuses on exploration, and I will want the game to eventually focus on expansions of kingdoms. Like you're forced to help a kingdom expand it's territory. But that won't be a huge portion of the game and would play near the realm of a mini-game.

Like with Skyrim, you pick a side, but you'd be forced to pick a side, and then play through a few rounds so to speak every now and again, when taking over places. I'd say the only differences that pop up once doing so, would be stores, etc. They give you different items.