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Upcoming Game (mechanics) Discussion.

I wanted to discuss some mechanics and plot devices I've been working with in an upcoming game I'm doing, called Oblivion.

I am working on a game where there are these craters all over the world, and out of these craters monsters are coming out from them and the idea for this is that you can only get into random battles by walking around these craters, and once you get so far away from them, it's safe to walk around on the world map. Each crater has a different "type" of monster, IE one crater is in the desert so earth types and fire types will be faced.

The fighting while plot focused since you'll have to go around the world in the story, is still sort of like i's own mini-game so as to find your ways to these craters.

Another plot device I'm going with in this is that these craters act as a defensive measure that the planet has, by opening up sealed "mountains" and then the first stage is releasing monsters to kill off the threat, and then the second stage is using magic from "beasts" that inhabit the craters, and send magic in explosions from the craters to the outside.

I want to make it where you'll have to go down into a certain amount of these craters to fight and destroy these beasts until the planet can no longer use the craters as a weapon, then going on to investigate what the threat was that caused the planet to defend itself.

I want to know if the fighting concept for random battles is okay and the general concept for the story.

Also I'm working on a super boss fight where if you go out of your way to kill off ALL of the beasts in the craters you unlock the sealed god beast and I want to also talk about it's fighting mechanics. It has 4 forms it will transform into via both a scheduled pattern and at random times. The fight and water form, which both uses and is weak against fire and water, the thunder and wind form, which both uses and is weak against those two, the ice and thunder, and then the weak version weak against every thing.

Each form has 2 weaknesses up until the end which allow you to just spam attacks until it transforms to one of the 3. Unless you have an elemental weapon when attacking, you can only use magical attacks that correspond with the elements he is weak against.

I want to know if the starting concept sounds decent enough for a battle? Also he has 9,999,999 hp.

The Cell Games

So there's this Facebook game my friends started up called "The Cell Games" in which uses a Hunger Games styled simulator, where you give them your name and they input it into the simulation. They keep doing this until they get 24 members that will be facing off against each other in the Simulation.

What makes it great, however, is the comments in the group upon each round. They interact with each other between each round's results. It's fucking hilarious.

I want you all to join it. Also while it's a game it doesn't really fit into Video Game. Hope you all don't mind that I placed it into here.

[RM2K3] What exactly does "Observe Battle" do in RPG MAKER 2003 for enemies?

Exactly as the topic asks. Also I didn't know exactly where to place this so I decided to ask it in here.

Experimental Game Mechanics

I want to throw out an idea I have (also relating to the context we talked about, I'll set it up as soon as this current one about battles is complete).

I wanted to make or help make a game where there is no levels in the normal sense, but instead you have an item called a Flash Orb that you can upgrade to get stronger. It's not an item you use in battle. What the item does is freezes all enemy NPC in their spot, which activates a body snatch system. It allows you to go to one person and take their body. In turn it kills the one NPC, gives you their body, their abilities, their stats, and when you check your items the next time you body snatch, the previous body's items are also copied and placed in your inventory. It also allows you to fight in battle with who you snatched.

To snatch higher level enemies, you must upgrade the Flash orb enough so it can actually freeze them in place. What do you think?

I also felt a story built around it would be cool, where it starts you out running down some stairs and away from...god knows what? Then when you get to the docks, you now know you're being chased by some guards. It then tells you to use the Flash orb, and when you do it does a tutorial about who you are and what you can do. Then you go to one of the guards, take their body, and fight the other guard.

Then you can go to the Transit dock, and the pods will activate since you're using the Guards. It only works if you're a level 1 through level 10 guard, thus plot wise adding in the system to fit, and allowing you to pick your escape route.

It tells you, the player, that you just robbed the family that owns the area you were at, and later explains it was the Master Key to the entire city, and the starting plot being you wish to copy the key, and send it to as many people as you can since they are all treated poorly. You find out the key opens a special door in the dock you first left from in the game, using a unique transit not even a level 10 officer/guard can use, which allows you to travel under the lake they own, into a unique facility. The facility, come to find out, holds clones of you, and you're the only one with the ability to body snatch.

What do you think of the body snatching ability that being the focus of how you fight in the game?

Nightmare Overdose

Here is some concept art for my comic series in the works, called Nightmare Overdose. His name is Akuma. Well his title, anyway. No one in the series knows his real name right now.

I will upload more concepts for the series as more are created.

If you want to know more about Nightmare Overdose, you can head on over to my Deviant Art and read the public version of it, over at:

Any Artist looking for Work?

Is there any decent artist who can do good in the style of manga (and good with paneling) that would be willing to join me in illustrating a story I created for a sort of one shot manga? While I cannot pay right away, it can and will be sold and you, the artist can earn profit.

The good thing about the above is that SMOSH already agreed to promote it if they feel it has potential, as well as ForneverWorld of Youtube wishes to review and promote it.

So would there be any artist willing to join me?

Smosh agreed since I have another artist working on a story of mine so while he's busy and can't start our job right away, I decided to start back work on an older but fan favorite story of mine.

Game Submission Question

I'd like to know something. It's not made in any RPG MAKER or game maker of any kind so I don't know the answer to this question.

But are the creators of King Arthur's Gold able to upload their game onto RMN, if they wanted to do so?

Possible boss creating contest

Firstly, let me say, this is an idea I'm wanting to bounce back and forth between each and everyone of you all, and secondly, looks do not matter with what I am thinking about.

The idea is to take your time to create a super boss event, one in which anyone can download and play, and it instantly takes you into a fight once you start it. The concept is that we're to create the most in-depth, unique battle where the enemy has a unique, creative, widely varied attack pattern possible (even sometimes if possible, random), coupled with very powerful, end-game characters.

No plot, no dialogue, just fighting. Then when each participant is done, 5 judges chosen by you all will play it and determine who has the best battle.

Graphics will be a bonus if possible but in my eyes shouldn't at all play into how a judge views it.

What do you think?

Battle System Plans

My friend is telling me about this game he's making and so I wish to discuss it with you all.

It's sorta unique, but not. I think it's cool. It's using RPG MAKER, obviously, and it will not have the function to wait, it'll be all action turn based, based on agility, but not just that. He plans to have every character in the game have a default 999 MP, and each action they do other than items, defending (heals, and gives MP), and MP combo hits, uses MP up. IE, you start with 0 during each battle, and have to build your way up to perform better abilities, even attacking uses it up. The only thing they doesn't use MP is the pet you have that is AI controlled, strong, but slow.

Anyway, he wants to have it like Pokemon in terms of view where your back is facing the player, enemy is in the foreground, facing the team and you. Now onto the next part. He wants battle simulation where you can use up the previous MP you've gained to not fight the next battle, but instead it gives you your items, gold, and exp but a lot less. All enemies will be on the screen like Chrono Trigger, and goes after you, and then when touched you go into the battle screen. He plans to have it where you can only simulate battles half way into the game.

Is it sounding okay so far, in concept?

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

I'd like to know something. I know the translated (older) version of RPG Maker 2003 is an illegal version, but is it illegal to actually say sell games with it, that have 100 percent original content?

I don't plan to make a game, I am working on a digital manga with a Japanese artist, and we wanted to work RPG Maker 2003 around to make an .exe manga reader for the manga itself, thus selling them the art itself, that happens to use RPG MAKER as the means to view it on.

Is this at all illegal? The only thing they'd own is the program, not any of the actual resources.