I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.


Geist/Auge Illustration in Production

I just wanted to let you all know of an illustration in the works, a comic if you will, which goes into production starting on April 24th. I wanted to promote the Artist and his skill to let you all know just how well he can draw. How talented he really is.

Geist/Auge is a Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Drama series that takes place in Modern day, nonfictional Germany, in a Fictional region inside of it.

The following images are examples of his Art work and not part of the story. Just being used to give you an idea of his talent in general. Once a release has been made, I will update this post.

Youtube Video I Made

Wanted to share a video I made which uses the audio of Tidus' laughing scene from Final Fantasy X, and the visual of the Kira laughing scene from Death Note.

What do you think?

Need Help Finding a game on RMN

I cannot remember it's name at all, nor does searching for it on here help. If I recall it's 2k3 (perhaps not) and it uses the tile sets if I recall from FF6.

It's in a steampunk world, and the opening starts out with what I recall as airships flying around, where you can see some flying, and some of the shadows on the ground flying above.

It's a fantasy, steam punk game. Does anyone recall the name of it?

2K3 Timer help

So I need some help with the 2K3 Timer set up.
Firstly I need to know if it is possible to have it where the time is on, but only goes up 1 second every time you push a specific button, and lose a second if you push the wrong buttons?

For instance say you have to move forward while dodging objects, and if you push forward you earn 1 second each time you're pushing forward, but it forces you to move backwards, and up and down more often, thus losing time. Then an event where if you have 0 seconds or less (you start with a second so as to not instantly create a game over loop) and thus if you lose all your time it's a game over.

I know how to set the time event where it'll activate the game over, but not where it'll gain or lose seconds with the button push.

Rage Inducers' Random Number Generator

I had a game I was working on for a VERY short time and just realized I had the basics of it done so I decided I'd want to to this again.

I'm working on a random number generator that determines if you win the game. It's a maze with invisible events, where a lot of them will take you back to the title screen (game over) or change the color of the entire map and player, either dark or bright colors based on the invisible events. Anyway the point of this game is to piss you off the longer you play, and at the end of the maze there is a random generator that will generate a lot of long digit numbers, and I want to know how this sounds.

Most numbers will take you back to the title screen and very few will give you an award and push you on to the next map with even harder mazes and event troubles. Each map's award will give a specific name, IE, a password of sorts and then push you forward.

After such it warps you to the same map you're on (a copy) but you have to move down rather than go back the way you came and those events that were there are now placed on the downward maze.

I want to know what you think and if I should make a lot of high digit numbers being generated, making it that much more of an accomplishment if you actually make it through without any restarts? There will be low chances for it, but I figured a game like this would draw those in who wish to try the "No restart challenge".

There will be 3 to 5 maps, 5 being the max, 3 being the minimum, and a load of restart events for each map and a load of restart digits. What do you think? Interesting or not?

Contest Question and Type

I'd like to know if anyone held any contest where all you do is work on a random, example Final Boss scene and battle for RPg Maker and then had people test them out and find out which was the best?

I'd kind of like to do that, I just need to know what people would think of it?

Experience and Leveling Up

I wanted to know if anyone has found any good way in RPG MAKER yet to limit grinding when leveling up yet still using a good leveling system? I've yet to come up with a good way to do this.

A Theater Game Idea

Well not really a game idea, but more of a "watch it play out" type of series.

I wanted to know if it'd be looked down upon to create a sort of 'Theater' game in a sense, that did a weekly release of anime where you control a character, they sit in a seat, and a 30+ minute anime would start. (Plus implementing a pause button.)

I wanted to do this for one reason being that I know many people who don't stream anime because they can't, wish to watch anime but have no means through TV, but can still download RPG MAKER games.

How would most people on here handle a sort of series like that with a weekly release of 1 series until the series ended (and then go onto the next?)

I am in need of an Artist's Help for a (non game related) project

I am needing some help. It might be a big project, or it might just be something small. It really all just depends on how the first part turns out, and how willing the person is to do it/continue to do it.

I am wanting to find an Artist who can do Art as clear and detailed as the following, mixing a still unique style into it:

Afterwards I need an Artist willing to help me create my main character up from my Hellfire story located in the Creative Corner Forums.

I will give out what I'm looking for now, so multiple people can try it out so as to see how it works out.

My guy is about 6 foot tall. Medium dark brown, semi-spiked up hair, stubble of a beard, and average yet kind of muscled jaw line/facial features. Cold, evil filled eyes that look like they are still trying to hold onto some emotions. Body details include more of a Dante styled muscle build from the older Devil May Cry series. He wears an old, ragged up, black Trench coat, black jeans and a thin, breezy, white T-shirt with dirt and blood stains.

Thick, steel toed boots, right arm is a shape shifting Nanobot Arm, left Arm is a shape shifting, power absorbing "Elemental" demonic Arm.

Eye color is Red for the Demonic side, Silver for the Nanobot side. Preferred color style is all black and white other than any blood and gore, and the color of the eyes. You can add or change what you wish, but please TRY to keep it near what I'm asking.

You can have him fighting demons if you wish, since the story is about him doing just that. Read the story if you want more ideas. Thank-you to any and all who decide to do this.

Suggested Feature - Unique IP Counter

The suggested Feature here is mainly for topics, not the site as a whole.

My thought process for this is that you can't really judge a topic by the views, as a lot of the views come from same people returning to view the topic. But you can judge it in a sense, based on how many people VIEW the topic if it counted each person who visited the topic once.

This is where the Unique IP Counter would come in handy. It would count each person's IP once, and thus give you a slightly more accurate count as to how many different people view your topic. Some will be the same with different IP Addresses, but not everyone.

The majority of the people on here would not have their IP changed, thus it would be off a bit, but not by much. This would give you an idea (as would the comments) on how well your topic is fairing.

So it'd show on the side, like normal, the views, the amount of comments and the Unique IP views. It wouldn't help a lot to make a huge difference in either traffic or game designing, but it would give people an idea as to how each topic is doing before visiting the topic.

So, what do you think?