CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

I may need some help.

Each time I copy the basic CSS code above for the background, the code keeps breaking, and telling me, "Oops! Something went wrong, there is a good chance we know about it and are working on it!"

Any solution here? Or does this code only work for available games (ones that aren't deleted?)

Also, a few more questions:
2.Is there any way to change the orange words on the top of the RMN screen where username/mailboxes are? I've seen Efflorescence do it, but I'm not sure how to do so myself.
3. Is there any way to add an image background to the author's posts, rather than simple color? Similar to Homework Salesman's image when the author(s) post.

EDIT: Already found the solution to both problems.
Thanks in advance.

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New to RMN?

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