While I've used RPG Maker for maybe 4 or 5 years now, I've never completed or published any RPGs. Hopefully, I'll be able to soon. If I ever do, feel free to say whatever you want about them. Note that I don't make them namely for a fanbase but more of for my own self-enjoyment, however, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Right now I have absolutely no inspiration for any future projects. I've juggled a few ideas for either new things for my current project (which is borderline hiatus right now) and new ideas but nothing is satisfying me -_-


I thought RMN was dead ToT

Well, last time I was on I remember talk of WIP deciding to end RMN, so I ended up not signing on for a while. Doubt really if anyone remembers me, but I am glad to see that this place is still alive. I wouldn't exactly say I'm coming back, but at least I now know that RMN is still here for when I do make my return into game design (aka, RPG Maker :/)

PS: Not really sure if this is the correct place for this post, but I see others making return posts here, so I apologize if I posted in the wrong place.

RPG2k3 + SAI Paint = Fail

I feel so bummed. I was working on new picture sets of random characters of mine to see if I could use pictures in place of facesets. Unfortunately my colors got warped, so that idea is scrapped :(
If anyone has any tricks to reduce color warping maybe I could get it working, but I'll probably just either save the idea for XP or just use MS Paint (which I hate drawing in...)

Edit: Maybe this should've been in Help and Requests... meh.

Has anyone ever tried IG Maker?

I thought I'd ask this because I always notice this.
Every time I click on the Engines tab, I always see the label for IG Maker and when I look in it, no games are there for it. Are people just against it for some reason? Does it just suck? I wouldn't know because I'm to cheap to pay $90 and too lazy to download a trial. Is there any particular reason why no one uses this engine (besides maybe its price?)

I'm so happy now!

After finally blowing my last nerve with Internet Explorer, I finally said screw it and downloaded Safari (I would've downloaded Firefox, but for some dumb reason, Firefox kills Compaqs.) Now the site doesn't seem broken anymore! I know what I just said was pointless but I just thought I'd share my joy with you all!

Idea for a new Community Project

Once when me and my siblings got RPG Maker 2k, we made plenty of mediocre games, but a couple of them still leave fond impressions. One in particular was a kind of card game my brother made called Battle Card Legends. It really wasn't anything special but it was a nice idea and me and my sister all chipped in on making cards from our own RPG characters. Now looking back on this, I had the though of doing the same thing with the community.

A Community Card Game RPG that uses our very own characters as the cards.

Anyone who would want to submit an idea for cards would be welcome. The idea of the game would be kind of similar to Yugioh or Pokemon (although it doesn't have to be.) I just think this would be a cool idea for a community RPG. Anyone who has any thoughts, complaints, or ideas on the subject is welcome to reply to this topic.
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