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Steal Command

Yeah, wish I would've discovered and done that when I started doing all of these battle events lol. It's terrible to try and fix coding over 200-400 monster groups, that it is. And gonna get even worse as more is added in. x_x;;

As far as I know on my end, I can't think of anything else to toss into the tutorial (aside from Steal Gil) or possibly showing how to do multiple item steals or something. There's only so much one can do with the command due to how 2k3's system handles things (why are there no ways to target your own allies with a command Enterbrain!? Rawr!), but I guess there's people out there that can get creative with it (such as your formula with the Agility stats for instance being the success rate and the randomized chests).

Steal Command

Huh. THAT'S a completely different and unique way to handle it. I was thinking of doing common events myself, but I wouldn't know how to handle that for battles correctly. Especially since I go the old ye route of fixed % per monster and all that. I know that your tutorial wasn't the one that I used to help me long ago though...maybe it was on another site.

Also, if I may add, couldn't you have set the monster's Agility stat in the battle event, and then set up the rest of the formula for the common event, in the event that you ever decided to change it? That's what I decided to do for most of my battle events that uses formulas like that. I do like how the steal is always randomized too essentially. Nice touch~

Pointers in Rpg Maker 2k(3)

So I'm confused to this somewhat. Let me see if I understand this since I'm trying this very exact thing (but I'm using different variables obviously. For mine I'm using 949 for the Step Tmp, 950 for Step Ptr, and 950-955 for Steps 1-6.

Now, if you use the Variable Reference, what I'm understanding is that if say, Variable Reference points to 1, and Variable 1 has a value of 5, it'll instead point to the value of variable 5. And with Value Stored in Index, if the variable used for Value Stored in Index is 5, it'll instead point to the value of Variable 5?

I'm trying to come up with new puzzles and whatnot to use for my game as to spice it up, as there hasn't really been any puzzles as of yet in it. This whole concept has me confused though @_@
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