I'm a webcomic author. One of my webcomic stories is going to be in the form of an RPG maker game.



A.I. Generation and RMN

Speech synthesis isn't AI. It's a whole sound engine populated with phonemes. AI is used to MAKE modern speech syntheses by taking sounds from samples that are everywhere, the same way it takes artwork. I'm making this comment because I used to use the old speech synthesis tools that were present on Macintosh computers in the late 90s.

Although, I don't know how they got the phonemes into those old tools. I don't think different voices recorded them, because they sound too smooth. They might be synthesized from tones in the same way old synthesizers worked.

There's a really old T-shirt that was given to the speech synthesis engineers at Apple that reads "I helped the Mac wreck a nice beach". (You have to say it aloud to understand its second meaning.)

[RMMV] Creating a custom variable and using it

Developers can totally define a global variable on the spot in Ruby/RGSS, which is part of what makes it easy to use. (They don't have to initialize or declare anything like lower-level languages.) Certain objects in RGSS, like the cited $gameActor, take their data from RPGMaker's database, which is why they have to interface through that DataManager. But if a person is just storing a piece of text, array, number, sprite, it can be made on the spot with a global variable.

I can't imagine that Javascript is as low-level as C, where you have to declare everything, but... it should be looked into.

[RMMV] Creating a custom variable and using it

I'm not knowledgeable in how Javascript works, but back when the game was based on Ruby, the script calls were tied to a running of the event's code. As soon as that running was completed, the variables would be forgotten... unless you defined the variables with a dollar sign instead of an @ sign. ($variable vs. @variable) The dollar sign preceding the variable made it global, and persistent in the game's memory.

If you figure out how to make a global variable in Javascript, it should last beyond one code-running. Although, you might have to look into the saving and loading process if you want it to persist in the save file. In the Ruby-based versions, you would have to put a command there for the game to specifically put that variable into the save file, and then also load it when the save file is loaded.

[RM2K3] PS4 Controller not working with RPG Maker 2k3

It seems like you might have to use Joy2Key, something you can download that translates joystick input to computer keystrokes. It works for most games that have keyboard support and no joystick support.

The Master RPG Maker Helpful Things Topic

Hey Avee,

What do you mean? Does the background fill in with that tile?? I have never heard of this feature before. I've been using it as a normal tile, as far as I can remember...

The Master RPG Maker Helpful Things Topic


Hi, I just noticed this. That one single pink tile bleeding into the brown or yellow space. Right in the corner of the brown/yellow tiles. What should be the last lower tileset tile before it becomes the upper tileset. Why is it pink?? Does it have special significance? I'd expect that tile to be part of the lower tileset, not the upper tileset.

The very first tile of the upper tileset tiles (on the next row from that mystery tile) does have special significance: it's a blank tile that the map is filled with when a new map is made.

How much hand-holding is necessary?

I feel that players might be smart and figure out that characters can be recruited if they stumble onto one or two situations where characters can be recruited. When that happens, they might get it, and will actively look for more. An RPG is a type of game that people play in order to do just that.

If you think about how a player's curiosity will interact with the game, you can plan for it, and keep making little things (graphics that look different from usual, or textual hints) or events that will guide players looking for something to activate. Then, they will start to understand just what playing this RPG is about (finding character recruitment situations), and they will do that. 17 characters to find and recruit sounds good, because it gives players who figure this out a lot to look for and do.

Will some people not see that characters can be recruited? Yeah. But, if you've laid out adequate hints which are able to capture players' curiosity, their failure to follow those hints shouldn't be your problem. You need to take care of the people who are actually playing your game at the level that you want them to be playing it. (You can't force people to like something.)

What's an "adequate" hint, now... I think you might want to approach 2 layers of hint. One more subtle, and then, something more obvious that refers to the first hint, to help it get noticed. Players are looking for clues for things to do in RPGs, and will usually be receptive to hints, because they realize that a programmer had to put something there purposefully for them to stumble upon it.

[RM2K3] Where can I buy a non-Steam version of RPGMaker 2003?

The Steam ownership is useful, because it transfers from computer to computer. I'm not sure how accurate that "all of your titles will become unusable" is. I have Windows XP right now, and I can play all of the games that I downloaded through Steam on it. But I assume that this is only certain games that don't have code that specifically integrates into Steam. That's probably what Steam is warning you about.

I can go into my "common" folder in the Steam folder and find my games, and open and play them with Steam not even running (because, it can't any longer). Even on Windows 10, which I also have, certain games aren't hard-integrated into Steam. I'm talking about RPG Maker 2003, Environmental Station Alpha, Princess Remedy 2... even a copy of RPG Maker 2000 that I refunded because it lacks features that I had wanted continues to remain usable (which is kind of unsettling, so I tend to use 2003 or XP or VX Ace instead).

The big warning would be if Steam integrated some kind of deletion into its deprecated operating systems. Would it just outright delete your games? (Then again, it's Steam, so if you got a different computer, you could just download them again, if you kept the save files.)

On the other hand, if you buy outside of Steam, you only get the license to a single computer installation at a time, and when the hard drive goes (as it has with mine, multiple times), you have to reestablish your license with rpgmakerweb. That hasn't been a really big deal, though.

What I'm trying to say with all of these paragraphs, is that certain games, like Overwatch and Fortnite, integrate with Steam, and certain others don't.

Whats everyones favourite aspect of game design?

I seem to love making huge design documents for games that are twists on the mechanics of something commercial that I've just been playing. I've made over 70 of these.

I just made a document about a kind of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen remix that changes the way battles and alignment and a bunch of other things work. Then thinking about how to implement all of that in RPG Maker, coming up with an interesting setting/story, all of the characters' abilities, etc...

I seem to love this the most, because I rarely move on to making the actual games (tedium).

The Featured Game Thread

I feel that the game False Skies should be featured:

My reason for suggesting this, is that the game is complete, but the author never set a "Completed" tag, which might lead people to think that it isn't complete. It's even for sale on Steam and has a bunch of nifty New Game + options.

P.S. The current featured game, The Collector, is featured twice.