I'm a webcomic author. One of my webcomic stories is going to be in the form of an RPG maker game.



Monster design process

I just had a thought: what if a player liked one particular lower-tier monster and wanted to take it to the end of the game? Would it be possible to have a monster become a stronger version of itself? I mean, I know part of what makes monsters monsters is that, individually, they don't have growth. But I thought that that would be an interesting challenge, if monsters could grow stronger by, say, eating the meat of lower-tier monsters.

Since you developed the internal record of what they'd already eaten, you could do some interesting things with it, like keep these prospective growths limited, based on the current world or tier of monster.

Quest Questers

Great game, and complete. It's not easy to finish a game! Thank you, unity.

Announcing a successor... The Secret of Varonis

Great to hear; it's been a while since I played this game, but I remember loving it. Looking forward to this next work.

Final Fantasy Legend 3 Remake

Oh, I'm sad that the ongoing development is creating hassles, but I'm glad that it's fully-featured, and will be becoming more powerful and stable in the future.

Final Fantasy Legend 3 Remake

Which bugs were the killers? It would be helpful to know, because it would showcase the engine's current shortcomings.

IT'S OUT! Venaitura is available to purchase on Steam!

I've been playing it for several days now. It's good.

One tangential thing that I'm kinda confused about, is that it's obviously made with the new release of RPG Maker 2000, but it has the Japanese splash screen, like what we call RPG Tsukuru 2000?

Final Fantasy Discovery

I've been making my game since 2008, and its graphics are NES-like.

Don't give up.

[RM2K3] rpg maker 2003 community is dead

I mean, you can take RPG Maker XP or VX Ace and code a word processor in it using the script editor, just using RGSS as a kind of Ruby runtime environment (like Java), but it probably wouldn't be feasible for some kind of mass-marketed product.

How Are You All Holding Up?

I worked in a supermarket in New York all through last year. Everyone abided by mask protocol, although some people would take off their masks to shout, because it isn't easy to be heard in the supermarket because of all of the ambient noise.

But my faith in people to... conceive of the reality of other people has been obliterated by observing their actions, even here in New York, which has been great for compliance with mask rules. I said this on another forum, but it's been an express ticket to 10 years of a bad marriage with everyone, and I want a divorce. Instant access to personal beliefs that you just aren't supposed to see. A lot of people unable to even conceptualize a chain of contagion, where, even if you get CoViD-19 in the form of a mild cold, the people to whom it spreads might develop more severe cases. Lack of education, lack of foresight.

Really made me want to move out of the United States.

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

Creating a CBS is really rewarding. It might also be very cumbersome, due to the fact that you cannot control the variables directly, as if you were writing code in Notepad or TextEdit.

Because of this, AutoHotKey might be very helpful for automating certain functions. AutoHotKey is a free programmable macro environment where you write scripts, activated by a hotkey, that would imitate your own keyboard input. Because of this, you can use it to do anything on a computer. (Although, you have to be careful; some things that a computer processes from a human being using a keyboard, AutoHotKey does too quickly. So, you might have to program in some microsecond-long wait times in your program to give the computer time to process what's coming in through the keyboard.)

For example, I have an AutoHotKey script that takes text I've written and converts it into numbers, then pastes all of the numbers into something like 150 variables that my own RM2k3 text box program will then parse to display custom text.