Hello, fellow designers! I'm Zephire98, aspiring game designer and average gamer. My favorite game series is Zelda, my favorite RPG Maker is RPG Maker 2000, and my favorite gaming system is the Nintendo 64! (I'm a bit of a retro enthusiast. :P)


I have two YouTube channels:

My Gaming Channel (For RPG Maker updates): ZephyrBlue

My Alternate Channel (For animations and streams): Cinema-Scout
Scarlet Twilight
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[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Skill and Item List Resizing!

Hey, a little help, please!

I'm doing a game where only two party member max are obtainable. I've resized the main menu so there's no empty space, but there's a problem:

While I don't have it pointed out in the image, the resized menu cuts away a lot of the Skill and Item Lists!

So, here's what I'm looking for:

-A programmer who can help resize the lists so that the actor menu doesn't cut off a lot


-A scripter who can make a more compact version of the Item and Skill Menus.

Thank you for your time!

[RMVX ACE] [Resources] Need FNAF Iconset!

Hello, RMN users!

I'm looking for a particular resource for a FNAF fangame I'm currently making, but I cannot find one that I can use.

For the iconset, it must contain icons for the following:
-Electric Guitar/Bonnie's Guitar
-Chica's Cupcake
-A cutlass
-Freddy's Microphone
-Pizza slice and Pizza Pie
-Normal Cupcake (not Chica's!)
-Birthday Cake
-Soda Can
-Robot Parts/Gears

That's all I want for now. Let me know if you know the resource's location or have a custom one!

EDIT: By the way, FNAF stands for Five Nights at Freddy's!

[RMVX ACE] [Mapper] Any mappers?

Hey! Anyone here a mapper?

I'm looking for a mapper who has good mapping skills with RMVX Ace's RTP graphics! If you wish to help for my project, please show me a screenshot of your maps and I will pick the mapper for my project!

In short:
  • Must have good mapping skills
  • Can create maps with RTP graphics
  • Provide screenshots of your work!

I can map, but sometimes, I just have too much trouble! Please don't participate if you are busy or have a busy schedule! Thank you!

---Zephire98, the Blue Knight---

[RMVX ACE] [Writer] Need a Writer, please!

Help! I need a good, simple story for my game, but I'm having a major writer's block (I've never been good at writing stories)! D:

EDIT (October 25):

The project originally listed here is down the tubes! Sorry! I accidentally erased the file containing the project. FOREVER.

But it's not truly a loss. I still need a writer for my project that I rebooted, but with a new story and new characters!

The last post contains the new story and characters!

Please PM me or post comments here on latest updates!

[Poll] Three and Valve

Valve has made great games like Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life 2, but which one would most likely have a third installment? You choose!

For me, I'd choose Portal 3!

Thank you everyone who voted! At this point, Half-Life is the most voted for a number three. Portal was a close second. Keep in mind, this could all change over time! And for those who wondering, yes, I forgot to add Left4Dead.
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