Conundrum Review

Thanks for the well rounded review!

You were on point with a lot of the area's you highlighted and I shared your sentiment about where the weak area's are at.
For better, or worse, I decided that when this challenge went live I would restrict myself to 1 day of planning, 1 week of design, and only the base tools provided with the program itself.

In all actuality, my original planning formula called for 10 levels. The first 4 would've remained the same as they taught the player some key functions for how to interact with the puzzles. Later levels would've begun combining those elements and branching out further.

Your review was very welcome though. You were kind enough to emphasize where you had fun and also added constructive criticism on how you would handle some improvements.
These sort of reviews do a LOT for me and rebuild the motivation that is needed to take on a solo game making effort.


NaGaDeMo Review Drive

Not a whole lot left. However, there are 2 that don't seem to be reserved by anyone yet. I'll go ahead and download Sarasaland Adventure by Otabo and try to post a review within the next day or two.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Thoroughly enjoyed watching that Let's Play. :D

I realize that you didn't have a lot to criticize, the game must have seemed like a super short demo compared to what you're used to taking on. However, hearing you laughing and having fun during that actual game was more than enough of a review.

It's really nothing more than a super short puzzle game made with RTP afterall :)

Thanks again for doing this. I've already updated the thread with the video link.


I ran into the same issue with the boulders and I have been able to recreate it. It resets correctly if you use the orb when both or neither of the boulders are on a plate. However, if you only get one boulder onto a plate, reset, and then get both boulders onto the plates the door will not open.

Thanks, with this information I can better troubleshoot the issue.

I'll be looking into resolving these issues today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Just one of those things I missed while test playing for bugs. :)


Actually, that didn't take long at all. It was an eventing mistake on my part :*(

I had an internal event switch being turned on when it should have been a global switch. I've tweaked the common event to now turn off those global switches when you reset the boulders. I've done a test with getting a boulder on the upper right pressure plate, then resetting and finishing successfully after getting them both on. Same is true for just on the middle one. I also verified it's working when neither are on a pressure plate as well as when both are (In that off chance you reeeeeaaallly want to solve this puzzle again).

I'll be uploading a new version of the game to resolve this error. For those of you interested in downloading please give me about 1 hour from the timestamp of this message. I'll edit this as well to state when the new one is up. Or comment if someone else says anything in the meanwhile. :)

-EDIT 2-
New download links have been posted.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Thanks for adding my game to your queue :)

I watched your Montage as well as a your first few videos on Super RMN Brothers. Good stuff! You manage to maintain a lot of enthusiasm and go out of your way to have fun.

I'll make some time to go through your video list and check out a few other titles that I've seen/heard of as well. Which honestly, I don't think I would have bothered with (at least any time soon) if I had to read through pages of comments no their pages to get a satisfactory impression on how their title is being received.


I pushed the boulders on the pressure plates but the door is still locked...

You'll need to have both boulders on the pressure plates at the same time. If you used the orb to reset their location, it also resets the variable count back to 0.

I did just open up the game and give it another go through, the door opened for me after getting them onto the pressure plates in the first try. I let the timer run out and then used the reset orb twice, but the door still opened after getting both boulders in place. If you're willing, I'd be happy to try and recreate your situation to see if there was something else impacting the trigger :)

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Hi! I was wondering if/when you get the opportunity, would you be willing to do a Let's Play and/or Let's Try of my completed puzzle game using the RPG VX Ace engine?

The thread for the game can be found here:

Conundrum, if you're quick and don't get stuck on World 3 and/or 4, only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance, even if you don't have the time to address my title right now. :)

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