@orochii: Good catch! It was actually because I changed her color pallette last minute (the colors I did for the sprites originally looked extremely bad in portrait)--I must not have fixed it! Thanks for the heads up!


@Cashmere: Will consider! The character is actually based on Fetty Wap who to me appeared to just have a secondary white eye, tho on further inspection what gives it away is how it's a little squinted compared to the other. I'll experiment with things! Thanks for the heads up!

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Working on the maps for the next update of Parallels... I'm a little bit stuck because of my color palette aesthetic issues--I like to keep the "dimensions" all within a limited color palette, but the one I'm working on now is a big city, which leads to a need for a wider variety of color.... Tricky!

Game length and maintaining player interest

I generally feel like the perfect game length is about 6-8 hours max, maybe an hour per "level" or "dungeon?" If a game is too long I find myself losing interest about halfway through--I'm a busy person so I feel guilty if I log too much time into a game! Keep it simple!


I believe we used GM Studio in my class? I don't remember exactly but I remember at the time of the class there was some special where the entire setup was free to download for students or something like that so it was really great! I ended up making a platformer for my final for the class, but I didn't upload it for public play because it wasn't as finely tuned as I would have liked (6 weeks to make a game from scratch on top of the other art-related finals I had to do, you can imagine the hell I was going through LOL)

I like that GameMaker lets you make a wider variety of games, but right now I'm liking to experiment with RPGMaker because I'm more interested in story/RPG style games!

Also thanks for the welcome!


My name is Amber and I posted the demo for my first RPGMaker game Parallels a while back. I'm currently working on the next major update for it, and I'm planning on snooping around the forums here a bit to learn some more about RPGMaker/gamemaking in general, and maybe collaborate with others on projects in the future.

I am an animation student and I have taken classes on game development before (though that class focused on teaching us how to create games in GameMaker). I also have a history of writing music, but I prefer working on visual arts and storytelling.

Looking forward to participating in the community!


WOOOAAHH this is gorgeous as heck! Very stylish, it reminds me of old Sierra games for some reason <__<

also "the bap" i'm hollering i love it

Thanks friend!! I haven't played those games but I'm looking into them now because I'm curious LOL!! Also yeah omg I couldn't think of any puns so I was like LETS JUST BE SILLY LMAO Glad you like it!

Parallels Review

This was a very fair and in-depth review and I appreciate the time you've taken to write it up! A lot of things mentioned are good points that I've definitely logged into my "to work on" list for upcoming updates. The battle system criticisms I definitely appreciate because the reality of it is that I am pretty clueless on how to handle that section of the game entirely, so I now have a few ideas on what I can do to spice things up a little bit!

In regards to the writing, I think a lot of fair points were made. I am an animation student and as such my brain processes stories more in a linear fashion (like in a film or a novel), but writing for a game feels a LOT different. I think I will definitely be incorporating more into the dialogues Ana gives when investigating items, perhaps some more things to do before the Circus transition, etc. Because I want the writing, the story and the character development in this game to be the strongest point, being aware of flaws or improvements to be made in this section of the game is incredibly important to me, so I really appreciate your honesty in this department.

Thanks again for the honest review, I will be taking everything into very serious consideration and I hope that in later versions you'll see improvements in these points!


@Aquafrost: Thank you!!


The game is lovely but sadly I got stuck. I can't find any one else to fight to get the last ticket :/

Hi Zoeex, here's a list of all of the people you can fight for a ticket:

- The shadow in the second bathroom line
- The woman to the right by the shopkeeper stalls

- The man in front of the funhouse to the right
- The jumping girl in big crowd
- The woman to the far left of the screen by the tent

In the next update, I intend to make it a little clearer somehow, primarily with the girl in the crowd, as she's the one most ppl have a problem with.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the game!
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