New Graphical Changes

This looks wonderful.

Eremidia: An Empty Tome

I think you should add a character page because you have so many unique ones to use. Games great so far.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

How do I beat the puzzle where I have to push the pillar on top of the green switch, also moving rocks in the way. Step by step please lol.

Alter Legend - Download Finally Available!

So we are on schedual. The game is finished as of today. Fixing minor bugs. Purchased premium media fire account. Will upload the beta for me testers tomorrow, and then everyone here can play :) after almost 2 years of development lol.

thanks for being patient.
Gratz! Hope it goes well.

About The Ice Witch Demo Update

Looks amazing. I seriously CANT WAIT! Im going through the beta with each weapon and so far like using magic weapons. One hit kills for like 4mp is awesome. I still have weapons to test though.

Lost Land Ruin: Volume 1

Entering the building with your party and going down stairs re starts the event and freezes the game. Im talking about the very first building. Great game so far.

Demo is Out!

Battles were a lot of fun. Sometimes hard to tell what my move was doing. The one that didnt heal. The boss was challenging but not to hard for a first, enough to get the blood flowing. Wish I coulda saved my progress. The exploring seemed fun and like there will be tons of areas to go to. Overall pretty darn cool.

Demo is Out!

That's odd, since well, that's never happened to us before. O_0

Let me see if it happens to me. ^^


I didn't happen. It could be your keyboard or RMXP being silly. ;_; I've heard of similar things happening to other users. Where the characters just move on their own.
Ok I played other games and didnt have move issues. So probably RMXP.
EDIT: Changed compatibility and turned on num lock and evdery thing works.