I'm just so ecstatic that RMXP is not a dead medium yet.
I'll be posting a few games here for the sole purpose of lowering the collective IQ's of anyone who plays them.

Quest for the Poopy Diap...
Collect an ancient artifact for the Bastard King and then fight Satan.



Game of 'Thrones'

I've got 34/36 endings & 46/50 achievements. Can u post a full list of all the endings & achievements plz? I really want to finish this! Thanks!!

Edit: I got 1 more. So I'm currently at 35/36 endings & 47/50 achievements. I just need the final 3 achievements on the list
(Just say no, Hilarious explosion & What did you eat?!) (If u could only atleast give me clues on which room to look, it would be fine) THANKS AGAIN!!
PLZ REPLY. I'll be really happy to finish this!! :)

I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond! I'm glad you're enjoying my game.
I think I included a hint guide in it, but here's a few things you can try that are not easy to get:
-Examine the mirror in the bedroom multiple times
-Take the torch with you into the outhouse for all 3 options
-Light the torch and then immediately fall into the water to extinguish it

This guy also did a longplay of it:

Game of 'Thrones'

For a second I thought this was a serious game and then I read the description. As someone who has not seen more than one episode of GoT I am so hyped for this.

I haven't seen the show either.

What The Hell??!!

Stupidly pixelated sprites are wayyy better than overly high resolution pixel art anyway!
Downloading this. Maybe will play. Like 18% chance. I wish I played more things.

Well I certainly wish you play this one then XD
There's a certain charm to 8-bit pixels that will never really go away, yes.

Quest for the Poopy Diaper

This is fun. lol
But seems like there is no save point in this game, I played to the part I accidentally kill the Bastard King, and kill myself. I got the game over and it all goes back to the beginning. T^T

You have to save manually, sorry. Just go to the menu (Esc) and pick save! You can save anywhere.

What The Hell??!!

i don't think ill ever stop being surprised games are still made for the 200? engines XD MV is out its time to upgrade :D

MV certainly looks shiny, and I might get it just to port "Quest for the Poopy Diaper" to mobile (just for the hilarity of watching people pay a buck for the dumbest game ever made), but...

There's something very warm about these stupidly pixelated sprites. It's got a charm I can't give up yet! XD

What The Hell??!!

Please let me know what you think, and if there's any glitches! Some people can't get it to even run.
Can send all complaints/comments to
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