Dark Design games is a UK based video game design and developer (Jake Jackson) that aspires young minds and alike from entry-level video game design, as basic as 2D right through to high-end and consumer level 3D game design.

We work on games per request and we also make visits to schools, colleges and institutions across the country to help teach all aspects of game design to those intrested, using packages such as Alice, Granny, GameStudio, FPS Creator, AGS and RPG Maker VX.

One of our most popular and successful projects to date is Mystic Quest Remastered, a re-imagined and completely re-developed edition of the 1992 SQUARE release, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Dark design games is a scam artist hoping to bilk naive kids out of money.
Final Fantasy IV - VX
Yet another (faithful) remake of Final Fantasy IV, VX style!


How to drop gold on an escape?

Okay a more simple question this time. For the FFIV remake I'm doing, It would be nice to know how to replicate the 'drop gold' on escape routine. E.g when fleeing a battle (successfully) a random (but not too much) amount of gold is dropped, and a message is displayed.

If there's any existing script or code out there that can do this, please let me know, and I'll give you free cookies :)

Anyway of 'rotating' events via a script?

Okay, this may be a dumb question, but I would like to know if there is a simple way or script out there to 'rotate' an event, such as a character, on a map, during run-time. I ask of this because I would like to create death scenes without having to redraw and remake all the characters that can 'die' in my game.

I've made things spin before (like weather vanes) but using directions only. I would like to use the same graphic or position but just rotate it, so things appear on their side, literally by getting the same event's current graphic and flipping it 90 degrees.

If this is impossible to do in VX then I will have no option but to re-create all of the character sprites death positions. -_-

Also my VX game is unique since it doesn't use normal VX character sizes, it uses XP character sizes for more realism, so the difficulty I have is properly re sizing the graphics to stop them cutting off or looking squished.

Hello all, great to be here!

Wow what a great community, probably one of the best I've been on so far.

So, what can I say? My name is Jake and I create software, websites and games for a living. I'm also a student at the OU studying for a PHD in Computer Science. Im 21, like cycling and swimming, watching TV shows, blah blah :P

My favorite rpgs are Final Fantasy, practically all of them except for CC which I bought and I wish I hadn't! Also I like Zelda series, Halo, Half-Life 2, CS and MW.

So all in all it's great to be part of the community and I'm looking forward to speaking to like-minded people :P Cookies!
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