We're not dead

Great, been a few months since I wanted to post sth on your page, just hope you continue with this Digimon game.

Hope there is some significant update, maybe even a new demo :D

Umbral Soul

Hey Wheelman old fan of this game, any plans of a sequel?

DragonBall Z: Saiyajin Legend

Looking forward to the finished version, hope you do Digimon game in the same style one day.

Journey to the East

I'm experiencing heavy lagging issues. Any way I can fix it to run smoothly as in the video?

Journey to the East

Game looks and feels great. Really love how have you done the story.
Wish you would do a digimon game in future.

Umbral Soul

Will you introduce new continent/s for the second game, maybe sth with desert?

Umbral Soul

please you don't have to update it again, it's fine as it is :D
looking forward to that sequel you are starting to make, sometime in the future

btw if you need an idea for a character ask away :D

Umbral Soul

Any tips for getting the fire mage key? I keep getting roasted. I can never make it to the chest. Feels like I am missing something but I have no idea what it is...

Any help would be nice. Thanks =D

You are stuck in a fire maze right, trying to get to that chest, simply use shift to speed up at the last part where four flames are in line, same way to get back
timing is crucial if you want to succeed-be patient

Umbral Soul

it's a nice game plot but i have a huge problem it seems i can't start the game, since it keeps popping up screen requiring some files like magic1 or world1 (i thing that's the name of file)

could you fix it, really want to try this game out

Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols

still waiting for the new demo, hope it gets twists in the storyline which make it more interesting
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