Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Just downloaded the game opened fine but all the dialogue and command boxes are black with nothing but a cursor or select box.
Any ideas??

Koli's Sorrow

It seems that if you don't play a game in the first few months,that the comments,question etc. go unnoticed.
I've had the same problem in other games.
Would be nice if developers checked on their games every so often.
Doesn't take long.

As far as the rock blocking the path,I have a theory that when all the blue rocks are all gone,there will be a place where you can walk through one of the walls to get around it.
I believe there is a reason that rock is a different color.
It is a distorted area.When entering the area it stated everything is not as it seems and is lies.

Koli's Sorrow

I guess I'm with everyone else,floundering around in the room with the cross in the distorted area.Has anyone else had enough of those distorted fish every 5 steps???
Or a boss going into every room??
Other than that,Enjoyable.
If I figure that out I'll post it and email those who want it.(Don't want to spoil)
If anyone else gets it,you could do the same.
Game away!

Mana Quest 2: Corruption of Kings

I'm a bit perplexed.Got Lily,beat the "Evil King",after which,Lily is dead....The End???
Never got into the tower.(special item needed)
Is this it? Or did I miss something???
I did save before beating the King.
After beating him,I was asked to save,but,I saved in a different spot.
When I open that save I get only ending credits.


Nice game.I,however,am stuck.
I have been to the island with the green bandanas.
got the uniforms,infiltrated,did the mask job.
bought the book,bought the mirror(someone may want it)
Cannot put out the flame.(Need other book)
Cannot make large bombs.
Have gained three summons;dosaj,fenrir,ifrit.
Have combed the entire accessible map and talked to every npc in the game and cannot figure what to do next.
Only other mystery is setting the clock to get the two chests behind the door
at Raule's house.
There is one cave I can't enter and I am not finding an ice cave.

Any help would be appreciated.