Shattered Hourglass

Any way to avoid losing Juliet and getting "bad"game end in the forest where the
checkpoint pass is???

Shattered Hourglass

For some reason,my posts don't post??

Evolution of Shattered Hourglass

My game ended(bad) when Juliet wanted to stay in the forest.
I had no choice in the matter and to my knowledge,there is no way of going there without her.
It said I made bad choice,but,I had to go there to get the checkpoint pass???
I have saves before that point.
I could just get the pass and teleport out but,I lose her for good anyway.
Anything I can do?
Been very enjoyable game,more involved than expected.Great job!

One step closer to release

I have beaten Gilgamesh,but,it seems I am not done here.
There is still a locked door and a switch downstairs that won't move.
A locked chest also remains.
If I am done here,I don't see anywhere new to go.
Any help would be welcome.Thanks

Dragons' Descendants

READ any good games lately?

Phantasy Star Gems

Well,another game bites the dust.
Never a walkthrough if you get stuck and no answers to questions.
Good game though up to that point.

Hero's Realm

By far the best indie RPG on the planet.
By the way,they are all good.
Because of the elements and length of the game I rate it #1
So far only one other comes close(for me)

Phantasy Star Gems

Regardless of the spelling(who cares?)I know what it means.I took phonics!
I am enjoying the game.
My problem is:
I went to where Aly's grave is and beat the evil ghost.
But,then,I am frozen there and cannot move or even access
menu.Had to escape out of game.
Any suggestions?

Giadon Saga

I've finished Chapter 4.
Anybody know how many times you have to talk to the old man's cat before he says something other than meowwwwww????

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Just downloaded the game opened fine but all the dialogue and command boxes are black with nothing but a cursor or select box.
Any ideas??