You the practice of self-promotion


Can anyone recommend a good open source or free video editor? Thanks in advance!

Any help would appreciated!

Glow in the Dark Ice Cream ... for a Price

Read all about it here:

Next Food Craze??

I would like to hear your thoughts about it ...

Retro Computing Games (Console Ones as Well) and Programs (before Apple invented "Apps") Right in Your Browser

I found this interesting article:

Your text to link here...

The actual things you get to play with are actually here:

Retro Gams and Apps on Your Browser

Even the classic Atari flop E.T. is available!:P

Star Trek Continues kickstarter

Have any of you fellow RMN heard of this YT series that's getting kickstarted?

Star Trek Continues kickstarter

I'm trying to figure out if it's worth my time looking into ...

Free Amazon Developer Account 1-Year Subscription

For those interested in developing for Android and Kindle, Amazon is offering 1-year subscription developer account (normally $99/year). See the details here:


[Poll] What RM engine are you currently using for your game?

Inspired by Jparker1984's RM2k/3 poll, I have decided to come with one of my own. I want to get an idea of what people are using to make their current game. Please feel free to elaborate on your vote and keep it civil, boys and girls.

Interesting article of iOS vs. Android Game Development

Street Fighter X Mega Man now available for FREE

Reintroductions and Near Future Plans

Hi everyone, I have decided to finally get back to RMN after my year and a half hiatus. Hopefully, I can get reinvolved with the community although probably not at the same level as much as earlier, since I don´t have as much free time to do so as I did before, when I was out of work.

For now, I have started playing Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords:


I believe in played the earlier demo(es?). I do hope to finish it and post a review for the Completed game.

Next up, will be playing and reviewing the complete Master of the Wind from beginning to end.


After that I´ll go on to play nominated games from this year´s and last year´s Misaos. I´ll announce my plan for those as soon as I finished the other two things mentioned earlier.

Also, ShortStar had asked me to beta test EpiQuest 2:


Glad to be back!

I believe this should start soon, since he appears to have gotten back into developing it.

Rm2k3 Buff Issue

I'm currently playing a Rm2k3 game where my party members are wearing some accessories that buff them automatically. Apparently, when I revive one of them, it can cause the ATB gauge to get stuck due to a known Rm2k3 issue. Can anybody confirm what they know about this? Thanks a lot in advance.
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