I'm just some random guy who dabbled around in flash for a few years. Then I found out about RPG Maker, and I've been messing around with it. Hopefully I'll have a game up and running soon.


RPG Maker VX Future/Apocalyptic/Western/Fallout Style Graphics

The thread title is vague I know, but I'm looking for some graphics (for RPG Maker VX) that would fit in the Fallout universe. Specifically the things I need are charsets and iconsets if anyone has them around.

Dragon Age 2

Rcholbert wanted a new topic so... Yeah, just doing that before the old one gets locked or whatever.

the hardest fight in the entire game for me was the first Varterral fight because you're forced to use Merrill
and i never used Merrill

really most of the earlier boss fights were the hardest for me (as well as those crazy rooms where you get like 4 shades, 2 rage demons, a golem, a desire demon, and a revenant)

meanwhile the Act 3 boss fights, like Hybris or the High Dragon, were honestly kind of laughable

I did like the final boss though. Although throughout the whole final act Gravitic Ring just slowed everyone to crawl ready to be AoE'd. Playing it on Hard now for a better challenge with my 2her.

Favorite Dr. Who Doctor and Episode?

I started watching the show Dr. Who a little while back starting with Eccelstein's 9th doctor up to to Tennant's 10th doctor and then I worked backward to the other Doctors.

My favorite Doctor is David Tennant so far. I really like the way he talks his way out of most situations, not because he's scared but because he doesn't want to hurt anyone, and he can hurt them *cough* Rachnos* cough*. Unlike a lot of people I know, I even liked how he went out at the end of "The End of Time". Favorite episode for me is definitely "The Family of Blood".

Just wanted to see what others thought, post your favorite Doctor and episode.

Yanfly Skill Equip Script Issue

I'm trying to use Yanfly's skill equip script ( http://wiki.pockethouse.com/index.php?title=Skill_Equip_System#How_to_Use ) but every time I playtest, I get an error telling me that:

line 957: TypeError occured.
undefined superclass 'Window_LearnData'

Not sure what the issue is, I looked at the line it mentions but I don't see anything wrong. Granted I'm new to scripting so I probably just dropped the ball, screwed up and missed something obvious. Any help would be great.

RPGVX RTP Characters in RPGXP

If the title isn't clear enough; I'm looking for the RPGVX RTP charsets(Alex, Bennet, etc.) in RPGXP format. I know it's possible to make them myself; but I don't want to that until I know I've searched enough.

Postscript Addendum Note of Bulletin: NEVER MIND, found awesome convertor putting it up in the ol' Resource Museum.

Help Saving Files As Pictures

I found these really nice VX graphics on a website:


But every time I try to save them, it saves as a Firefox document or something.

EDIT: Never mind, delete this post I found a really roundabout way to fix the problem.

RPG Maker VX Arrow Key Trouble

Everytime I load up my RPG Maker Vx game, my character starts to walk to the right, I can't get him to stop. It's not any of my scripts, as this happens even if I remove them.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

8-Bit Vx Sprites

Does anyone know where I can get some 8-bit NES styled VX sprites? I've been searching for a while, but no real luck yet.

Would Real Life Music Be Distracting

I'm just wondering because while I work on my current game, I listen to music. And a lot of the time, I think to myself that that current song would be great for the scene.

By real life music, I mean like music you'd commonly listen to, Beatles, Daft Punk and Styx. Stuff like that, in a game that doesn't take itself seriously to begin with, would it still be distracting to be hearing this?

RPG Maker VX Sideview Battle

I've seen this in a few VX games ( like Glacia http://rpgmaker.net/games/920/images/4248/ ), how would you go about doing this?
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