I'm just some random guy who dabbled around in flash for a few years. Then I found out about RPG Maker, and I've been messing around with it. Hopefully I'll have a game up and running soon.



RPG Maker VX Future/Apocalyptic/Western/Fallout Style Graphics

The thread title is vague I know, but I'm looking for some graphics (for RPG Maker VX) that would fit in the Fallout universe. Specifically the things I need are charsets and iconsets if anyone has them around.

How is this for my first boss?

It might make more sense to leave on party member awake so s/he can use some kind of spell or something to wake up the party members. The idea of using poison is a really weird jump of logic. It's like trying to heal your team with fireballs.

ANOTHER gaming company got hacked...

Seriously, there are much more deserving targets of hacking. Like, for instance, insane political separatist faction websites, or credit card companies.
Exactly. That's why I'm so appalled that it's even happening in the first place.

Might be slightly off here, but isn't it Lulzsec doing the hacking?

That's the second time I've heard that name. WTF is Lulzsec, anyway?

Separate hacking group; split of Anonymous I think. Pretty sure the major fight they had was that one faction of Anonymous wanted to just fight censorship of the internet and another faction wanted to just cause people misery. They didn't part happily; 4Chan was hacked by Lulzsec.

4Chan (Anonymous as well) are actually pretty anti-Lulzsec since none of those companies deserved it.

Should I submit my game?

No reason not to really, some people (me included) like to see a game grow from it's start and subscribe to it.

Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

Probably beating a dead a horse here, but:

Dragon Age 2: It made some great improvements (combat, companions, story) but there's getting around just how rushed it was what with all the reused maps and cliffhanger story. Still, I'm banking on the DLC fixing my main complaints and pray that they do DA: 3 proper.

ANOTHER gaming company got hacked...

The only reason it happens is because a bunch of stupid 4chan trolls think they're funny.

Fuck, I hate those idiots.

Might be slightly off here, but isn't it Lulzsec doing the hacking? In fact, 4chan was hacked by the same group and the two do sort of have a bit of "cyber war" going on.

VX Tutorials: Any Good "Starter" Ones out there?


^Basic Intro


^Info on the Event screen


^A bit of Tiles and what not


^More on mapping


^Follow that entire guide for more on Switches and Variables (very important if not your going to use much scripting, which I don't think you are since your new)

Hope all that helps.

So you say your game has strategy

...So Warriors and Mages are at a clear disadvantage? And, on top of that, the only classes with no cool gimmick? That's really bad design, I'm afraid.

Not really, if your a Mage congratulations; you will basically be a physical god on earth. If you use your spells right and know about a foe's weakness, it's a simple two turn fight at best if you play your cards right.

As for Warriors, you get to equip the best equipment in the game. And your not stuck with just Attack, Defend and Use Item; Attack and Defend are used only to recover Energy. Warriors have a plethora of skills and can shrug off damage better than any other class.

Also I should have made it more clear; if your getting into a fight when playing Thief or Scholar YOUR DOING IT WRONG. Scholars like to stay out of fights, use their intelligence to bypass foes with advanced knowledge on their motives. Thieves are charming when needed, with a good Speech skill, you'll be able to manipulate your way out of a fight. Clerics CAN possibly be combat focused, Loki, Thor and Hades are the combat based gods. The remaining two gods don't offer combat skills. Bahamaut, the Dragon God lets you bargain with dragons and speak with them. Luna, the God of the Moon and Peace can calm your enemies down before they start a real fight.

It all comes down to choice, I should have made this more clear I think. If your playing a Warrior, expect to to march into dungeons and slaughter countless enemies. As a Mage be sure to learn about your enemies before walking into any dungeons. If your a Thief, DON'T go into a dungeon; your a thief. Break into a house, steal all their crap and sell it. Same with Scholars, stay out of combat missions; look for quests you can solve with your mind and talents. As Cleric, it depends on your patron God, base your missions on that. Worship Luna, God of the Moon and peace? Don't accept the mission where you waltz into a bandit camp. Hades is the God of Death, he might be able to help you out a bit more than a peace God.

*Edit: Maybe all that will make more sense when I tell you that it is an open world game; mostly built around sidequests. There is a main quest, but you don't necessarily need to complete it, and once you do you can still do sidequests.

So you say your game has strategy

I've always been a fan of multiple choice when it comes to a fight. In the boss battles I'm working on, the boss itself will be a very difficult opponent if fought straight up. It can be done if your playing as a Warrior or Mage class, but it is tricky. For those Thieves, Clerics and Scholars there are other options.

Is the berserker to powerful in a mellee fight? If your a Thief, just steal skill his weapons making him rely on hand to hand combat. Maybe your a Cleric you can call upon your patron god using Ritual; a God of Justice might take away your foe's berserk status to even the fight. Or maybe your a Scholar and have studied berserker tactics; you can use this knowledge to trip the berserker up.

Another example is with a dragon boss fight I'm working on. It has a powerful Fire attack that can easily destroy your team in a few turns. True, playing as a Warriors or Mage to defend or destroy would work fine. But maybe you have a better idea. As Thief, why not feign stealing it treasure? This would frenzy the beast into mellee combat and not provide it the chance to charge up it's Fire. As a Cleric, it's possible that you worship Dragons, if this is so you can use your Ritual to broker a deal with the beast. Better still, as a Scholar you would have access to quick brewing of a simple salve that repels dragon fire.

Basically to sum up:
Warriors can outlast a boss if they are careful.
Mages can quickly dispatch a boss if they know it's weakness.
Thieves can take away the very thing that made the boss deadly.
Clerics can call upon their Gods for aid.
Scholars can use their knowledge to negate special effects the boss may have.

Button Mash - Forcing the player to use different skills

What I'm trying to do now is to force the player into being creative with their skills with combos that will be hinted at but never fully explained. All enemies will not only outnumber you, they overpower you too. Without using the combos you will die in a few turns.

Examples of combos:
Warrior uses Bravery on Crusader
Crusader uses Smite Evil on Enemy
Crusader instead uses Devastate Evil

The new skill (Devastate Evil) also leaves the target with a heavy debuff to Defense, leaving it open to attack.

It also works with healing:
Mage casts Amplify on Healer
Healer casts Heal
Healer then instead casts Full Heal

Full Heal also removes status effects in addition to healing.

Very few combos will be explained fully, most will have to be the result of careful experimentation.