Well, I'm a writer and a gamer. I love RPGs and the more free ones to play, the better! Not much to really say about me, honestly.

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Fighting Robots Quest

Haven't been on here in years, still had vague memories of this game, was curious about its progress. Good to know it's still in the works, hope life's treating you well!

Fighting Robots Quest

...Is this game dead? I really hope not, but...

DragonBall Z: Saiyajin Legend

I subbed, but I am curious of something. Why only Radditz to Frieza? Limited space and don't wanna take too much time on this?


I like these kinds of games, sandbox exploration RPGs.

Megaman Tournament

Okay, I've been playing this game, unlocking all the skills, and I've discovered a typo on one.

Skill - Metal Blade

Description: An attack acquired from the Navi: Turboman.

The description should say "Metalman". Just had to point that out.

Edit: Loving the game, in all honest. It's the kind of Megaman game I've wanted.

Luxaren Allure

Its completion is almost like a belated bday gift to me (though you probably don't know who I am). My bday was on the 11th, and now this is done, so yay~!

Have Some Art While You Wait

I love the rose axe. I cannot wait for this to be completed.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Instant sub, FF4 is my favorite game, and I'd love to see an alternate version of it in the works.
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