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Looks neat. Hopes it gets done.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

I have this Letter to Kokkol. Where do I go?

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

I have this Letter to Kokkol. Where do I go?

Hero's Realm

You can use the elite classes at the begin.Is this a secret or odd debug I found?
When choosing the classes, pressing up on Wizard, Dark Knignt and Harlequin you can skip directely to the elite classes. They aren't really more powerful than the base classes, so using them doesn't feel OP like Daredevils hope not they get patched out. A Vanilla versus Chocolate situation really.

Great game - PLAY IT!

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

author=Sgt M
All jokes about this game's development hell aside, maybe a devlog or blog post on where things are at and what needs to be done might help you steer it back into the right direction???

I was under the impression things were pretty far along; just don't want to see all this work go to waste. And remember that there's no shame in putting out a call for help.
I actually finished original Hero's Realm for the first time like a month or two ago and it was great! If you need anything (other than music lol) kentona I've got you!!
I need music
Look for royalty free music on itch.io. At first I was thinking about recommeding the music in RPG Maker MZ - 8bit Retro Graphic Materials All-in-One Pack ... but you must encrypt your game so nobody yoink the music from the folder and you cannot encrypt a Rpg 2003 game.


The download doesn't work.
very sorry about this! that should be it working now.

please accept 100 apologies and this bag of white powder that fell off the back of a truck



The download doesn't work.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

I love this game ... but the ATB doesn't seem to work. I still gets man-handled at
every filled ATB bar. And no, changing the ATB in menu doesn't work.
Other than that, this is the best non-final-fantasy final fantasy you can play!


Good vibes.


This game is dank good, but you should "maybe" make the Agi a bit higher so that battles flower better; I can clearly that the Agi static like in Final Fantasy's ATB. Not that I'm asking for Agi rise on level up, just that it's a little faster by default.

Sayanora hombre.
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