Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Hi. Sorry to bother you with a tech support question, but I'd love to play your game. The text doesn't show up - I've installed the onboard font. Am I missing something?


Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer

I'm not gonna play this game, but anyone who likes it should really go ahead and watch the movie "Martyrs." Horribly demented, very French, very similar in theme.

Cast Aside

What a professional piece of work. I don't suppose there's any chance of a non-active combat system in the future?

Sore Losers

Oh, heh. Never mind. I somehow managed to miss the doorway. Completely my fault. You even had a big cartoon glove pointing to the door.

Sore Losers

Hey man, I'm enjoying your game, but I've given up after crashing into the same barrel about ten times during the ahem ahem spoiler you-know-what-I-mean scene. Any chance of, you know... a revision where I don't have to beat it? There doesn't seem to be anything I can do differently.

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden

Hey man, I'm new to this forum but I think I like where you're headed with the game. At the very least, your description of the game shows me that you're a thinker and that you're aiming for something unconventional and nifty.

As to me, I'm a decent person, a constructive critic; don't know for certain precisely what you're looking for in a tester. I'd be interested in looking at what you have and in trying to help you out *where you're at*, not in regaling you with a list of personal grievances.

So do you want an email or something? Let me know.

Hero's Realm

Right on, then. I guess I just got my knickers in a twist over nothing. I even assumed you were an American, which was clearly wrong.

It's just that I've got this cousin (he's 13), and this kid just eats up everything he's fed. Right now, in one of the many Halo iterations, he's fighting some sort of alien menace that needs to kill humanity for no other reason than because their religion tells them to. The solution is to kill them instead. I can't help but think that this video game, this small part of his life, is going to play into his developing political consciousness, one that I hope will be humanitarian and pragmatic. Halo's not gonna help there. And if you look at the Halo forums on the web, you'll see what I mean.

On the flipside, a game like Team Fortress 2 (also violent and explosive) does its business without any of that jingoistic evil. In that game, you play as one of two identical teams, each controlled by the same maniacal voice that compels them to attack each other in order to secure meaningless ground. A checkpoint, a briefcase - whatever. And when you listen to the players' chatter over the course of the game, you tend to see that they understand that the game is not purveying any kind of simplistic solution to, well, anything. They are ironic, mellow people, the TF2 players. I think the ironic nature of the game affects that. Though the dope they all smoke probably helps :P

Bottom line is that this stuff may actually be important, whether or not some guy (me) decides to get randomly up in arms about the issue.

BTW, I'm playing through Hellion right now. Kick-ass! Once I'm done, I think I'll give another class a try. Thanks for devving a much-ignored genre!

Hero's Realm

Gosh, I registered just to talk about this game. What to say? I guess I want to say that I'm a little irked. I'm also extremely impressed with much of the gameplay, which definitely takes me back to the golden age of RPGs. There's no doubt that Hero's Realm is an achievement on many levels. I played up until the point where all the heroes came together and had to go through the dungeon jointly, at which point, uhm...

...I discovered that I just couldn't get past the War on Terror thing. I know that the whole setting is farcical, that this is part of the point of the story, but I just couldn't get past it without a greater demonstration of self-awareness about that which was being satirized. This must make me sound like a greasy hippie, but in truth I'm a pretty well-rounded, reasonably productive member of society - and I don't write berserk letters to the editor of the newspaper in my free time.

But the fact is that the War on Terror is one of the defining events of the 21st century. They will be writing about it in history books, what it meant to various peoples, how it was defined and redefined, and what its near and far-reaching effects were. It can be hard to perceive these nuances because we're right in the thick of things - there's a lot of oversimplification and distortion from every side, and that, combined with the fact that it's happening RIGHT NOW, is why I care about how this one rpgmaker game uses the term. We not only shape art; art shapes us, and how we're shaped will determine how things go for humanity in the end.

That said, I guess that the false moral dilemmas of early RPGs could be compared to a lot of American discourse on the WoT, and if that's what was being done, then I guess the joke just went right over my head. My problem was that I saw a lot of self-referential and self-deprecating humor elsewhere (and it was sometimes downright hilarious, as with the methodical slaughter of remote mountain villages), while the WoT was just sort of a face-value kind of thing.

I hope that you don't write me off as some jerk here. I enjoyed the game and I do think that commendable efforts like those in Hero's Realm do a lot to diversify a medium that's oversaturated by tedious Halo sequels. Hero's Realm has a lot to offer. The pace is great, the customization is great. It's good indie art. I guess I'd just suggest that the art might actually be better than the author gives himself credit for. It's not just a lark; it's contributing to indie-game culture... that should be borne in mind. Thanks for the game!
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