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jomarcenter livestream bro-cast your games

hello there gamers as you all (some of you know) that i have a livestream... now since the jomarcenter livestream is look like is isn't been use at all... i would like to invite all the user of rmn to play your game (or other people play other people games) that to have your very own let's play/ let's try... LIVE!!! and also show your game trailer if the livestream is offline...
here the link:
you may see some sample of the livestream...

how to show your game live:
it easy just tell me your livestream username and i will add you to the team temporary during your time....
and you just download the livestream procaster...
and start showing your games to anyone

as in every jomarcenter services all of it ALWAYS!!! FREE!!! no hidden cost

currently only 50 user can watch the stream.
very secure moderator watching the chat.
can also replay your show.'

what are you waiting for...
apply now!!!

accepting a game profile request taking longer

hello there i don't know how do i feedback about this...
my game profile it taking too long now and i really need to submit it to thr nugget crash course right now!!!

here the link to the topic:

name of game: future helper and the seven tower

please accept my request!!!

accepting a game profile request...

can you please accept my game profile so i could submit for the nugget crash course... and win of course...because i really need to submit it right now!!!

name of game: future helper and the seven tower
proof that it not yet accepted:

-thank you

to judges: if you play my game you will think about it twice playing it again!!! and also you will pick me as a winner...
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