A nice little catch.

Hmmm... Actually, the thought had crossed my mind. I was thinking more of certain items being picked up in an area and then having multiple uses across the area. Or more specifically, the dungeons. The pickaxe is found in the first dungeon of the game, and I was now thinking it'd be used more around the area than simply that one place.

As I said, I'm thinking each dungeon would have it's own little tool for the searching or puzzles and such. Though obviously I dont really want to throw out the best things at the start of the game, I have a few ideas for other ones. One section of the game takes place in a frozen cavern, so flint and tinder would be the item of choice for that area. The concept would be lighting fires and melting the ice/snow to open up hidden or blocked pathways.

Anyway, I'm still in early stages of this idea. And since it's not part of, say, core scripting, there's plenty of time to go back and change things as I continue. Feedback is very welcome, though. You already have actually helped me formulate some good ideas. XD


I'll be the first to admit, the project seems really generic. I dont particularly doubt that.

However, I feel like it'll really define itself later on, and only continue to do so as you delve further into the game.

1,000+ Screenshots

Question: Will you release the scripts for this when it's complete? Though I probably wont have experience enough for a while, I'd be honored to use this kind of battle system in a future game. It looks absolutely amazing.

Porcupine Princess

The only reason I kept this gamepage public is so that I can be ready and that I am on my wit's end.
I needed inspiration and that is that EVERYONE KNOWS this exist and that It will push me to finish this game further since I can't disappoint anyone.

Seems like you're kind of stressed. Try taking it a little easier... Finishing this doesnt seem so important when it's driving you mad. XD

Pardon me if I'm reading this wrong. To put it bluntly, I'm a sociopath. So reading the way people feel is far more difficult.

Porcupine Princess

Wow, that's pretty amazing work! I have no real artistic skills, myself. I'm incredibly jealous. XD

Some weapon help in Ace.

That's a marvelous idea. Now I'm embarassed there was such an easy solution.

Thanks a lot!

Porcupine Princess

How do you make your characters so MARVELOUS looking~? I'm curious about the large facial inserts in the text boxes.

Some weapon help in Ace.

I've been using the trial version of Ace, which is fantastic in nearly every way, shape, and form so far. But I'm running into a little problem.

Are you able to make a character-specific weapon any more? Or even just a class specific weapon? I havent been able to figure it out yet, and was wondering if anyone else had.

Can someone link me the David/Goliath patch (RPGM2003)?

I was actually looking for a non-Overdrive version. Maybe I misread something though. XD

Isnt this patch supposed to change the stat caps, among other things? The only things the Overdrive version seems to change are the picture limits and the window size for the database.

Can someone link me the David/Goliath patch (RPGM2003)?

Well, long story short, I cant find a working link to the original patches anywhere.

I can find the Overdrive patches, but they dont actually have all the changes it seems. I was wondering if anyone could send me a link to download one of the original patches, preferably the David patch, but either works.

Thanks in advance.
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