I first came across RPG Maker when I was about thirteen, and rediscovered it when I was twenty with VX Ace. I love making games, but unfortunately now have very little time due to old-person obligations. I still try to contribute as much as I can nevertheless! I always love to hear feedback on my work so don't hesitate!
The Shoe's On The Other ...
A second psychedelic episode in the world of The Shoe's On The Other Foot


Commercial games, where should i sell it?

Just curious, if i were to make a commercial game, what would be the best way to sell it digitally? On steam? Any other things people know about?

Event Group Concept

Just thinking aloud here really. Wouldn't it be good if when you create an event (RPG Maker), you could give it an numbered ID and thus making it part of a "group" of events (0 would be no group). That way, another event could have for example, Condition Branch, touch, or within a certain number of tiles of event belonging to event group x= will do whatever etc... Events could interact with each other differently according to their group IDs. You could even give these ID's to different party members...

I think this could possibly facilitate real-time combat, or any number of things for that matter. Maybe this could already be possible by giving a certain event a variable... Anyway, any thoughts?

Common event restarting in ace!

Hey! Need some help! So I want my common event to continue over all my maps (its a clock night day system) but whenever i change map the event starts back from the beginning! This is very problematic! Any ideas? Thanks!

Audio randomness help!

Hello ! I would like to know if in ace it would be possible to start playing a bgm at a random point in the song? If this sere possible, i would be very happy yo. What do you guys think?

Menu Modification!

Welp! Help!
I've been mucking around with the internal scripts, scripts by other people, i just can't get a satisfying reslut!

So here's the thing! I'm currently making a game with RPGVXA that has no need for the "formation", "status" "skills", and even "save" options in the pause menu! And in the items menu i have no need for "key items" "weapons" .... Is there any way i can just get rid of these buttons from the menu? And not just blacking them out, make it so they're not there!! ^^

Anyone know how to do this?

Edit: One last thing! ^^

Is there a way of making it so that the HP and MP bars don't show in the menu? ^^

Sprite won't move!

Ok, so i feel really rubbish as this is the second call for help ive had to post in less than 24 hours, but i'm really stumped! When i transfer my player to a certain tileset, they just don't move when they're on the map!!!! Ive tried eveything i can think of! It's a modern shop tileset downloaded from the official site, ive set it up the way you should, why isnt my sprite moving!? Any ideas? ^^

Common event over several maps?

Hey! So I've created a common event "time" which basically is a day/night time clock event that i'm wanting to use throughout the whole game! It works well, on one map, but my problem is this: as soon as the player transfers to another map, the common event starts from the beginning of the process again! Is there any way of making so that the event processing just continues over all the maps without resetting itself each time the player transfers? Thanks a lot!

Do graphics matter?

Im on the verge of releasing my first game (one or two weeks now!) and the game profile is already up! Ive got some feedback over the maps, in fact the only feedback ^^ deckiller commented on the them. My question is, i realise that the graphics are rtp and that the maps aren't the most beautifully crafted in the world, but is this going to be a problem for people? Im new to rmn, so in general do people accept the game for what i think are its strong points, that is to say the story, characters and music, or are the noobish maps gonna put people off? I just dont know what to expect ^^ thanks!

Questions about submissions!

Hey! I'm really sorry if this isn't the right place to post something like this, but i'm quite new to rmn! The question is, how long does it take aprrox for a reveiw submission to be treated? And a game one?

On another topic, i'm in the middle of my first game that i'm looking forward to posting. However i have one worry. In the game there are light references to drugs and there is some swearing. Will this get my game refused? Tanks for your time and again, sorry if this isn't the right place for this topic!
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