In favor of level requirements on gear

I'm sorry for being rude. I read it again, and you're correct in what you're saying. You're right, I'm wrong.

Have a nice day, and good luck on your games.

In favor of level requirements on gear

Yeah man, I read the whole thing. That's why I typed what I typed.

"Fundamentally, if a bunch of your power comes from gaining levels, that causes two main problems. The first problem is that it's boring, and the second is that your game runs into severe balance issues. "

If your level ups are boring, then make them... not boring? (like less level ups, but with more significance) What is significance? Skill points, stat points, more stat points, hell, even level requirements on weapons is a form of increasing their significance.

And the whole balancing concept? That's... no, I hear this a lot from a lot of people. Look, ANYTHING can be severely unbalanced. If you think level ups can cause severe balance issues, then so can weapons that require level ups. In short, more information is needed before you sling the word balanced and unbalanced around.

The CLEANEST way for this situation, is to simply increase the time it takes to level up, as well as the stats received when people do. This will make the player treat their leveling up more like a goal to actually aim for.

All other methods require a new game feature/concept that add complexity, thus making them no longer the "cleanest" method.

Sorry if I come off as rude. In fact, you wrote an ok article. It's just, I'm tired of people giving RPG design advice without specifying which type of RPGs they actually apply to. It's like, people imagine the best game in their head, and then think every game should emulate the one they imagined. And when other people imagine a different game, well, endless arguments begin. And, ain't nobody got time for that.

Anyways, have a nice day, and good luck on your future articles and games.

(and who knows, maybe I did read your article wrong, so don't take me seriously or worry about replying, especially since I won't. I've spent too much on this thread as is. And perhaps, you have too. We got games to make, not subjective online arguments about game design that require x amount of time/calories in order to process what other people are trying to say, and even more to convince them what we're trying to say is correct)

Stitched Development Retrospective

Even though I primarily run solo, this was an interesting look into teams. Glad your game got finished in the end.

In favor of level requirements on gear

Why not increase the exp costs of level ups, but make them more significant? Cause... that's essentially what you're doing without realizing it.

Revenge Explains Everything - Clichés To Hate

I agree, all the plots have been done for years now. The real determinate of quality is execution.

Revenge Explains Everything - Clichés To Hate

*grabs popcorn*

*nom nom nom nom*

*runs out of popcorn*


Hmmmmmmmmmmm, good article, funny pictures... I have little to add except keep up the good work. :D

Spread Diary Entries - Clichés To Hate #1

Good article, and I agree, random notes laying around in general don't make any sense. (besides a few exceptions, I think only use a grand total of 2 in my entire game) If it doesn't have a logistical reason within your story or universe, perhaps there´s a better method to convey your game´s lore or plot.
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