Most Violent RPG Maker Game?

I haven't played Corpse Party myself, but based off screen shots alone, as well as an hour of game time, I'll have to go with Orange's game.

RMN YouTube: The Revivening!

Fancy fancy. I'll be sure to subscribe.

Stat Panther

Some of ya'll need to spend less time on this website, and more time on yo games.

Now get back to work! *cracks whip*

[Review Request]

Name: Wooden Ocean
Status: 50-66%
Genre: Fantasy RPG with some Sci-Fi
Estimated length: About 40-50 hours
Small description: A difficult RPG that takes place in an afterlife built for ancient artists from the 22nd century. Lots of places to go with solid combat. Don't let the front view fool you.
Special requests: An actual review for this website. The game has been reviewable here for 18 months now, and despite being let down multiple times on reviewers not giving it a single review, I will still give you a steam key. But only if you've reviewed large RPGs on here before.

Misao = Fin

Game of the year, Umbral Soul.

Best demo, Fear and Hunger.

And since they're both already on the list, my job was done before it even began.

1799 instrumental songs by Antti Luode, free for commercial or noncommercial use

Great link. Definitely deserves its current place on the front page.

Get Gud: The Place of Pure Skill In Games

If you´re gonna make a complicated turn based RPG that requires skill...

First, be upfront about it at the storepage or difficulty menu. Let the player know what exactly they're getting themselves into. This can be a picture, a sentence, or even a paragraph. Point is, you´ve clearly communicated that this won´t be easy.

Second, provide a plethora of balanced combat options with at least decent communication of what those options do. (especially on things that are not intuitive, like a fire spell that uses spirit instead of intelligence)

If you do those things, then your game´s difficulty will be a plus. Players will find what works, what doesn't, and will enjoy your game or even replay it multiple times.

[Poll] Game of Thrones book vs. tv series

If you account the overall acting, directing, set design, wardrobe, special effects, audience reach, music, and fast production time, the show is far superior to the books, which are plagued with an obscene amount of unnecessary characters and plot lines with no end in sight. George is great, in fact he wrote some of the episodes himself and is one of the best writers alive, but he is only one man. There are many times when the book is better, but this is not one of em.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

That flower fight is looking awesome.

As for me, I´m just getting ready for my game´s year 2 content. Just resting the brain, trying not to burn it out. Making sure what I want to do is what I want to do.

Also, there's some new and amazing facesets being commissioned. But hopefully they don't run into the same problems like the previous ones.


Thanks! Yeah, it makes sense now. I can see a lot of people abusing that.
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