My name is not Maia, but instead it is something that I was dubbed on Don Migel's old forum for the first game that I showed off to the public. My generic name was changed into Maia, and since then I have been Maia. I am a girl, I am old compared to some other people, in fact for the majority of RPG Makers, I am twice their age.

I was born in Russia, and moved to America when I was a teenager, but not as an exchange student. Back in Russia, I am a published author and I have written two dozen books. One dozen of which have been published.


Your favorite type of thing to raid in RPGs

Let me hear you with your votes!

- Earth cave (standard cave)
- Mine (egg mine, diamond mine, coal mine)
- Burning village (filled with zombies)
- Volcanic Cave
- Underwater Cave
- Ice Cavern
- Organic Belly (like you have been swallowed by a creature)
- Space Age (ufo abduction)
- Hedge maze
- Pyramid
- Catacomb
- Sewer
- Abandon Castle Ruins

Write in your own vote, but you should vote :-)

[VX] [community project] Anyone want to detail maps?

I have uploaded a map pack with a few maps that need detailing. This would just greatly speed things up and improve the community project as a whole for my VX. Of course you will be given credit in any way you desire. A sign that says what you do, a NPC that tells people you helped or anything else that is creative.

Sure it might seem bad to ask for help, but it is a community project and this makes sure there is more of a different feel to things than one person making every town. Hopefully you can put your own spin on things and make it more interesting.

Here are the steps:
1. download the .exe at ::

2. call the map that you are going to edit (this prevents 2 people from editing the same map).

3. upload the map to your own locker.

4. give a link to your own .exe in your own locker.

[VX] I need a way to put character sprites in menu

When you press ESC it brings up the menu.
In the menu it shows the player character's face.

What I want to know how to do is to put the player character sprites from the map in there instead. Is there a tutorial or script somewhere that could do it?

I need quirky classes and spells for each!

I need quirky classes that would not be found in normal games. I do not want, knight, wizard, soldier, and thief, I want things like pyromancer, verbalist, village idiot, lumberjack and so on. Then I want spells and abilities for each.

I do not want abilities like "fireball," I want abilities like "satan's testicles." Instead of ice, I want "witches teet." Instead of "Quake," I want "Gaia's Gulp."

Here is what I have so far for classes:

Village Idiot -> Idiot Savant
Chef -> Master Chef
Drunkard -> Drunken Master
Blackbelt -> Ninja
Prize Fighter
Seducer -> Exotic Dancer
Seer -> Visionary
Pirate -> Pirate Captain
Paranormalist -> Necromancer
Hobo -> Moneybag
Verbomancer -> Lecturer
Prime Minister -> Dictator

Pick your party of 4 characters

With this being a RPG forum... Tell me one and all. Who are the 4 characters in your party. What are their classes? What do they all have in common and what is their purpose? This is a post to get your creative juices flowing.

Pick your party vs Pick up your party

Hopefully this has not been asked several times, but I think it could spark some good conversation.

Which system do you prefer? RPGs that you pick your party from classes or RPGs that have a set list of characters that you find along the way?

RPGs that allow you to create your own party from selectable classes have an infinite replay possibility, but this could make the game tough to test if not very uneven to play.

RPGs that have a set list of characters make the game easier to pick up and play, test, but they do not offer the replay possibility unless you make secret characters.

Which system do you prefer?

Names of Areas Needed

I am all burnt out of names, so I was wondering what you all thought about naming areas. I hope this is in the right topic, and if you need anything named, post your areas too :-D

1. A castle known for its female guards and male king.
2. A city deep in the woods at the center of a kingdom.
3. A farm village known for livestock and plants.
4. A large village known for its vast fields.
5. A fortress whose guards are all asleep by a spell.
6. A ruined castle on a lone island.
7. A lighthouse powered by a scepter and not fire.
8. A haunted cave covered with green plant life.
9. An abandon mine with a terrible beast that stalks its halls.
10. A man made tunnel that leads to a beautiful coast line shrine.
11. The beautiful coast line shrine.
12. A shrine with a bannished necromancer.
13. A mountain with a peak so high that it could look over an entire kingdom.
14. A port town known for its dense population.
15. A paradise like island village of fishermen.
16. A towering volcano that is as deep as the planet's core.

The 9 things that I have learned from the RMNCasts

I have listened to each and every RMNCast (Podcasts) and I have learned there are 10 major things that the hosts / guest hosts / co hosts do not like.

1. Play character should always move fast or have a run / sprint button.

2. Text (dialog) speed should always be fast (or adjustable).

3. Dialog should NEVER have pauses.

4. When the player dies, the fun is over. Does this mean knocked out characters should always live like Final Fantasy Legend II?

5. Having a party full of stunned, sleeping or poisoned characters is not fun. So make enemies only stun all, sleep all or poison all every 5 turns.

6. Originality and flair mean a lot for your game... unless you are trying to emulate a classic like Zelda or Dragon Quest.

7. Big empty maps are not fun. Every area in your map must look distinct so that way players have a landmark to find where they are.

8. Long intros aren't fun, they're boring. More than a minute of intro is too long. People like to play the game.

9. Randomness is fun and entertaining (Family Guy). Why make sense with your game when it seems so much more appealing to have Ninja vs Pirate?

[VX] Take it, Make it, Pass it (Project TMP) Chain game V5

I have this idea for a new community project.
I start by uploading the source file.
1. You read this post.
2. You make a post "NEXT"
3. You download the .exe (take it)
4. You add to the game over 48 hours (or less) (make it)
5. You upload your version of the game (pass it)
6. Post what you did / added / fixed

Then the next person does it.

- Must be done with RPG Maker VX
- Take the file when you have TIME TODAY, so you can work on it right now this moment
- The person that currently has the file has 48 hours to upload their finalized version for the next person.
- If the person does not have it uploaded, then the next person can come along and "NEXT" the last version.
- If there was no deadline, then people would just keep the file forever and end up not doing it.
- The game has its own systems
- The game has its own weather / locking / door / map information systems
- There is a READ ME map that you all should read.
- Follow the instructions in the READ ME
- No waiting line. Just because you are free today does not mean you will be free when it is your turn.
- Cannot have the same person 2 times in a row, there must be a new person. You can have the project over and over, just not back to back.
- After this, post what you did, what you added, new quests if you made any new items (do not get specific about the items)

Any questions, comments? Need for elaboration?

Hopefully this is something that will take on a life of its own.

From Maia

- 1 tiny village
- 1 tree / fishing spot (but no fishing items)
- overworld was left with paths leading to no where, so someone can put towns or whatever
- barely any items
- barely any armors
- no weapons
- no enemies
- weather system
- weather regions
- exit off the edges of maps
- time of day system
- locking doors / chests
- advanced treasure system

From Redwyn

1.Created a simple Character Creation System, male and female bases, 12 hairs with several color options.
2.Created several Classes.
3.Added the option to input your character's name
4.Changed the Catalon Village quite a bit, naming the NPCs and naming the houses appropriately
5.Tried/Started to make and finish a Building Quest, which would take you through several quests that once you complete upgrades the village.
6.Added Modern Algebra's ATS Script.
7.Added a small forest with a Camp near the town, for the first quest.
8.Created a Catalon Village 0.1 map, in which after completing the Npc Jesse's quest, the player would be teleported to it where another quest to expand the village more would be available.

I believe that to be it, sorry for not having much, but I hope it's okay for now ^^

I'll be adding more Hair and options for Clothes (Exclusive to classes so far until I get a script for it) next time I can. ;]

Review Request

I am trying to find a reviewer for my project World Crafters. It is at V.9 and has been going since March 2008. The game is for RPGM VX and on some forums my post for the game have gotten 5000 views total and get 100 hits each day, but no one comments, posts or reviews the game. On this site alone I've had 135 downloads in 3 weeks.

So I was wondering what people actually think of the game.

Look at it, review it please :-)
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