The Heirs of Techcatl

I'll be a beta tester.

Chrono Alter

Hello, I've found some "glitches" in the game:
1. When you first wake up in the beginning of the game you can walk on top of the table in the first house.
2. in the first castle you go to you can repeat the switch for the guards until you talk to the king.
3. You have one misspell when you are talking to the fighter of the "poor" village's son.
4. if you go back to the man who "gave" you the boat, it will repeat the story that happens when you get to him, then it will freeze up the game.
These are all the things I've found so far. oh and where are all the final swords at. I've found Crono's and the frogs, but I can't remember where the last one is.

Dragon Fantasy

When I download a game it won't let me play it. How do I play them?

Final Fantasy Dreams

It won't let me download any games on this sight!!! WHY?
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