Corrupt a wish game!

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Granted but now it stuffs up your computer and thousands of viruses plague your computer eventually destroying it.

I wish i had more time to work on my game.

Granted you have plenty of time,but now your wife left you,your genitals fell off,and Square Enix is sewing you for ripping off their graphics....

I wish that I had a Pokemon in real life....

Corrupt a wish game!

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I wish that Will Smith didn't act like such a pansy throughout I am Legend.

Granted but now he will act like a pansy in his new movie HandCock

I wish I was unbanned from Gaming World.

Dub Movie

Dub Movie

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Thanks otomon, now I'm hooked.
Uh... Yep.

Anything to help a fellow red-neck

EDIT:I laughed the hardest to Small Announcement and Tough Love,lmao good job man

The Working World

My first job was at a Canadian Tire(think wallmart but with a more sporty/macho theme) during night shift,It was fun but I barely got to see the sun cause I had to sleep during the day in order to stay awake for work... :(

Dub Movie

lmao nice Darken I loled at ur movie...

Anyways here is another one I made...I think its funny..


Dub Movie

Hey guys I found this awesome site where you can sub Bollywood movies with your own subtitles...its really easy and funny...here is a crappy one I made:


Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic

Is this game completed? I know it says it is but on IRC ppl was saying it wasnt...furtheremore the graphics suck but I guess if the game play is good then thats something to look foward to...

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

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What on earth is "ballin"? Anyway, that looks great.
Translation = It looks great. But gangsta wannabe style.. Man this topic has almost died haha. I can't see Xenos screen?

You can't see it? Man it's fucken awesome. The windmills are great.

Any opinions on this? This was a very early map I designed a few months back, that I just spruced up. I think its alright so far, but I just don't quite like it. Caves are my absolute weakness. Just feels a bit too open maybe, not sure...

I seen that same chipset used in so many games they migth as well make it RTP...

Romancig Walker HELP

Well since your going to load your game again..can you tell me how to beat the Death Lord? I mean its a 1v1 fight but there is no way to win! Am I missing an item or something or was I supposed to grind to lvl 99? But even if I had lvl 99 that guy has an attack that dmgs u plus defuffs u...

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