I'm basically into making movies, but as of lately... I've focused my attention to an RPG maker game I've been making. It's a remake of a Japanese NES horror game. No big deal you may say? Well, yeah, it isn't. But what about it? Well, unlike other people out there, I actually have the patience to rotoscope with real people. Be sure to check out my profile on YouTube, which is the same as my name on here, and I'll be sure to give swift response to whomever wishes to speak to me.

And a caterpillar system... Wonder where I'm going with this?? Yes, you guessed right. E-helper begging. Considering if you can help me with a dynamic caterpillar system, it would be greatly appreciated, and you'll have proper credit. It all boils down to credits. Everyone likes a mention every once in a while, right?



"Selling Feature" of your game

Big boobs also help the selling feature of a game......it's a terrible fact.....

Well, if a selling feature is supposed to incur more downloads of something, big boobs do not help.

"Selling Feature" of your game

I'd like to say story, for me. And a predominantly techno soundtrack encompassed in nibble-sized midi format.


First they're sour. Then they're sweet.


Why is the narration evidently in hell?


"Move your ass?" "People to 'thump?'" Wow. This all sounds so HOT.

Fantasy of The Hearts

Hey, all. Now you have full complaining rights.

[Community] Christmas Card

[Community] Christmas Card

AHA! YDS!! You're the one that called my sprite strange! I didn't imagine we'd meet again through this circumstance. But thanks for that one comment.

Let me guess. We're playing as you, basically? Coolness.

infinitefrontier copy.jpg

"They took it all??" HAWT.

[Community] Christmas Card

Uh, PM sent. Two things if my spritesheet isn't done already. I'm not wearing a hat, that's my bland normal I'M-NOT-INTERESTED-IN-HAIRGEL-hair. The image downsizing squashed it up. And my jacket's actually a very dark blue. The lighting in the room was just crap.