I'm basically into making movies, but as of lately... I've focused my attention to an RPG maker game I've been making. It's a remake of a Japanese NES horror game. No big deal you may say? Well, yeah, it isn't. But what about it? Well, unlike other people out there, I actually have the patience to rotoscope with real people. Be sure to check out my profile on YouTube, which is the same as my name on here, and I'll be sure to give swift response to whomever wishes to speak to me.

And a caterpillar system... Wonder where I'm going with this?? Yes, you guessed right. E-helper begging. Considering if you can help me with a dynamic caterpillar system, it would be greatly appreciated, and you'll have proper credit. It all boils down to credits. Everyone likes a mention every once in a while, right?



Suito Homu: The Second Cooking... Fried

-Yes... I intend to replicate said gameplay features, all 3 listed on Wikipedia that you saw.
-I don't know if Si/non is French or what, but that is fricking weird you had to go through RTP testing and downloading.
-The characters in the demo are me, my stepbrother, and his friend respectively. Team choice affects the game's development quite heavily. An entirely different cutscene here and there, personality-twisted dialogue... It won't be Heavy Rain, but it sure is sounding like it at this point.
-Yes, the dialogue is supposed to add humor to remind you of exactly what you're playing. Fourth-wall breaking, so to speak. But as of this moment there isn't enough yet to refine the dialogue in that portion... yet.
-Visit the video section of this gamepage to see a couple of "making of" vids. Once again I say, anybody can do this, but it seems I'm the only one who has.
-They were... unique? I've no justification on that aspect. And Anthony was supposed to stop animation after a few frames, but the Default system won't allow that.
-Yes, just tell us where to hire a chick with tons of makeup to make her look friggin' old and scary. All in due time, Ed.
-The dog is just a random character to make the caterpillar add up to four members.
-DragonBall Z style, my fine sir.
-Events FTW. Screw the X and Y coordinates.
-Yes, active ATB, as with most other cookie-cutter RM2k3 titles. I'm fond of it when it's used right.
-A separate game altogether. Thanks for asking.
-Suito Homu capped off at level 20, just as I'm doing. And let me just say, that's a lot more feasible than the ungodly amount of time you'd spend near the end of Final Fantasy VII or the like trying to get to level 99 from that point.
-As with the original Nintendo, sometimes things like Sweet Home had character limits. So, "poison" was abbreviated to PSN. As are the other afflictions.
-Believe me, I'll find some ridiculous way of adding more strategy to him. You will really wish to conserve those tonics in the final version, because there's only a limited number of those you can collect before you're screwed over.
-Anthony simply doesn't have his charge anim completed yet.
-RM2k3 is a freaky freaky beast. I'm not going to bother with finding out the balancing issues until I have all the moves completed.

Suito Homu: The Second Cooking... Fried

Yes, pretty much. '^_^ You can press the action key on the gap nearest Isura to fill up the floor enough to explore the rest of that room, but that's basically it!


KICKING GHOSTS UNTIL THEY"VE TURNED DUST! That's how it should be done. Anyways, I'm REALLY curious to know how did you capture and edit you and your friend's sprites. I mean, I've always wanted to do this! =D

To answer your question, Joseph, go to the video section of this gamepage, and you can at least see how they were captured on film... not too hard. But I can't let people in on the secret of the Photoshopping just yet... I still need that aura of mystery.

Release Something! X marks the spot!

Suito Homu: The Second Coming (Secondary Early Techstration)

The Blog Entry
Direct Download

Second Demo now available. Differences are negligible but it didn't attract many people in the first place, soooo...


RMN Christmas Card 2009

Wow. Played through the whole thing. I even think I talked to absolutely everybody. I have absolutely no idea how I became a mohawk punk from my submitted charset, but whatever.

That was the most heartwarming ending I think I've ever seen in a 2D game. Thank you very much for this little gift to the community, YDS.

[Community] Christmas Card

Cmon, Yummy! Christmas spirit is probably drained at this moment in time.


So you're willing to screw up those facesets on that other image, but not most importantly your BATTLECHARS?!


Though you haven't said whether you'll address the horribly gigantic and pixelized characters' size or not.

I'm calling shenanigans.


If this is a joke game, here's a tip: make the game a joke, by all means... but don't let the maps suffer because of it.
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